Eventual Millionaire
Eventual Millionaire
Jaime Masters
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Selects Edition: The E5 Method for Marketing with Todd Brown
Episode Highlights: How E5 Method started (What is E5 Method and how does it work), How to match the right incentive to the right audience, Two major most valuable lessons in marketing Todd learned in the last 20 years, How to effectively differentiate your product from your competitors, What is Dual Brain Communication, What are 6 important metrics in making a decision in your business, When to tweak your marketing campaign...
Nov 13, 2023
51 min
Selects Edition: How to Find your People and Create a Community with Radha Agrawal
Episode Highlights: How to be intentional in finding friends, How to build a deep level of connection in your community, How to be a portal in your community, How to build a loyal community to organically and authentically grow your business, How prioritizing community and belonging helped Radha build brands valued at 200 million+ dollars...
Oct 9, 2023
33 min
Selects Edition: How to Become Your Own Startup Superhero (even if you change industries!) with Steve Hoffman
Episode Highlights: Captain Hoff's career journey (Why he decided to change his career so much), How to get investors for your business, Why do early adopters of new technology fail in their venture, How to get your customer's feedback to create more value for them, What is creative process (And where does it comes in the feedback loop)...
Sep 11, 2023
40 min
Selects Edition: Long-Term Thinking In a Short-Term World with Dorie Clark
Episode Highlights: The framework from her new book, The Long Game, How to get over that mental piece of wanting it all done yesterday but pre-planning for the future, Four questions to ask to get more white space in your life, How to figure out your strategic plan for your business, How to lower your level of resistance to testing and trying new things for your life and business, How to work on your strategic patience, How to figure out your short-term joy so that you can stick with your long-term plan...
Aug 14, 2023
39 min
Selects Edition: Emotional Intelligence + Connection in Business with Joe Hudson
Episode Highlights: The importance of emotional intelligence in business in creating a deep-level connection in all relationships, Tips in creating the best company culture and team for your business, Why vulnerability is needed in building great relationships, How emotions influence decision making, What is more important on decision making – your intuition or your data, Tips and tools on how to manage and sort your emotions in decision making, How to stay unattached with your goals (And how an enlightened person has goals)...
Jul 10, 2023
56 min
Selects Edition: The 4 stages of an entrepreneur with Ray Zinn
Episode Highlights: How to expand your capacity to handle more growth, wealth and success, What are internal and external boundaries (And how to set them), 6 essential boundaries that every entrepreneur needs to create in their business, How to enjoy your whole life, and not hate your work, How unnecessary emotional labor is derailing your success...
Jun 12, 2023
41 min
Selects Edition: Finding and managing high-quality virtual assistants with Barbara Turley
Episode Highlights: How crazy do the systems have to be when you start to hire a VA, Sample tools to use in implementing your systems and processes, How to have efficient and effective communication with your VAs, Recruitment tips in hiring the right VA, When should you fire your VA, How often to do the “How it’s going?” call with your VAs, Learn how Barbara built a business and had a baby at the same time with high-quality VAs, Reasons you fail with a VA (And how to fix it)...
May 15, 2023
49 min
Actionable Steps to be Profitable even in this Economy with Ruth King
Episode Highlights: How to make business owners get started with their profitability numbers, Tips for marketing a business (especially for non-online businesses), How to automate your email marketing, How to get potential clients to respond to your communication, How to budget the finances of your business (How to determine the budget killers in your business), How to determine the right KPI that will increase the productivity of your employees, Basic rules for firing an employee...
Apr 10, 2023
39 min
A Guide to Business Acquisition with Hayden Miyamoto
Episode Highlights: Acquira's unique business model, The process on how to prep people for business acquisition, How to find a good business to acquire (and the constraints one might encounter), The intake process in business acquisition, Marketing tips you need to do when you acquire a business...
Mar 13, 2023
32 min
Selects Edition: Building a 7-figure business from nothing with Jessica Zimmerman
Episode Highlights: Jessica journey in her life and business, How to know when you are stress (And how to alleviate it), Learn how Jessica shifted everything through meditation, Tips in preparing for your next business opportunity...
Feb 13, 2023
33 min
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