Esquire Classic Podcast
Esquire Classic Podcast
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Excellent podcast. Hope they bring it back...
The Esquire archives are fantastic and this podcasts brings them to life in such an interesting way. I really wish they would bring it back...
It Was a Fantastic Show
We need more quality podcast like this one. Great subject matter and interview style.
Still hoping for a new episode someday. :-)
I love this podcast. I check back every once in a while in hopes that they’ll return.
Jered Gruber
Great concept
And good execution. I wish it was more regularly updated.
Leland Burrill
Overall Fascinating--Just Two Qualms
All topics, even ones you think you won't be interested in, are fascinating thanks to host David Brancaccio who is fantastic (who knew the Marketplace host was so well-rounded, thoughtful, and engaging?) My first issue is the female reader. Her voice irritates me and virtually all the stories are about men and written by men (it's Esquire, afterall) so it's somewhat jarring to hear a female voice read what is supposed to be a male voice. And she's very "ACT-TORy" with a capital A--like some reject from Broadway. But I can get over her melodramatic readings and her "wrong sex" voice because the content is so compelling. And I'm a woman, by the way, and I'm all for females having a "voice" --just not when it's supposed to so clearly be a MALE voice. My second issue is the length--just when I'm becoming totally hooked on the story, Brancaccio will say to his guest, "Thank you, that was fascinating..."--yes it was--why is it ending after just 25 minutes!!! I need a full hour! I've listened through all and am sad it's not continuing.
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Oh - I wish it would return!
Loved the interesting stories. Wish it would return. Class act.
Smart, smart, smart.
Genuinely intelligent, funny, honest, and listenable.
Why did this podcast go away?
This was my favorite commuting listen. I love the reader and the host.
Love show, sad it's over!!
This is probably favorite podcast, interesting stories; non-invasive production; great host, David Brancaccio, and great readings by Cindy Katz. I'm very disappointed it's been discontinued. I learned so much by listening. Very sad.
The last episode !?!?!?
I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to each installment of the Esquire Classic podcasts. I thought the format was intriguing with an interview of the article author or knowledgeable source that went side-by-side with a reading of excerpts. I've been a fan of David since his early Marketplace days and welcomed him into my day. Cindy became a further intriguing part of the podcast, often expressing the reaction I was having at the same time. I will miss the podcast and hope to find something else as good soon. (And yes, I have started picking up copies of esquire now, to read the great stories that will be memorable in 30 years)
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Will miss it!
Sad to hear this podcast is going away. Loved it.
Loved the magazine, love the podcast
You'll notice "loved" is past tense. There's a new editor in charge and I really dislike everything he's doing -- from the design changes to clearly trying to appeal to a younger audience. Some of the best stories that the magazine ran were when David Granger was in charge. However, I love the classic stories with excerpts read by the inimitable Cindy Katz (I LOVE that voice)...and the stories BEHIND the stories. Keep up the good work!
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Marvelous concept, perfectly executed
The archives of Esquire are a treasure-house of great nonfiction narrative writing. How to take some of that value and translate it for audio? I suppose you could have hired a reader to just narrate the old pieces, but that would have been pretty useless without context and commentary. The Esquire Classic podcast from PRX has hit on exactly the right formula: get an engaging host like David Brancaccio, pick a great story from the archive, have an actor narrate the juiciest bits (Cindy Katz is amazing), and bring in either the author herself/himself or a qualified commentator for a discussion that explains why the piece is still so good, important, relevant, or whatever. The show is a gold mine for writers and readers alike.
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Fascinating, at time revelatory
Some great highlighting of sometimes forgotten classics. Very well executed and I like the format. Almost all eps so far have been top notch. Some thought went into this.
The best
I listen to a good amount of podcasts, and this might be the best.
Great Listen
Obsessed with Podcasts and always always on the look for new ones -- usually disappointed. But this one was fantastic. Smart, thoughtful, engaging discussions on interesting people and subjects, as told through historical esquire articles. Great job. Really enjoy.
Off to a great start!
I’ve read Esquire since the 1970s and always appreciate the magazine’s tone and artful writing — and its willingness to explore. Now Esquire is bringing these same excellent attributes to a new medium. And its free!
Great show-
Love the show
In a world over inhabited by good media, I think it's easy to lose track of something that's not in the current cycle. I appreciate Esquire's efforts to bring iconic pieces to modern readers. Big fan of the podcast and I hope it continues.
Well crafted and intriguing
The first episode with Tom Junod was powerful and well edited. I thought the balance between filling the listener in on the story while going behind the scenes was executed very gracefully. I look forward to hearing more.
Ty Fujimura
Painful remembrance tortuously told
An iconic photograph, a brilliant essay, and a great host come together to tell an emotional story. Why doesn't it work? The artifice of having someone read sections of the original article should keep the narrative moving but the abrupt change in tone and delivery is simply too jarring to be comfortable. I might have been more forgiving with an easier subject. This was not a good place to start.
Malleus Invictus