Episode One
Episode One
Episode One
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Episode One #4 - Debating MGS Survive
Episode One #4 - Debating MGS Survive by Episode One
Jan 22, 2017
1 hr 31 min
Episode One #3 - Mixing Game Genres
In this podcast we pitch games franchises that we think would work in different genres, i.e Resident Evil - The dating simulator... and many more!! We also cover a few news topics like Final Fantasy 15, Dead rising, and Nintendo theme park! if you have any questions or comments you want to send into the show Email us at eponepodcast@gmail.com! Hope that you all enjoy. Scrilos YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrwhQ1aOnVUZEDrWRP_U5Dg Scrilos Twitch - Twitch.tv/scrilo Mcbiscit Twitch - Twitch.tv/mcbiscit
Dec 13, 2016
1 hr 9 min