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Raising Bilingual Children
Parenting with an accent: A conversation with writer Masha Rumer
Raising children with two languages and cultures may sometimes feel like a constant negotiation between the two. In this episode, writer Masha Rumer talked to her about her experience raising English-Russian bilingual children in the U.S. Masha lives in the Bay Area, where she writes about parenting and the immigrant experience. She is currently writing … Continue reading "Parenting with an accent: A conversation with writer Masha Rumer"
Aug 6
36 min
Dual Language Programs in the Pandemic: The story of Naperville 203.
In the past few weeks, the topic of the 2020-21 school year has reached a fever pitch, with good reason. As we pay close attention to the discussions surrounding PPE, social distancing, hybrid and virtual models, one thing that seems to be missing from most discussions is efforts to ensure continuity in the many dual-language … Continue reading "Dual Language Programs in the Pandemic: The story of Naperville 203."
Aug 3
42 min
Advocating for Bilingualism: A Call to Action
Advocating for our children is an inherent part of parenting. We do it every single day in both big and small ways. We know bilingualism is good and we want it for our children. So how can we advocate to make languages more accessible in our communities? In this episode, we begin exploring how you … Continue reading "Advocating for Bilingualism: A Call to Action"
May 28
29 min
We Live Languages: A talk with Madalena Xanthopoulou
If you listen to this podcast, you probably have a language vision or goal for your family. Our guest, Madalena Xanthopoulou, founded We Live Languages to help multilingual families reach those goals by translating research into actionable steps. Madalena is trilingual and raising trilingual kids. She shared some very useful ideas for families to increase … Continue reading "We Live Languages: A talk with Madalena Xanthopoulou"
May 13
25 min
Veoleo: Bringing kids programming to a screen near you
Sisters Janike and Alexis Ruginis started their own small book press when they realized there was a lack of Spanish-language books for young children in the U.S. Veoleo published its first book, ¿Dónde está el coquí? in 2018 and it’s currently working on two new books aimed at bilingual little ones. In this episode, we … Continue reading "Veoleo: Bringing kids programming to a screen near you"
Apr 20
26 min
Language learning, family-style
Moving to another country where you don't know the language can be challenging. Today's guest, Elizabeth Quintal, did just that. Two-and-a-half years ago, she moved from Houston, Texas to Madrid, Spain with her husband and son, Grayson. We spoke to her about the transition and how they're managing the strict lockdown due to COVID-19.
Apr 6
23 min
Moco y Baba: A grassroots language community
Having a community of support is such an essential part of raising bilingual children. Depending on the area you live in, finding that community can be hard – but it is possible to create your own.  Johanna Arteaga is the founder of Moco y Baba, a community of Spanish-speaking families in London. She also recently launched Cuéntamelo … Continue reading "Moco y Baba: A grassroots language community"
Mar 23
31 min
Effects of Bilingualism on English Reading Ability
In this episode, we spoke to Dr. Jackie Relyea, assistant professor of Literacy Education at North Carolina State University. Her research looked at English reading growth in Spanish-speaking bilinguals. Additional Reading Reading in any Language Improves Reading Levels in English, Language Magazine, Sep. 27, 2019 English Reading Growth in Spanish‐Speaking Bilingual Students: Moderating Effect of … Continue reading "Effects of Bilingualism on English Reading Ability"
Feb 5
16 min
Your Holiday Traditions
We’re in the midst of the holiday season and with that, all of the traditions that make them special. In this episode, we wanted to showcase traditions from our listeners, specifically the ones that help keep the heritage language and culture alive. This will be our final episode of 2019. In the meantime, find us … Continue reading "Your Holiday Traditions"
Dec 19, 2019
8 min
“Story & Pictures By” – A Chat with Joanna Rudnick
In this episode, we talk to Joanna Rudnick, an Emmy nominated director and producer who is currently working on a documentary exploring the power and reach of children’s picture books: “Story & Pictures By.” The film follows three contemporary children’s book authors/illustrators – Mac Barnett, Christian Robinson and Yuyi Morales – as they craft new … Continue reading "“Story & Pictures By” – A Chat with Joanna Rudnick"
Nov 19, 2019
28 min
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