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QMC EMS | Board & Collar
The EMS Board and Collar Podcast Series for EMS Professionals is sponsored by Quick Med Claims, a national leader in revenue cycle management. This uniquely developed pod-platform provides specialized programs for our listeners with thought-provoking presentations including EMS Keynote, 10Q30 EMS Leadership interviews and revival of the acclaimed EMS pod-magazine, Excuse My Medic with opinionated discussions, light-hearted moments and some great EMS “war” stories along the way.
Episode #179:  Excuse My Medic (EM2) Salute to National EMS Week 2022
Welcome to an abbreviated edition of EM2.  With National EMS Week approaching May 15-21, 2022, Chuck and Gary wanted to take a moment and give thanks to those of you who serve and relate our deep appreciation for the work you do 52 weeks a year - not just this nationally-recognized week.  Download this episode and take a listen as Chuck and Gary deep-dive with much gratitude toward this most worthy profession. Your Hosts:  Chuck Humphrey and Gary Harvat
May 10, 2022
30 min
Episode #178: 10 Questions | 30 Minutes - Topton Community Ambulance, Topton, Pennsylvania
Welcome to QMC's 10Q30 EMS Leadership profile.  This month, we are featuring Topton Community Ambulance from Topton, Pennsylvania.  Joining us is Chief of EMS, Mike Richards.  Chief Richards provided much insight into his organization and how it manages and responds to many of today's issues that affect EMS across our nation.  Jump in on this one and take a listen to Mike's thought-provoking responses to our questions.  It's a 10Q that is worthy of your listen, trust us. Your Host:  Gary Harvat, QMC's Vice President of Client Success
Apr 15, 2022
27 min
Episode #177:  Excuse My Medic (April 14, 2022)
The team is back at it once again as we embark on a new edition of Excuse My Medic (EM2) for 2022.  The old guys are ready to go and bring you a great program filled with great information as well as some fun and light-hearted moments.  This episode includes Chuck, Ed and Gary engaging in some offbeat verbiage from the 60s and 70s along with news, information and of course, the treasured EMS Word of the Day.  Also, in this episode we have a guest joining us...I know, who would really want to join these old-timers, right?  Nonetheless, we've got Martha Peribonio, Executive Director,  from the National Association of Mobile Integrated Healthcare Providers,  joining the session.  Martha will discuss her organization and her role with along with how her organization is promoting MIH in the EMS industry.  You'll enjoy what Martha conveys during this session and learn much about her organization's mission.   Join us as the guys from EMS past go off on a few tangents and have some fun along the way. Your Hosts:  Chuck Humphrey, Ed Marasco and Gary Harvat
Apr 14, 2022
49 min
Episode #176: BAA BAA Black Sheep - The HIPAA Business Associates Agreement (BAA) Not Your Childhood Nursery Rhyme
  How long has it been since you’re reviewed your EMS agency’s HIPAA Business Associate Agreements?  Do you even know what a BAA is?  It’s time to blow off the dust on this important compliance subject.  Join our dusty old guy, Chuck Humphrey, in a discussion on the topic.  Bring along some Kleenex because you’re gonna sneeze!!    
Mar 29, 2022
7 min
Episode #175:  Chug It -  Prior Authorization for Repetitive Scheduled Non-Emergency Ambulance Transports with a PCS Chaser.
  The Medicare ground ambulance Prior Authorization process for Repetitive Scheduled Non-Emergency Ambulance Transports (RSNATs) is expanding to all states in the U.S.  But there is a bit of confusion regarding the required Physicians Certification Statement (PCS) and the Prior Authorization period that we’ll attempt to clear up in this edition of the EMS Board and Collar Podcast.  QMC Compliance Team members Rebecca Illig and Chuck Humphrey share their thoughts on the subject.    
Mar 10, 2022
7 min
Episode #174:  This Ain’t Some Late Night Talk Show - Properly Managing Critical Conversations
  Everyone is so tense today.  The social climate we live in be it the pandemic, inflation, politics…you name it….it get’s to us and causes us to have some very critical conversations.  In this episode, we take a look at some practical ways that we all can manage those inevitable critical conversations.  Presenter:  Chuck Humphrey    
Feb 18, 2022
7 min
Episode #173:   You Keep Repeating Yourself - Understanding the Pre-Auths Behind Repetitive Scheduled Non-Emergent Transports
  The expansion of the Medicare Fee-for-Service Prior Authorization for Repetitive Scheduled Non-Emergency Ambulance Transports (RSNATs) is happening right now!  Ambulance services in some expansion states are already experiencing the effects of this program.  In this podcast episode we explore where the expansion has already happened, where will it happen next and most importantly we provide insight into how your ambulance service can prepare for what’s coming next!  Presenter:  Chuck Humphrey    
Feb 4, 2022
9 min
Episode #172:  Dance with Who Brought Ya’ - The Important Role of Mentors
Their importance is under-rated and they are needed in every profession of today's workforce.  Mentors serve as the key learning element for every job whether it's EMS, a beauty shop, welder's supply or car dealer.  Professional life without mentors would bring America's business world to a screeching halt.  Today, we explore the importance of mentors in emergency medical services and the key role they play in giving new personnel the tools they need to perform their role in the most trying of circumstances.  Take a read and remember to always thank and dance with who brought ya'.
Feb 2, 2022
7 min
Episode #171:  Excuse My Medic (December 17, 2021)
Welcome to the the Holiday edition of Excuse My Medic (EM2).  We blanket a few key topics today including an update on the No Surprises Act hot off the presses, additional information on managing Repetitive Scheduled Non-Emergent Transports and more.  Along the way we share a few laughs and pay tribute to all those working this Holiday Season. Join in for some informative conversation and some fun ribbing that you will be sure to enjoy.  Happy Holidays from the EM2 team.     Your Hosts:  Chuck Humphrey, Ed Marasco and Gary Harvat
Dec 22, 2021
41 min
Episode #170:  A Survivor‘s Story
  Join Chuck, Gary and Ed as we speak with Craig Partee, the 2021 Association of Air Medical Services Patient of the Year,  along with Nina D. from Mercy Flight Central in New York.  Join us as we discuss the fateful day when Craig had a barn roof collapse on top of him pinning him under wood, metal and debris for an extended period of time.  Craig and Nina will take you through the harrowing moments that followed and how Craig survived and recovered from the injuries he sustained in June of 2020.  Hear how Craig has now devoted his "hobby" of NASCAR racing and much of his life to making sure people across the country understand the importance of emergency medical services (EMS) in their respective communities. It's an episode you won't want to miss.   Presenter:  Chuck Humphrey, Gary Harvat, Ed Marasco    
Dec 15, 2021
28 min
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