Empire Flippers Podcast
Empire Flippers Podcast
Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti
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Emire flipper conversation is eloquent and a great learning tool!
I enjoyed hearing the conversation with Codie Sanchez. Codie's take on being agnostic on which sector Codie invest. Its smart because it doesn't limit you to a specifc invesment opportunity within one sector. I love the rollup point too! Thanks for this episode!
Eddie J. Soto
These guys rock!!
Justin & Joe are the real deal, they know their stuff! They’ve been brokering ecommerce businesses for years and know the industry as well as anyone!
Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🔥
Whether you’re well established as an online entrepreneur, or just getting started carving out a profitable niche that’s ready to grow - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Justin and Joe do an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving eCommerce business - and life you can be proud of - with leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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Very Insightful
There are few podcasts that are as insightful as the Empire Flippers Podcast with Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti. Joe and Justin are excellent listeners, and their commentary with their guests provide the listener with a multitude of varying opinions and perspectives about the nuances of entrepreneurship. The format of the show is fantastic and fresh. Keep up the good work!
Great Podcast for Founders
I follow the Empire Flippers site as well as the podcast. Although I’m currently building a startup and not looking to buy a business, these guys offer tons of value for entrepreneurs. One example - I listened to their podcast where they interviewed the founder of Mercury bank. I just happened to also being looking for a new bank for my startup Menyu (the Startup Menyu podcast follows us). I went online, checked them out, and signed up! I hate the banking process when launching a business, so doing it all online was awesome! Keep up the great work guys and know that what you’re doing is helping lots of people on top of making money - thats what it’s all about! Adam
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Adam VanBuskirk
A Goldmine for Online Entrepreneurs
If you're growing an online business, buying or selling online businesses, or just curious about the possibilities of online entrepreneurship, this podcast provides invaluable insights and candid perspectives from two guys who have been in the trenches for years and are successfully building an online empire. Mad respect.
Kevin Bastoul
Great info
This is one of a handful of podcasts that I’ve listened to regularly to help build my online brand to 1 mil within a couple years.
Web publisher must listen to this podcast
I am a web publisher since 2003 and so far each podcast was informative to pro like me. The blog is promoting empire flipper and their guests but hosts push the conversation where it becomes really interesting, not just shameless plug. blurring the line between PR talk and insider talk. After each podcast I always feels I got something that I can take action on.
I love the transparency, willingness to share and no nonsense business advice and experience shared!
Joe and Justin always give great insights into online businesses from the viewpoint of being able to look deep inside of online businesses from many different kinds of markets, monitization methods and different revenue levels. Great podcast to subscribe to if you're into online business and want to keep a pulse one what they have seen that has been working, what is currently working and what they feel the future looks like in the various online business models.
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Dustin Ellard
Very helpful
As a FBA seller I have found a lot of value from this podcast. It has provided a good vision for how to build my business for a profitable valuation in the future.
Perfect combo of knowledge and entertainment
I must say, with the mix of experience with online business and their vast knowledge of the field, that I was able to learn more through 3 episodes than I did in my last 3 Ebooks combined! Keep up the work buddy!
Very Eductional Content!
Joe and Justin do a Great job of providing information regarding Buying and Selling Online Businesses. If you're looking at either option this podcast is a Must Listen. I am happy I came across this as it will save me lots of $ AND Make me more $ down the road. Thanks guys! A suggestion for a possible future episodes would be do walk thru a case study or example of more deals that went well OR bad (ie Russian Scam episodes since that was a while ago).
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Awesome Insights!
Love the fact that they talk about the failures along with the successes, I have learned the most from those. Thanks guys!
Awesome podcast!!!
Justin & Joe always deliver great content and I can't have enough. I always learn something valuable every time. I just wish they will pump out more episodes on a REGULAR basis....like a weekly schedule :-) C'mon guys you can do this :-)
Bard Bonin
Great Podcast
I really like these guys! They’re funny, smart, engaging and they have a ton of relevant content when it comes to my new commerce store. Definitely a huge inspiration for me. Thanks for the great podcast!
New Favorite Podcast!
Justin and Joe are awesome. This is my new favorite podcast! Really informative and interesting topics. Can't wait to hear more insight from you guys.
Authenticity, integrity, content-rich, no fluff
Awesome! I’m so glad to have discovered Empire Podcast with Justin and Joe. This podcast is very little “fluff” and chatter and loaded with lots of great content. Being new in this industry, sometimes it’s over my head, such as the use of acronyms I may not know, but overall, I’ve learning so much, and devouring each back-episode. These guys lay it all out: the good and the bad, and I would not hesitate to buy or sell a website through these guys, and looking forward to when we’re ready to do that. I would like to see them offer a place to go and post our questions, so they have a chance to build shows around those. Thanks so much!
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LeAura Alderson
Love it!
Great content and great guys
Really great show!
Loving this podcast. Episode topics are interesting, the content is incredibly helpful, and the episode length is perfect. Keep up the great work, Justin & Joe.
J Carbary
Tactical and Strategic Experience for Buyers (and Sellers)
I’ve listened to all 146 podcast episodes over the past 3 months because I wanted to really know who these guys are since I am a repeat buyer from their marketplace. Not only can you see you’re dealing with some stand-up guys, but the transparency, lessons learned, and practical advice they share in each podcast episode helps me further refine my long-term strategies for my personal acquisition and management of online property portfolios. Also, they share their mistakes (Which we will make and are afraid to admit!) and rarely hold back on self criticism…which is refreshing! If you are interested in virtual investments, there is no other source better than this one…except maybe their new podcast “Web Equity Show”...Keep it up guys!
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Absolutely Love It
These podcasts are super informative and entertaining. I went through a few and am excited to keep listening to more! The awesome part is that I'm actually enjoying listening to these podcasts, unlike some I've listened to before on other websites which were informative...but had me falling asleep. Good stuff Justin and Joe! :)
Very informative perspective
Justin and Joe always provide an informative look into their business and they pull back the curtain on the digital nomad lifestyle. They also bring on a lot of great guests who bring a lot of value themselves - their interview with Dan Pena ranks as one of my favourites. Keep up the great work guys! I wish I could have joined you on your last internship!
Lots of value here!!!
Justin and Joe are the real deal! They have great guests and discuss meaty and relevant topics. In addition, they also give the world a true peak behind the curtain of their own growing business. This transparency allows the listeners to learn from and benefit from their successes and mistakes. Please keep up the great work guys!!!
Brutally honest business podcast!
I find the Empire Flippers podcast to be brutally honest and real! They share the real life stories of their business without sugarcoating anything. I find that refreshing in a world of propaganda and savy marketing techniques. Keep up the great work guys!
Informative and Interesting
This show takes topics that most people normally fall asleep to, and make it interesting with their talks about their company and how they're implementing their suggestions. It's helped me grow as a web developer, and really made me aware of a market not many people know of. Keep up the great work guys.
Phenomonal Podcast!
This podcast is always time very well spent. The content is always excellent and the episodes are dense with great information. Justin and Joe are extremely knoweldgeable and easy to follow. Never before have I stopped a podcast to rewind and re-listen to sections multiple times! I often even take notes. Something for every skill level - whether experienced or new to buying/building sites like me. It's my new go-to podcast on my (soul-sucking) morning commute. All my other subscriptions have taken a backseat. My girlfriend is also now hooked. Great stuff.
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Brad Stevens Dorfer
Great resource
Justin & Joe rock the iTunes house! I'm not looking to buy right now, but will be looking here first when it happens. Enjoying the diversity of content since you guys cover so many areas in valuable ways. Keep it up, guys!
Hey, just found your podcast last week, and I think I have lissened to 30+ eppisodes. I have tried a few ideas on the internet and failed or been cheated. Lisening to your podcast and looking around I am encouraged to start again with buying a site from your market later this year starting low as "Newbie Norm"/ "DIY Dave", then building up later.
Eric Mcshannon
Good deal!
I got a $300 discount of Anton's drop shipping cost because of this podcast!
Aidan Au
Fantastic Insight on Building a Company and Buying / Selling Websites
I just started listening to this podcast and I love it so far. You get to see the inner workings of a startup and listen to many perspectives. It's particularly interesting to hear when Justin and Joe don't agree and even admit when they're wrong. Keep up the good work!
A must listen for anyone interested in buying a website
Love the insight and information you guys provide on the podcast. Now you’ve out done yourselves with the new website valuation tool, buyers profiles, and new emails that outline what potential website buyers should look for and the types of questions they should ask. Kudos as well to your support team. I’ve interacted with them several times and not only are they top notch, but quick to respond. Keep up the great work! See you in Vegas!
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El Rey Luminoso
Consistently my number one go to podcast for all things internet marketing and website buying and selling. These guys give great advice and don’t play “I have a secret.” They are good at what they do and have no problems sharing thier knowlege. I had the chance to attend one of thier workshops in Vegas and know they are good guys and legit. Keep up the good work and I hope to buy from you soon!
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Not another boring interview podcast
Love this podcast. It's not just another interview podcast. Justin and Joe actually have original content. They do have guests on sometimes but I love that they don't overdo it. Great if you want to learn about websites and business.
Love to WIN!!!
I live in Las Vegas Nevada and i love to win so i listen to Joe hot money Magnotti and of course Justin. I know the information i hear i can't lose so keep it up Empire Flippers so i can make some of the hot money also!!
Love these guys
Justin and Joe kill it everytime. They've also mentioned me twice, so I just had to leave a review. Keep up the stellar work guys!
Dave from SelfmadeBusinessMan
This is where it started for me...
I remember reading Justin and Joe’s stuff over 2 years ago sitting in my parents kitchen trying to figure out how to install a Wordpress site. Since then, I’ve been around the world, met them in the Flesh in Bangkok and am now in the process of starting my own podcast, Concierge Medicine Radio. True pros, these guys tell it like is and operate with a sense of transparency and honesty that gives the rest of us something to look up to.
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Balls to the Wall Business Advice
Justin and Joe love your show, so much more than just niche sites. Loved having you on my Business and Bootstrapping podcast and would definitely like to get Hot Money on soon. Keep putting out great content and building a business empire. In terms of the latest episode would you advise trying to build an asset or cash flow as first business?
Great job Empire Flippers
I love your insight. I am a huge fan. Keep up the good work.
Cat Johnny
Loads of information and fun to listen to!
I usually listen while at the gym on this particular machine. Sure helps me get thru exercising without even noticing the time go by. Justin and Joe keep coming up with interesting interviewees and insights into internet businesses and also how they conduct their business and the ways they have figured out how to do things better. Love the show, keep up the great work.
As cool as the other side of the pillow...
There are a variety of internet business, niche site, and SEO podcasts on the ‘net, but this is one of a very few that is worth your time investment. Justin & Joe deliver valuable content every week, and at nearly 100 shows in, they are still bringing the heat. Episodes 79, 80 and 84 are great examples of recent episodes that offer at lot of strong value with not a single sales pitch. If you (1) build & rank niche sites, (2) own some other internet business or (3) would like to live abroad vicariously through others, you can get a lot out of having these guys in your head for about an hour each week. A huge thank you to Justin and Joe for the great work!
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One of the best podcasts on niche sites, PERIOD
Justin and Joe are the one-two punches in flipping niche sites for real profit. I've been listening to Spencer Haws, Jon Haver and Tung Tran. Caught you guys on Niche Pursuits' podcast, and I'm now hooked! Keep it up!!!
James Blews
Great podcast
Just listened to the flippa episode and listed my auction for sale!
Freddie PodcastersBootCamp.com
Entertaining and Informative
Been a long time listener of this podcast and never miss an episode. In addition to offering solid and honest advice and insight, these guys are always entertaining. Always a source of motivation for me and my business, and I'm looking forward to selling some sites through them in 2014. Keep up the great work.
Greg Marcum
Funny, entertaining and actionable… great show!
Fantastic show… Justin & Joe are upbeat, funny and most of all provide actionable guidance. Love their attitude where they don’t push for sales through their podcast, the just keep it real. If you like what they are selling, you come back or you buy… plain and simple. This is one of the few shows that never has an unplayed episode… keep it up guys! Straight from a new single founder from the other tropics: Florida!
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You won't need to skip any
With my typical podcast subscriptions, I only listen to episodes that are relevant to what I'm currently working on. With Empire Flippers, I can't help but listen to EVERY episode because Justin and Joe are always on point delivering excellent information I wouldn't dare miss a single episode. I find there's always something to take away from every episode that I can apply directly to my business. Thank you Justin and Joe!
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Matt Donley
Episode #67
Great episode...I say all the time "Ideas have no value", what adds value is taking action..."Do something, take action!" Gates did not invent Windows, Zuckerburg did not come up with the idea FaceBook...those "ideas" were worthless until someone took action and DID something with them. NOW there is something of value.
One of my favorites
Justin and Joe are consistently on-point and entertaining. Makes for great company on a long drive. I'm not so much into building niche sites but still get a lot of value from their business discussions and strategies. The hiring your first VA episode is particularly good.
Nick Loper
Love this podcast! Justin and Joe are honest straightforward and share everything they can with you. Each podcast is clean and I love that they share all of their techniques and lessons learned. They serisously rock!
Awesome to listen to
Provides inspiration to work on launching my own site. They provide helpful info on how to buildup and monetize niche sites - while also providing useful information about other topics related to starting and running a business.
You are in my queue
I found you guys shortly after you started your podcast and I have listened every since. I have enjoyed listening to you guys and learning from your sucessful moments and your trials. I haven't bought a site from you yet but I am sure I will be able to eventually. Keep it up. I am going to keep listening.
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