Emperors of Rome
Emperors of Rome
La Trobe University
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The best!
I’ve been interested in looking about the ancient history for a while and this is the best podcast just for that!It takes the history but makes it fun.You can tell they enjoy what they’re speaking about and not just reading straight from a book but giving insight on their opinions and feelings toward it too.I genuinely get excited listening to this
Rhiannon or die
Love this podcast. It’s educational and entertaining, but sorry, can’t listen to any guest other than Dr. Rhiannon Evans. She’s by far the best.
that DC life
Love this podcast
This is one of the smartest, most engaging podcasts I've ever listened to. Matt Smith & Rhiannon Evans are terrific, and Caillan Davenport has been a delightful addition.
Taunting Flamingo
Terrible waste of time.
Terrible podcast
Christopher Burrows
🤔Why does her voice warm my oven 😋
A lady with a tantalizing accent who’s well learned in ancient history is my Achilles heel 💪🏾❤️😍 @AtlWizTech
Love this podcast. Can we please get an episode on Horace??
This podcast is addictive! I would love to be in Dr Rhiannon’s classes! Matt adds so much to the podcast. I really enjoy listening to these conversations!
Quick studies of Roman emperors
Vignettes of the emperors and other notable figures of the Roman Empire. Although each episode runs about 15-20 minutes the hosts do manage cite sources and offer criticism and problems with accepting the sources at face value..
Fascinating Podcast !
I was too cool for school and didn’t pay much attention in history class. I recently found this podcast wanting to learn about the history of the Roman Empires and have very much enjoyed it. Matt does a great job and Dr Rhiannon Evans in-depth knowledge is impressive and need I say sexy… ;) Thanks for putting this together. Love the series.
OG Shishito
Favorite Ancient Roman podcast. I have enjoyed this podcast from episode one until today. This is not a dry history podcast and some out there. The hosts are engaging, funny, knowledgeable and interesting. Please never let it be over.
5 stars
An excellent in depth podcast. I hope they continue getting back to focusing on their bread and butter topics- the story of individual emperors.
Ryan Arnstein
One of the best podcasts around
Erudite, yet down to earth. Can be really funny and always informative. Matt Smith and Rhiannon Evans are charming and this podcast is a must listen.
Scountbear 43
Truly Amazing
Read up on creator/host Steve West. The guy’s as remarkable as his show. Consistently amazed at his ability to distill haaard haaaaard philosophical constructs/concepts into easily understood bite size chunks. A must listen for the casual learner and serious student alike.
Great podcast
This is a great podcast, and I am enjoying it a lot. I recommend it to anyone new to the Roman Empire. However, it is very oversimplified, and some major details are glossed over. One of the biggest things not included was the Battle of Pharsalus, the great showdown between Caesar and Pompey in 48BC, which is what let Pompey to run away to Egypt where he was eventually killed. Other than that, I love this podcast, and for anyone that wants to dig deeper into the Roman Empire, I recommend Mike Duncan’s The History of Rome podcast
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Love it
I think I’ve listened to every episode and some multiple times! I can’t get enough!
Highly engaging, accessible & informative
Really great podcast - despite the fact that it’s Australian !! 😋. The humor, the interplay between the hosts, and the rigor of the material can’t be beat. I listen while I run or work out & I’m often sad that my workout ends!
David G Mc
This is my favorite podcast, hands down. It’s been a great way to supplement what I’m learning in my history courses and get more detail than we sometimes have time for in class. I appreciate the occasional humor and the fantastic insights. Thank you for making it!
Love listening to this podcast - very informative and entertaining!
Brief episodes but interesting.
Quality show
Pairing of host and subject matter experts works well.
pails n blimps
Scholarly. Informative. Even a bit saucy. Love it! Great as an intro or as a review. Nice complements to the BBC’s “I Claudius” and to Suetonius’ “Lives of the Twelve Caesars.” This H. S. Latin teacher approves.
Episode cxiv messalina
Really? Dr R, why do you feel you have to be an apologist for messalina? Invoke Occam’s razor: if many authors described her as an adulteress, she’s most likely is. Matt, the podcast works better when you stick to the narrative facts and leave out the one sided opinions. After 100+ very successful podcasts, this one really disappointed me.
Gerard de Ridefort
Love it!!!
I enjoy all the detail in this podcast. It’s evident that a lot of work and research was done. Matt and Rhiannon great, they have some funny jokes but the podcast isn’t interrupted constantly by laughter, inside jokes, and random tangents like other podcasts.
Cheyenne is cool
I love this podcast and I’ve listened to them all. The blend of host + expert strikes the perfect cord. I love how they cite sources!!! I started listening to this pod 4 years ago and still relisten all the time. My only complaint is they need to make lots more! Faster!!! Keep up the great work nitelightguy and Dr Rhionan 👍🥳
A window to the Roman Empire.
I’m a fan of history. I have listened in it’s entirety the podcast “The History of Rome” twice in it’s entirety covering the whole empire by Mike Duncan that’s worth checking out if you dig this. Enough talking on out “THoR”, I’m glad I recently found podcast. I like this podcast because it cover specifically the important people who made up the Roman Empire. Definitely check this podcast out & if you dig this & I’ll say once more you’ll dig “The History of Rome” because it tells the stories that happened. This podcast is cool because it tells you why the Roman leaders acted the way they did. I learned more things in detail on the people who made Rome. The combination of the two are impressive.
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The are great
I can forget the world for a while
When I listen and focus on the superb conversations between amazing people, with so, so much knowledge, I can forget what is going on in my home country. Sometimes I even smile and then I know there are good people out there...far away in Australia... but that’s OK. They wouldn’t want to be in the circus we are living through! And I know no “wanna be emperor” can live forever. Thank you for making my days so much better. For the last almost 4 years! 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🌞😀
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Love this show!
I love the topics, the setting and the timing of the episodes, they aren’t too long and perfect for my drive to work!
More plz
Love this show can’t get enough 👏🏾👏🏾
Bing worthy
I absolutely love this podcast. I could spend the day just listening to Matt Smith and Dr. Evans.
Absolutely fascinated by this time period, but must relearn details. This podcast is easy to follow as the host makes the content interesting and easy to connect. Love his guests.
Terry Turdle
Fascinating podcast
I started listening to this podcast about a year ago after The History Chicks recommended it on their episode about Agrippina the Younger. I love the conversational/story telling style and the relatively short episodes. The hosts are both deeply knowledgeable and great fun!
You are fantastic!
By far my favorite podcast. I can’t wait to hear the podcasts on the Baracks Emperors and the Tetrarchy. Also, please do one on Lucius Pedanius Secundus and the killing of the innocent slaves under Nero (and the debate that surrounded it).
My favorite podcast
Thank you for being my favorite podcast. I love getting to learn about history in a conversational style that is fun and not dusty or elitist. Excellent podcast! Thank you for this gift.
Fine podcast!
Very well done podcast presenting short histories of Roman emperors. Rhiannon and Matt are excellent and I am enjoying this series tremendously.
I love this podcast because it goes in depth into its subject. However, the episodes are short, so it doesn’t feel like you are sitting through a long lecture. Thanks, Matt and Rhiannon!
joe 080
Very informative. I learned so much. Thank you. The podcasts is well produced and the hosts interact in a way that enhances the listeners understanding of the content.
Enjoyable Series
This is a very enjoyable lecture series to listen to, primarily because the two presenters are terrific. I highly recommend this podcast.
Excellent and informative
This podcast series is very well done. The hosts make a great team when presenting the material, and each episode is executed brilliantly. Thank you!
A fabulous series, thank you for making it!
I’ve listened to the entire series at least three times. Each episode is concise and clear. Roman history has been pretty opaque to me and this really helped open the door. For anyone who enjoys history and literature this is a great podcast to get your Roman history well in hand so you can do more detailed reading in your own.
Claire Dima
I Love This Podcast
This is my favorite podcast. I am always anticipating new episodes and often I find myself re-listening to the old ones. Not only does it keep me sane on my commute, it has also influenced the direction of my research. Thanks so much!
Philosophy Prof 3590
Great content delivered in an easy way. Love listening to this on my ride to/from work. P.S. You can get a ton of Dr. Rhiannon Evans’ full university lectures online too. Great stuff.
FIOF boyz
I just picked this up because I have a midterm tomorrow and figured I should do a little extra reviewing while on my walk, so I’m only three episodes in, but I love it. I hope I get the chance to listen to all of it. Very well articulated, I usually have trouble following history podcasts. Thank you. ♡♡
I have been binge-listening from the beginning episodes for the last few weeks and I’m really loving this podcast. It’s not dry at all and the short format is nice because I’m in and out of my car all day for my job. I’m from the US and really enjoying the accents too. 😁
Interesting and fun
I love this podcast! Especially how Dr. Evans explains other historians’ views + her own, and discusses the subtext and context of Roman writers. I appreciate the shorter format a lot!! And I’m enjoying the chronological progression through history in the lives of the emperors instead of just random topics. Thanks so much for making this!!
Really like these two
Clever, informative , entertaining . It’s costing me a lot of sleep since, If I wake at night, I start another episode 😴👍
Augustus is my name
I love this show, at first I found the hosts quirky, but stuck through it just because I found the show so interesting. Now I feel like I know them kind of well, and so it’s very soothing. Like I fall asleep to it, but then I have to go back because I miss so much great information. And then when the new professor came in, I almost got lost, but I again just was fascinated by the stories, and now I really enjoy all three of the recurring characters plenty. Also the quirkiness might just be the accents, which I am less accustomed to being an American.
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I am addicted to this series. I love Roman history. Much of the history through Vespasian I am familiar with but it is still a great podcast. Each episode flies by.
Informative and entertaining, marvelous presentation.
Ike 22222
Great show!
Excellent show. Great narration and material.
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