Empath's Alchemy
Empath's Alchemy
Rebecca Garifo Ph.D.
An irreverent show on sensitive subjects. Basically. Also please know- I am not a licensed medical professional, but I seen some shit and I'm here to discuss so take it as you will. You can visit rebeccagarifo.com for copies of Too Sensitive, book one on one sessions, and enroll in The Narcissist & The Empath Course! Thank you for listening and sharing! -Rebecca
Emotional Distancing
The Professional clip- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGJHSbMXphw Use the holidays to help yourself figure out that sweet spot where you can love people without staying loyal to their pain. Merchandise, Videos, and Blog posts available at https://www.patreon.com/empathsalchemy I love you! -Rebecca
Nov 25
17 min
Love Over Loyalty
Where loyalty keeps us locked to an old story, love opens up room for growth and healing. rebeccagarifo.com Patreon.com/empathsalchemy Xoxo! -Rebecca
Nov 5
11 min
Anti-Social 2020
Connecting dots between codependency and social media. Too Sensitive soundtrack available through the link below! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4T0mLHZYSpnW1eHKi82BYO?si=rmZbsT9HTXSmXNtC5LE_MQ I love you! -Becca
Oct 15
28 min
Talking with Annie Margis on The Ugliest Word
The Ugliest Word comes out Oct 15th! You can visit the following links to stay updated, receive the first three chapters, and support the conversation! https://www.theugliestword.com https://www.change.org/p/allies-let-s-dissolve-the-taboo-against-talking-about-childhood-incest Thank you for listening!! -Rebecca
Oct 9
33 min
The Narcissist & The Empath X
How can we start breathing compassion into these separations so we can heal and become the guardians and leaders for ourselves that we've needed. Let's talk about it babe. I love you so much! Thank you for listening and being such an incredible support! -Rebecca
Sep 17
32 min
Self-Care 2020
When the majority of people around you are experiencing severe stress, anger, fear, etc. all at once? The self-care and practices that used to work for you may need some changes.
Aug 21
19 min
Hatred In A Halo
Let's discuss prejudice in the LDS/Mormon church and how hatred and oppression of other human beings can be portrayed as righteousness. rebeccagarifo.com Xoxo!
Jul 24
54 min
Go listen to Intersectionality Matters!
Intersectionality Matters! -Go listen to this podcast! https://aapf.org/podcast Please click the link above, make yourself some tea, pick an episode (you will love them all) and listen.  I love you. I'm here to listen when you need me! Sessions available at rebeccagarifo.com
Jun 5
1 min
Necessary Discomfort
Your sensitivity is not a weakness. You are made to see through the bullshit and speak to the source. Our voice as Empaths are incredibly necessary!  We can naturally hold compassion for healing while calling out injustice. Please don't hide under the covers now babe, you're made for this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLE4SSdEmt0&t=1s rebeccagarifo.com I love you! -Rebecca
May 29
13 min
"You're Doing It Peter!"
Amidst such trying times, pause for a moment and look at how far you've come. Look at what you're made of. Look at who you are today and how you've grown from the person that started this trip. You're doing it!!! Soak it up and take it in! rebeccagarifo.com Xoxo! -Rebecca
May 8
26 min
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