Embracing Technology in Financial Services
Embracing Technology in Financial Services
Accenture's Technology Advisory Practice Lead, Tim Broome talks to an array of experts on the latest technology evolutions and trends. Tune in to hear fresh insights and challenges to traditional thinking in the Financial Services sector.
Unlocking value from data-driven banking
We’ve reached a tipping point where ethical organisations with a strong purpose are delivering above market returns. The digital disrupters are connecting with customers with purposeful profit, setting themselves apart from the big banks. So how can the banks keep pace? Our Accenture experts Stewart Baxter and Tim Broome discuss data-driven banking, the emerging role of the Chief Data Officer and how data is the lifeblood of banks. #DigitalBankingExperience
Mar 8, 2020
19 min
What do purpose and value have in common across Australia’s mining, telecommunications and financial services sectors?
The quest for purpose beyond profit is critical in maintaining customers and driving future industry dynamics in Australia. Without a long term positive purpose, organisations risk losing trust and falling behind. Trust is now more than an expectation, it’s a requirement for all industries and down the supply chain. Accenture experts Ann Burns and Jonathan Restarick join host Tim Broome to discuss how the younger generation is driving change and how organisations need to be in tune with their customers moral expectations to survive.
Feb 23, 2020
21 min
Know the SME mindset – growth opportunities for Australian banks
The SME marketplace employs around 7 million Australians, making up almost one third of the economy and providing a huge contribution to the success and vibrancy of the Australian economy. So how can banks provide a more personalised service? It all comes down to understanding your customer. This week Accenture experts Alex Trott & Laura Valmorbida join host Tim Broome to discuss how the Neobanks are providing a more effective, tailored service.
Feb 9, 2020
17 min
What do birthdays and super have in common?
Superannuation is often seen as tired and boring, something we don’t need to worry about today. So how can the super industry change perceptions and engage with its members? Can they adapt with the times? Join special guest Shannon O’Shea from smartMonday by Aon as she discusses the future of the superannuation industry and its digital evolution with Accenture experts Christian Erickson and Tim Broome.
Jan 26, 2020
20 min
Ingredients for a differentiated customer relationship – what’s key for financial services?
With the rise of digital and a world fuelled by customer experiences, the role of the CMO has never been so important. But how do organisations maximise their potential while making sure the customer always comes first? Special guest John Moran from Salesforce joins our Accenture experts Stacy Pence and Tim Broome to discuss the future of marketing in financial services.
Jan 12, 2020
21 min
How to accelerate remediation – why it’s time to open a second runway at five times the speed
With consumer confidence fragile, how can Australia’s financial services redeem itself? Remediation is key but how does that work at scale? Accenture experts San Retna and Peter Beardshaw join Tim Broome to bring an international perspective and discuss trust, remediation and putting the consumer first.
Dec 30, 2019
20 min
Digital banking - what's all the hype about?
Digital banking has arrived, but will it be a force for good? Accenture experts Alex Trott and Ellie Scott join Tim Broome to discuss neobanks, digital banking and how things are set to change in Australian Banking. Disruption is coming.
Dec 15, 2019
20 min
Augment or automate – how are you re-imagining work and creating a future-ready workforce?
AI, augmentation, and automation are rapidly changing the workforce. But how does the nature of work itself change and what is that going to mean for future workforce? Join Accenture experts Pia Dupont and Tim Broome as we discuss how new technology, operating models and re-skilling will define success for Australia’s financial services industry.
Dec 2, 2019
21 min
Tackling the big questions facing global economies and reflecting on the impacts for Australia
Global economic trends have a great impact on Australia's financial services industry. But what forces are at play and which region does Australia follow the most? Join our Global Growth Strategy Lead Simon Whitehouse as we discuss international markets across the UK, U.S and China and more broadly Europe and Asia, and how political, technological and social changes are influencing and driving Australia’s economic future.
Nov 17, 2019
22 min
Business agility and agile – what’s the difference?
"Business agility is around creating organisations that can respond to the changing environment around them. On the other hand, agile is about a tool, mindset, values, principles, and practices that help enable business agility. Listen to our experts as they explore three facets creating the imperative for change. They examine what this means for Australia's financial services organisations and four key areas in terms of measuring success."
Nov 3, 2019
23 min
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