6 Figure Wedding Planner
6 Figure Wedding Planner
Halima Hanemann
6 Figure Wedding Planner is for wedding planners who want actionable steps on how to grow their wedding planning business. Join your host, Halima Hanemann, as we dive deep with wedding industry insiders on how to increase your sales, and up level your wedding planning business. 6 Figure Wedding Planner Podcast is part of The Lively Wed Academy. To be a guest: hello@livelyeventstx.com
Business Mapping & You: Simplifying Your Operations by Taming your 8 CEOs with Jen Taylor
This is the perfect episode for all of us right-brained, creative, wedding planners. Jen Taylor walks us through the 8 CEOs. She covers what they are, why they are important, and how you can do it all while actually planning weddings too. Here is the link to the Small Business Task List Jen talked about. https://bit.ly/JTConsultSmallBusiness And you can connect with her in her Facebook group here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/designyourbusinessjentaylor
Nov 15, 2021
46 min
The Top Mistakes on Wedding Pros’ About Pages
Taylor de la Fuente of Lemon Tree Editorial is sharing the top mistakes she sees on wedding planners' about me website pages, and some tips on what you should include on your about pages. You can start implementing these changes on your site today, then take advantage of a Free Page Review from Taylor. www.lteditorial.com/free-review You can also find Taylor on instagram: www.instagram.com/lteditorial
Nov 8, 2021
37 min
Simple Sneaky Ways to Get Referrals
Here are 7 ways to get referrals into your wedding planning business without actually asking for a referral. These are ways that you can make real connections and get a stream of referrals into your business, even if you are a new wedding planner. If you are getting tips that book you brides from my podcast, imagine how much you could accomplish if we actually worked together. Let's book a call and talk about your business now, where you want it to be, and I'll tell you how to get there. bit.ly/livelywed
Nov 1, 2021
22 min
Why You Don't Have To Wake Up At 5AM To Have A Successful Wedding Business
We've all heard the toxic message "Wake up before the sun and hustle if you want to have a successful business." This just isn't true. I am giving you permission to work your business how it feels right to you and to hold yourself accountable to that. Let's chat about your business! Book a free call with me where we'll talk about your goals and how to reach them fast. bit.ly/livelywed
Oct 25, 2021
24 min
Let's Get Visible!
Brides can't book with you if they don't know you exist. How can you stand out in your wedding business? I'm sharing a ton of ways that you can get visible to your couples so they can book with you! Become a Fully Booked Wedding Planner FREE TRAINING! heyhalima.com/booked
Oct 19, 2021
24 min
How To Turn Your Hobby Business Into A Real Wedding Business
This week we are taking your hobby business to a real wedding planning business. Want more tips? Watch me free training: How To Become A Fully Booked Wedding Planner in 3 Simple Steps. heyhalima.com/booked
Oct 11, 2021
19 min
Getting Your Ideal Clients to Find You
I have 4 easy ways to get your ideal clients to find you. Once they do find you online I share some tips on how to keep them around, nurture them, and connect with them so they will book a consultation with you and you will be their wedding planner. Be sure to watch my free training: Become A Fully Booked Wedding Planner in 3 Simple Steps. www.heyhalima.com/booked
Sep 8, 2021
27 min
6 Tweaks to Make More Money in Your Wedding Planning Business
You can implement these 6 simple tweaks ASAP to show up like a real business owner, and start making more money.
Aug 2, 2021
29 min
My Number One Content Creation Hack
I know you hear me talk about blogging weekly, and posting more than pretty pictures to Instagram, but how are you supposed to come up with all of that? Steal my content creation hack and you'll never run out of content again!
Feb 2, 2021
16 min
Leveraging Instagram Stories to Book More Brides
It's time to stop putting social media on the back burner, and finally start using it to actually book more brides. In this episode I tell you exactly what to post to stories, and how often so you can build a real connection with brides who are ready to book you as their wedding planner! If you want more help in your business, let's talk about my Back to Back Bride Booking Bootcamp! Let's chat over a no pressure call and figure out if your business sis a good fit. www.bit.ly/livelywed
Jan 19, 2021
26 min
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