Educating Jeremy
Educating Jeremy
Educating Jeremy
Educating Jeremy is a movie podcast hosted by Jeremy from Podcasts We Listen To and Deana Marie from TwistedPhilly. Deana Marie (forces) asks Jeremy to watch movies he's never seen but she loves. They discuss what they liked about the films, what he didn't like and occasionally there's a throat punch reference somewhere in between. Jeremy and Deana Marie discuss all genres of movies - horror, science fiction, action, etc. If you love movies and hosts who have fun smack talking each other, then you'll love Educating Jeremy!
Hello Educators! We are back with a brand new edition! We've been gone for over a year! WOW! Time flies when you are swamped at the day job. But, we're back! A little rusty, but here we are. This episode, Deana Marie educates Jeremy on the 1988 fantasy movie Willow, starring Warwick Davis, Joanne Whalley, and Val Kilmer. Hasn't everyone seen this movie? Well, not Jeremy! But that has been remedied! Check out this episode to see what he thought about it and if it "holds up". Also, towards the end, Jeremy refers to Chris Claremont as Chris Claremount. An easy mispronunciation but, rest assured, he has beaten himself about the head and shoulders for this egregious error.
Dec 26, 2022
44 min
Halloween Kills!
This episode, Deana and Jeremy break the mold that the show is built on, and talk about the latest entry into the Halloween franchise, the newly released Halloween Kills! If you are an Educator, you know that Deana LOVES Horror movies, and that Halloween is one of her all time favorites. Listen in as these two discuss this...masterpiece?...disaster? You'll have to listen to find out! Happy Halloween, Educators!
Oct 29, 2021
54 min
Meet Me in St. Louis
The holidays are over but while there's snow on the ground it still feels like Christmas.  Jeremy and Deana-Marie keep the holiday spirit going with the 1944 classic Meet Me in St. Louis, starring the incomparable Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien, the "it girl" of silent films Mary Astor and Leon Ames.  Directed by Vincent Minelli and set just after the turn of the century, everyone is excited about the of t 1904 the World's Fair coming to St. Louis!
Feb 15, 2021
51 min
Die Hard
This week, we have a very special guest in the studio! Jeremy's son Ian sits in to talk about the 1988 Christmas classic, Die Hard! While Jeremy has seen this one, Ian has not!
Dec 19, 2020
25 min
The Ghost of Flight 401
This episode is an Educating Deana episode! Jeremy introduces Deana Marie to the movie that terrified hime as a child! The `978, made for TV movie, "he Ghost of Flight 401"!
Nov 24, 2020
52 min
It's almost impossible to believe we hadn't yet covered a film based on the writings of Stephen King.  Well, believe it!  This week we rectify that offense with the 1976 thriller Carrie, based on King's book and directed by Brian DePalma.  It was almost accidental how Deana-Marie and Jeremy landed on this movie, King's first novel and the first film made from one of his books.  Yes, he's a lucky son of a gun, and Deana-Marie's favorite author.  This episode is full of so much trivia, cast members popping up in other films and, as Jeremy called it, the slap fest of 1976.  
Oct 6, 2020
1 hr 4 min
Hocus Pocus
'Tis the season.  We're falling into fall, getting excited for Halloween and starting our seasonal movie watching early this year with the 1993 film Hocus Pocus, directed by Kenny Ortega, starring Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, Sarah Jessica Parker and Thora Birch.  Will Jeremy enjoy this family Halloween comedy as much as Deana Marie?  All we can tell you for now is Jeremy wrote a subtitle for the movie - When You Get Outed as a Virgin by Three Witches.  Hurry up and listen, before we put a spell on you. 
Sep 16, 2020
56 min
Bill & Ted Face the Music
We are back! After wwhat turned into a 5 month hiatus, we are back! And, this episode, we are talking about a new movie that neither of us had seen! We are talking about the 3rd installment of the Bill & Ted series! 
Aug 30, 2020
57 min
The Hunt
This week Deana Marie and Jeremy discuss the new Blumhouse home release film The Hunt, written by Nick Cuse and Damon Lindelof, directed by Craig Zobel.  Called "a disturbance to our country" and "dangerous" our hosts get into their thoughts about the film and it's messages.  Spoilers are clearly marked so no worries if you want to watch The Hunt for yourself before listening to all the spoilery bits. 
Apr 21, 2020
1 hr 6 min
The Invisible Man (2020 version)
This episode is a little different. It's not a movie that Deana loves and Jeremy hasn't seen. It's a movie that NEITHER of them had seen... The Invisible Man!
Apr 2, 2020
45 min
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