East Meets West Hunt
East Meets West Hunt
Beau Martonik
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Great conversation between Beau and Thomas Clements
Excellent conversation on media, media consumption, ethics, and responsibility. Much sexier than whitetail tactics from my perspective. Always enjoy the podcast!
Rush S.
Under armour co-founder
The guy says don’t buy “corporate America” products but it part founder of a huge American corporation lmao… just wants to promote his beer
Great podcast!
Love hearing the guest Beau has on! I hunt the mountains in Arkansas and appreciate the content on tactics that relate to the similar terrain I hunt!
Great info
Really enjoy the info and the guests. Top 3 podcast for sure
Great Content & Delivery
Beau brings fresh, informative, and inspiring content on a weekly basis! As someone who has moved ‘East to West’ I deeply value Beau’s wide variety of content and his delivery keeps me engaged through a whole episode. If you are into the outdoors, preparedness, and whitetail - this is the show for you!
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Top shelf
Content that often makes me think, and how I can apply it to some of my hunting style!
Great content
New cover photo goes hard
Kyle Wadsworth
Always Learning
Beau offers insight on all things mountain buck. Brings in opposing opinions that make you think out of the box. This podcast gets me to think about other ways to hunt the elusive mature buck. -Taylor Fleischer
Informative and entertaining!
This podcast is a great asset to any mountain buck hunter! Great information with a camp life feel. The western hunting information is an added bonus.
A MUST for Mountain Hunters!
I first got into the podcast world with The Southern Outdoorsman Podcast(which is also a great podcast). But after listening to several different episodes of East Meets West with Beau I found my new go to. After following Beau Martonik for several years on instagram and watching his stuff on YouTube I had complete faith in this guys tactics in the big woods and after using several of his/his guest’s tactics I have really been a more successful whitetail hunter. Very impressed by his knowledge and great host with an awesome personality.
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Great show for every skill level
Beau and his guest cover a wide range of topics that will make any listener be better in the woods. Keep up the great work!
Top Notch Hunting podcast
Being new to the sport, I found this podcast to be very valuable.Beau and his team are very knowledgeable and extremely informative. Keep up the good work brother.
Awesome podcast
Always great info.
Best hunting podcast
Beau and his crew do a tremendous job bringing content to those that want to deep dive into hunting. The guests are incredible and the conversations are engaging. I’ve learned so much from listening and find myself constantly going back to older episodes. John Estok
John Estok
One of the best hunting podcasts out there. Great for the DIY hunters who want to continue to learn tactics, deer behavior and for a more enjoyable hunting experience!
Feeds inch
Joshua Geffers
Love the content keep up the great work man this podcast make me a better hunter every year.
Joshua Geffers
Great tips , great tactics , great guests !
Been listening to east meets west for years now!. Easily in my top 3 podcasts. When it comes to knowledge of hunting , or just great hunting stories. This is your stop. Every episode I learn something new. His guests are always top notch . Keep them coming !. ~Austin P.
My number 1 whitetail podcast!!
Been listening to the show weekly now for over 2 years! This is my go to! Guest selection is awesome and I learn something on every episode! Beau always asks the right questions! Paul Rust-NC
Paul R. / NC
Go to podcast for information
Began listening to the pod after moving out east a while back. Been a long time listener and Beau never fails to provide solid information and brings very knowledgeable guest on his show. I enjoy hearing the different perspectives of different hunters, and learning new information on every pod cast. (Mountain buck Monday’s are pretty rad to!) -Colton Hug
Great podcast, with a lot of knowledge and helpful tips to take with you in the woods. Very passionate about teaching and giving advice to other outdoorsman.
Beau has a vast amount of knowledge of hunting in hunting the big woods here in Pa. What Beau brings to the table comes from many of years of experience in the mountains on central Pa and his guest are just as knowledgeable in their own respect! -Charlie Baer
Charlie Baer
Knowledgeable, applicable, relatable
Beau and guests do an incredible job of laying out real world tactics and educating the listener on how to get in the game. As a midwestern listener with big game aspirations this podcast educates and encourages me to pursue western game more and more.
Mountain Bucks!!!!
Love your podcasts focused on hunting mountain whitetails here in the east - zc19
Take your knowledge to the next level
After seeing them on Instagram I decided to give the podcast a try. Honestly, this show really helps dial you game in the woods. Tons of great tips and tricks to be more successful.
Great podcast all around
Fantastic information, being a guy who hunts the woods of Pennsylvania it’s a real joy to hear information relative to my surroundings and geographical location. In the 2 years I’ve picked up a bow I’ve grown and learned tremendously and can’t thank this podcast enough. I went from bumming around the woods to friends asking me for advice. That’s not a brag either fellas. We all need people to lean on from time to time and staying positive means staying in the game. Can’t thank Beau and his guests enough.
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Beau is super intelligent
Every time I listen to Beau, he or someone on the podcast teaches me something new and useful in the field. I love learning from other people to see their ways and procedures about the obstacles that arise in the field. Keep up the great work! -Payton Takoch
Solid hunting podcast
Informative and down to earth. I’ve learned a lot from the content. Love it! -Kim Ferry
Solid Show!
Great podcast for public land mountain whitetails! -Galin
Really Great Listen to Level Up Your Hunt Game
I have been listening to Beau for a few years now, and I can safely say that listening to this podcast has seriously upped my game in the big woods. Personally, being from Pennsylvania I can really relate to the type of hunting he grew up on. I grew up without the proper bow hunting education, and was told doing big drives on private land during rifle was the only way to have big success. Using the methods Beau outlines in his podcast I was able to locate prime habitat on public land, hone in on the buck behaviors and kill my most mature buck to date. I have had more close encounters with big mature white tail in the last 3 years than I had in the previous 23, and I attribute that to the East Meets West Podcast! -Quinn Decker
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lavaboy and sharkgirl
Perfect podcast for hunters of all levels
The East Meets West podcast provides solid content. Diversified topics make it an easy listen, and never feels repetitive. Personally use this podcast during car rides with the goal of utilizing the time to learn about new strategies/topics. As a Pennsylvania native - it’s easy to relate to a lot of topics, but also as a hunter trying to spend more and more time in the woods and relatively new to bow hunting in the big woods it’s a perfect balance of cool relatable stories and important lessons. Will absolutely continue to support this podcast - keep up the solid content!
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Devan Polanis
Thanks Beau!
I discovered Beau’s podcast last fall and and binge listened to them all. I was quickly caught up and the feeling was worse than when you are late to discovering a really good show on Netflix, binge watch it and then have to wait every week for the next episodes. I hunt the mountains of Pennsylvania and West Virginia and find the informative on this podcast really helpful. Not only does Beau provide his listeners with helpful information but he does really well with bringing in new and interesting guest. Beau is an excellent podcast host that directs the conversations where they need to be and keeps the conversation flowing smooth. No matter where you hunt, your styling of hunting, or how far in your hunting career you are, you are sure to find this podcast worth your time.
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Jesse Coe
Real world, relatable, blue collar.
Truly one of my favorites. The backcountry style deer hunting, big woods, western hunting. It’s so relatable to me and I’m sure most people. Love it, don’t stop. You’re doing good things Beau!
Podcast review
I had the pleasure of meeting Beau at TAC in Seven Springs this year. He’s a super down to earth guy and you can just tell he has a genuine passion and respect for the outdoors. I’ve been listening to his podcast for a while now and it’s become one of my favorites. Lots of great information for not only PA big woods hunters, but many others as well. Highly recommend. Keep it up! -Will Bruce
Great podcast!
I have listened to many of the episodes at this point and Beau seems to be a very intelligent hunter. I have learned, and continue to learn a lot from this podcast! Keep it up 💪💪 -Lucas Chasteen -
The best!
Most informative hunting podcast out there
Listening has given me loads of knowledge
Although I don’t hunt big woods or areas exactly like you talk about in a lot of the episodes I find that there is knowledge to be had for all types of hunting. Some of my favorite episodes are when you dive into how you are utilizing certain gear for different styles of hunting. Always enjoy listening! Keep up the great work! - Alec Allphin
Perfect for PA public hand hunters
I love listing to the East Meets West Hunt podcast because they share valuable hunting tactics and information that takes years and years to learn from experience. Podcasts always seem to share their great hunting stories but don’t share what strategies they used to got the job done. These guys also hunt public land too and not only private farmland! McKenzie Gustas
Kenzie Gustas
Excellent Podcast!
Beau is an incredibly genuine person and it really comes through in how he listens and applies what people are talking about into his questions and own personal anecdotes. I’ve been listening to this podcast for 3-4 years and it keeps getting better, keep up the great work!
Derek Malcore
Solid listen. Enjoy it
Solid show
I started listening to Beau a few years back when I started to get in to mobile hunting and at a time where I started taking whitetail hunting a lot more seriously. He provides knowledgeable and useful information to help you take the steps to kill big whitetail Isaac Yost
Isaac yost
Love to see Wisconsin guys on the podcast. I’ve been getting into the big woods hunting and have followed along for a long time now. Love the content.
conner kowalkowski
Learn To Be A Better Outdoorsman
Loads of information from some of the best in their field across the country! A little something for all types of hunters, this podcast not only is a joy to listen to but the tactics they discuss actually work. Highly recommend, keep up the good work Beau!
Another Informative Podcast!
THe areas I hunt are very different than much of what is discussed on this podcast but many of the tactics and scouting tips are relevant. I dig the Mountain Buck Monday stuff!
PA Mountain Buck Masterclass
It's awesome to have a podcast with information that actually applies to PA big woods weekend warriors.
Beau’s content is great. It’s nice to have a guy who provides content for us local PA guys. The past couple years have come with great content from EMW and hopefully there are many more to come. Thanks Beau.
East meets west is best
Beau and that John Stewart character are great hunters and great people in general
Kevin Vistisen
Love this podcast
I listen to this hunting podcast the most I love that beau hunts the same areas and terrain as I do so I get a lot from it and I also like how he has stuff not just about whitetail as I love hunting out west as well ! Keep up the good work . Travus Burch
Top dawgs here!!!
Spreading awesome experiences and advice year round for the deer woods!
Great content creator
Always learning something whether it’s from Beau or one of his guests
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