East Meets West Hunt
East Meets West Hunt
Beau Martonik
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Love this podcast
I listen to this hunting podcast the most I love that beau hunts the same areas and terrain as I do so I get a lot from it and I also like how he has stuff not just about whitetail as I love hunting out west as well ! Keep up the good work . Travus Burch
Top dawgs here!!!
Spreading awesome experiences and advice year round for the deer woods!
Great content creator
Always learning something whether it’s from Beau or one of his guests
Appreciate all the information Beau talks about on big woods whitetail hunting. Had the privilege to be a part of his scouting camp this spring just a very down to earth and knowledgeable dude. Sammy king
For My Boyfriend
It’s crazy how you/your podcast gets my boyfriends attention more than I do! Jen Slick
Slick & Becker
Perspective on life and focused on hunting
Beau obviously loves to hunt and it’s been fun to see him grow as an outdoorsman and professional through his podcast. Great content and discussion with super successful people in the industry. Tactics, outdoor gear reviews, and good times! Joe Janes
One of the best podcasts for whitetail
Easy to see why this podcast is successful, Beau is diligent in his prep, having both breadth and depth for hunting mountain whitetails all season - Brad Weingartner
Great Podcast
Being another Pennsylvania native, I can relate to most tactics that Beau uses for deer hunting. What I like the most about the podcast is when Beau breaks down going out west for elk hunts. In the last 2 years I’ve been listening to all podcasts about going out west after elk. Beau gives some great advice and tactics to be successful. I plan to use the information that Beau talks about to hopefully be successful on an elk hunt. I personally got to meet Beau at an event by Pittsburgh and he’s a great dude in person! Thanks Beau! Andy King
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Love these
I’m really enjoying these podcasts. Very informative as I get serious about big woods hunting in the ANF. Listen to them all day long at work. Really enjoyed the episode with your dad. Doug Thomas
Meese 70
Good stuff!
Love the podcast! Always tons of good info and just plain good to listen too!! James Palmer
Favorite Podcast
Ever since I’ve found Beau and East Meets West, I have both enjoyed listening to his podcasts and watching his YouTube videos. This is one of my main sources of tips and tactics for hunting whitetails in hill and mountain country, as well as my preparation for my future western hunts. Thanks for all the beneficial information and keep killing it!
Luke McDonough
Favorite Podcast
Great perspective on mountain bucks. Beau has great insight and great guests. Matt Poissant
Great hunting podcast
Great info and great host Jason K.
Great information
Awesome show with some of the best information out there. Nice to hear from someone who hunts the same state as you. As always really enjoy everything you put out here for us. Geoffrey Sanner
Finally A Podcast for All Hunters
Finally a podcast all of us hunters can relate to unlike the other big money tv hunting shows and podcasts. Real information about real hunts that all of us hunters can learn from. Also so proud to watch how far Beau has come from college at SRU to following his dream and passion and turning it into this podcast, it’s very inspiring! Rich Cantolina
Rich Cantolina
Beau is the best
I stumbled on Beaus show about 1.5 years ago. I went back and listened to all of the, and I haven’t missed on since. The guests and topics are always informative. I have used what I feel works for me and I am on the quality of deer I want all thanks to this show. Thank you friend, you are doing an amazing job! - Bobby Tomer
Bobby Tomer
Awesome podcast
Awesome podcast learned so much , can’t wait to get back in the field - Antonio B. Chavez
peached in life
Sweet Podcast
Awesome podcast. Love learning new information! Meghan Tettis
meghan tettis
Show Review
These are great podcasts, and I enjoy listening to them. It is I love hearing about your stories and tips. Joseph Tettis
Joe tettis
Informative podcast
I’m a whitetail hunter in Arkansas. I came across your podcast through an instagram post and saw that you were giving away a Prime bow. I listened to your latest episode and found it very informative and entertaining. The piece about carrying contractor bags in instead of waders to cross creeks was a very good idea. I also hunt from a saddle and anything to cut down on weight is key. Keep up the good content! Looking forward to listening to the next episode as well as previous ones.
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Olen Barham
Educational and Entertaining real world hunting information
A great resource for real world hunting tips, tricks and tactics. Learn from Beau and knowledgeable guests how to better your odds in similiar situations. Highly recommended!
Great content
Didn’t grow up hunting so I look for good information anywhere I can get it. Found you on insta first and just started listening. Thanks for sharing so much info Beau ! - Dan Selph
Awesome Podcast for All Hunters
Great podcast that is full of tactics, knowledge, reviews, etc. The content Beau puts out and the guests he has on will pull you in every episode. -Hank Cappiello
East Meets West
Great podcast, it helps understand just how different hunting is across the US. Chance King - @chancee.k
Great show love the guests and info
Always look forward to listening to a new show for info and tactics. Adam Biddle
a biddle ---us army
Informative Podcast
I’m new to bow hunting and this podcast is very informative and inspiring! -James Worth
Great Content
I truly enjoy this podcast as it covers a wide range of topics from gear to strategies. Over the years I’ve been able to utilize these strategies in the big woods of northern Wisconsin and have taken a few nice deer along the way. Also as a guy who has always dreamed of elk hunting out west , this podcast has really put the wheels in motion for me and my brother. Keep up the great content!
Awesome PA Content
New archery hunter. Ive been hunting in the big woods of northern PA with a rifle since I was a young and just picked up a compound bow over the last few years. It is really awesome to have a podcast with content from someone PA. Beau really knows his stuff and its great to feel like your learning from a PA expert who knows the struggles. John Dougherty
Great Podcast
I have heard Beau featured on several other podcasts and eventually started listening to this podcast as well! Good luck to all who entered the giveaway, hope you keep listening even after the drawing, great content! -Nick Pullano-
Beau’s Quality Content
Great podcast, always have been a fan of this one. If you’re looking for quality hunting content this is a great place to be. Thanks for being one of the real ones Beau! Vince Battiata - @Chasingpublic
Chasing Public
Killer info brah
Long time listener. Great podcast n’at. K. Sean Fuchs
fuchs the great
Perfect for Pa
I hunt up in Pennsylvania’s big woods. Beau has shared great hunting tips that I have used and had talked me into getting a saddle. It’s nice having someone from Pa in the hunting community. - Steve Flis
The content is awesome!
Beau is a really down to earth guy. Being a local PA bow hunter myself he is extremely relatable to. Not only does he share his success and tips to do so he also shares his failures and to me that’s what makes this podcast so great. I love his co-hosts the he is able to bring on and the amount of shared knowledge is great. Most of all he keeps you entertained. 10/10 recommended! Brandon H
Busch Pounder
New East Coast Hunter Plugged into the Matrix
I’m a new hunter (one full rifle season, first archery season come Fall ‘22) in my mid-thirties trying to make up for all the time I didn’t spent hunting the whitetail woods. With an extensive travel schedule and frequent long commutes, podcasts became a natural way for me to listen and learn from skilled hunters across the country to try and pick up on tactics, lessons, and critical tips that may prove helpful in my efforts to dive into the world of hunting. East Meets West was one of the first podcasts I subscribed to in order to compliment first-hand observations made scouting various wildlife management areas in my home state of Virginia. I was drawn to the podcast initially because of Beau’s familiarity with the Appalachian mountains, east coast hunting, and wide range of topics. His interview style and podcast delivery were also very digestible. It didn’t take long for the content frequently discussed by Beau and his guests to start adding up before my eyes in the off-season. Heading into my first full hunting season (going to try my hand at archery this year), I’m hopeful that the lessons picked up from East Meets West translates to real world experience. Keep it up Beau and best of luck going full-time. William Stull
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Solid Show!
Great podcast for public land mountain whitetails! -Galin
PA Proud
Awesome podcast
I’ve been hunting for 30 years and still seem to take something away from this podcast! Awesome podcast Karey Courson
Really like the content
I like the information you bring to the table. It helps when you are well rounded not just a whitetail hunter or just an elk hunter. Try to listen to as many people as possible to become as educated as possible to become the best hunter I can become. Appreciate it. Colton Gilbert
Entertaining Content
Tuesdays are my new favorite day of the week. Since listening to the podcast it has completely changed the way I hunt the mountains of PA. Brett Wolgemuth.
Great podcast
Enjoyable to listen, very informative with good guests Thomas Smith
Educational & Entertaining
My name is Jon White (@thehuntingchallenge) and this podcast has helped me to take what I learn from it and apply it to where I hunt. No matter how long you’ve been hunting, there is always something to take away. My new goal is to head west for an Elk hunt so I’m looking forward to more episodes about that.
J sledd
Great East and west!
Weather you are out west or East there is always great info and guests for both. Very professional and always interesting and entertaining. by Dan Thomas (hushlife777 on Instagram)
Quality Show
Have been listening for a while now. I am learning a ton of new information about hunting and listen to every new episode. Keep it up Beau. Justin VanderKooy
Love it
Always able to listen and take the tactics out of what I hear and put it to use in the woods. Awesome guys to listen to! Keep it up!!
Great podcast
Beau always brings insight that makes me think of certain scenarios, tactics and methods in a different light. Love listening this podcast Tristan Maurer
Entertaining and positive
I started listening to EMW on a recommendation from a fellow hunting buddy. Beau offers a lot of good insight into how he finds success in the woods. He interviews a lot of hunters who offer solid information and suggestions on hunting their perspective areas. I even had the opportunity to meet with Beau at this year’s PA TAC event! Looking forward to the upcoming season and putting some of these new tactics to work! -Jon Eisel
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Great Bits
I always get great bits of information from a good line of guests. I can usually draw comparisons to eastern and western game no matter which one he’s talking about.
Rut Stache
I’ve been listening to Beau’s podcast for a couple years now. While I currently go to college in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the average hunting podcast or coverage does not usually pertain to hunting in a big woods setting. Beau covers all aspects of hunting deer in the big woods, there is knowledge to be taken away for any level of hunter. Since discovering east meets west hunt, I’ve been getting closer and closer every year to killing a big woods U.P. Buck. Aside from hunting, the episodes about life/fitness, business and even mindset are also really interesting. Keep up the good work Beau! - Jake Irwin
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Great information
I love this show. It’s opened my eyes to what it takes to get after mature bucks, not only in upstate PA where I hunt but also across the Midwest. A lot of great content from a lot of really great, and sometimes under the radar, hunters across the country. -Sam Rudegeair
Sam Rudegeair
Great for the non-western and western folks
As a Midwest guy who does as much as possible out west as possible, the content is very relevant and helps a lot. Appreciate all the info! -Benjamin Wellens
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