Dungeon Master of None
Dungeon Master of None
Robert Guthrie
A general interest podcast for fans of Dungeons and Dragons and RPGs
144 - Tasha's Cauldron of Everything (Part 2)
DM Rob and Matt continue deep diving into the new player options for Dungeons and Dragons presented in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything. Monks, Sorcerers, Rangers, Rogues, Paladins, Wizards, Warlocks, feats, and spells!  Links: ThinkDM - "Blade Cantrip Changes" Music: Pac Div - Roll the Dice; Mott the Hoople & David Bowie - All the Young Dudes.
Nov 23
1 hr 8 min
143 - Tasha's Cauldron of Everything (Part 1)
DM Matt and Rob are back and diving deep into each tasty bit of the newest Dungeons and Dragons supplement: Tasha's Cauldron of Everything.  Music: Pac Div - Roll the Dice; Thurston Harris and the Sharps - Little Bitty Pretty One; David Bowie - Oh! You Pretty Things.
Nov 21
1 hr 16 min
REPLAY: Everyone Can DM
DM Rob is England and DM Matt's school is fighting a COVID outbreak, so here is our first ever replay of one of our favorite episodes, "82 - Anyone Can DM." There is a lot we can all learn from the basics and some good Dungeon Master thinking here. We hope to bring you more of these types of episodes in the near future. See you next week!  Episode 82 - Anyone Can DM DMs Matt and Rob discuss the basics of what a Dungeon Master is and what a Dungeon Master does. Today, we review the DM advice presented in the 5e D&D Essentials Kit. But first, a game of "Weal or Woe," in which, Rob has to guess whether the RPG product is real or fake!  Matt and Rob discuss the roles presented in the Essentials Kit: referee, storyteller, and role-player. They break down the core mechanics and goals of any Dungeon Master. Conclusion: Anyone can DM!   Letters: Dalton asks: "Do I need a wizard in my party?" Adam writes: "Aren't there times when it is good to hide your DM dice rolls?"  Alexander writes: "Where are my half-feats?"   Links: Matt's Homebrew Half-Feat Rules   Music: Pac Div - Roll the Dice; BTS (featuring Hasley) - Boy with Luv; Weezer - In the Garage .
Nov 11
1 hr 15 min
142 - Hexcrawl
Special OSR Correspondent Andy explains the joy of hexcrawls in Dungeons & Dragons! Learn how to build a sandbox exploration game, one hex at a time.  Links: Hex TML Hexographer US GIS Maps Swordfish Islands, a system neutral hexcrawl Arcana of the Ancients X1 The Isle of Dread Music: Pac Div - Roll the Dice; Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps. 
Nov 5
1 hr 20 min
141 - Dungeons and Demography
It's the return of the classic Dungeons Master of None reading series as we go back, back to the future, to 1984 and read one of the most bizarre articles ever published in Dragon Magazine. Then, your hosts head to into the 9th Layer of #DnD TikTok Hell.  Here are the accompanying equations and tables you will need to master to play D&D: Links: https://thealexandrian.net/  https://slyflourish.com/index.html  https://thinkdm.org/  https://writingexcuses.com/  http://oneshotpodcast.com/  http://oneshotpodcast.com/interview-discussion/asians-represent/  https://systemmasterypodcast.com/  Music: Pac Div - Roll the Dice; Tina Turner - What's Love Got to Do with It?
Oct 29
1 hr 18 min
BONUS: Dragonlance v. Wizards
DM Matt and Special Legal Correspondent Brent discuss Dragonlance authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's lawsuit against Wizards of the Coast.  Links:  Margaret Weis, LLC and Tracy Hickman v. Wizards of The Coast LLC Brent's Twitter Story first reported by Cecilia D'Anastasio of Wired Music: Pac Div - Roll the Dice; Belle and Sebastian - Legal Man. 
Oct 21
1 hr 42 min
140 - Full Frontal Tom Bombadil
Dungeon Master advice served hot and fresh, plus our rule of three wish list. Questions: Do I need to make my party roll some healers? Can I design my own monster for the Shadowfell? Why do the geeks love fascism so much? Is offline one-to-one communication with players a good thing? Is my worldbuilding idea too much for my players to handle? Will you review Against the Giants? What is your advice for getting back into D&D?  Music: Pac Div - Roll the Dice; Nickel Creek - In the House of Tom Bombadil; Grandmaster Flash - Apache. 
Oct 14
1 hr 2 min
BONUS - Rob's review of Shadowrun Sixth World
Rob reviews the newest edition of Shadowrun, Sixth World, a book that was definitely not rushed out unfinished by a bunch of amoral grifters!
Oct 8
36 min
139 - Rime of the Frostmaiden (Part 2)
It's 2 Frost, 2 Maidens as DMs Rob and Matt return to Icewind Dale for the second part of the newest Dungeons and Dragons adventure module.  
Oct 2
1 hr 14 min
138 - Rime of the Frostmaiden (Part 1)
Matt and Rob talk about the new WotC release, Rime of the Frostmaiden, and get a little carried away. This one's a doozie folks!
Sep 23
1 hr 4 min
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