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Dunc'd On Basketball NBA Podcast
Nate Duncan
Nate Duncan hosts the most in-depth NBA basketball podcast, featuring detailed game breakdowns, salary cap analysis, and scouting.
Dunc’d On Prime Discord Live Show 11.29.23
Our first chance this year to get on live with Dunc’d On Prime subscribers. Some great questions: How would we redraft 2021? What is the minimum return you’d accept for your pending free agents in Toronto? Why is the Pistons’ defense bad despite playing defense-first players? Why are American players not the best in the world anymore? How is Calgary Ginger Beef? What factors do you consider when writing a player off as a prospect?
Nov 30
57 min
East 15 in 60 Part 2 (11.27.23)
Part 2 of our bi-weekly look at each conference. This week, the East: ATL and BRK played a ridiculous game, as all Hawks home games seem to be. IND: Is Tyrese Haliburton already one of the four best-shooting point guards ever? CHI: Their Big 3 has been awful together. Is it time to reduce the role of Nikola Vucevic? CHA and WAS: LaMelo Ball is hurt, Miles Bridges looks back, Kyle Kuzma’s curious end-of-game decision-making, and Jordan Poole’s ghastly numbers. TOR: Dennis Schröder has given the Raptors quality point guard play. NYK: What did we think of the Knicks’ strategy at the end of their loss to the Suns? DET: Marvin Bagley has been a rare bright spot. CLE: It feels like their season hasn’t started yet. PHI: The Sixers need to find some offensive production outside the Big 3
Nov 27
1 hr 31 min
Every Game and Every Scenario of Another Wild Tournament Night
Another huge episode as we go in chronological order to lay out how the standings evolved for the Tournament and hit on all of the games.  Plus, why we think the NBA really has a winner on its hand with the Tournament.  Finally, we catch up on news around the league.Four more episodes with Nate & Danny per week are available exclusively on Dunc’d On Prime, plus it’s the only place to hear John Hollinger & Nate as well! DuncdOn.SupportingCast.FM
Nov 25
1 hr 33 min
15 in 60 (Western Conference 11.20.23)
HOU and LAL: LeBron gets the better of Dillon Brooks in crunchtime again, but the Rockets’ D is for real GSW and OKC played Nate’s favorite game of the season so far. UTA: The Jazz offense is surprisingly solid DAL: A loss to the Bucks, but Kyrie Irving was incredibly impressive. DEN: How are the youngs on Denver’s rebuilt bench faring? LAC: How has Kawhi’s role changed this year? PHX: How are all those ballyhooed minimum signings doing? POR: A shocking Deandre Ayton stat puts into context his underwhelming start. NOP/MIN: Karl-Anthony Towns has been a crunchtime killer of late MEM: The Marcus Smart at PG era was not what we hoped SAC: The Kings have been fantastic with De’Aaron Fox in the lineup SAS: So long to point Sochan?
Nov 20
1 hr 55 min
The 30 Biggest Questions in 60 Minutes
Another of the tight, quick-hitting shows Dunc’d On is known for! Danny and Nate look at each of the 30 teams in reverse order of net rating, and ask what each team’s biggest question is based on the first ~10 games of the season.
Nov 16
53 min
15 in 60: (Eastern Conference 11.13.23)
BOS: Kristaps Porzingis has been everything the C’s have hoped for PHI Tyrese Maxey’s 50-pointer caps a scorching start IND: Tyrese Haliburton is leading the best offense in the NBA ATL: Jalen Johnson is emerging as Atlanta’s best prospect NYK: The Knicks are historically bad right now in this key stat ORL: The Magic’s guards lead one of the best defenses MIL: So, are these guys ever going to generate easy shots? BRK: The Nets’ defense hasn’t been as good as hoped so far TOR: Is Scottie Barnes back on track? CLE: Unfortunately, the Cavs don’t get to play the Warriors again MIA: Bam Adebayo has gotten better, again CHI: We try to find something, anything, that has gone right for the Bulls DET: Is it Cade, or the team around him? CHA: The Hornets have a solid offense for an unexpected reason WAS: Danilo Gallinari has been a bright spot; Jordan Poole has not
Nov 14
2 hr 2 min
The 2023 CBA with Keith Smith
A year ago, Keith Smith joined Nate to discuss our hopes, dreams, fears, and expectations for the 2023 CBA. One year later, with an offseason under our belts, we take stock of the new provisions and how they are working out so far.
Nov 9
58 min
13 in 103: Western Conference 11.05.23
A look at the Western conference thru the first 2 weeks or so of the season. DAL: Luka Doncic and the Mavs’ shooters have been on fire. DEN and MIN: The Wolves dealt Denver their first loss as Jaden McDaniels returned. Plus, a way Nikola Jokic has gotten better on defense in the early going. HOU: Dillon Brooks is playing better on offense, but Amen Thompson wasn’t playing like himself before he got hurt. LAC and LAL saw both teams go big looking for an early-season win. MEM: Will it get better at 0-6? NOP: Why they are paper tigers if they keep playing like this, even at 4-1. OKC: The Thunder need Josh Giddey to play more efficiently PHX and SAS: The Spurs take a memorable set in Phoenix as Victor Wembanyama goes off GSW and SAC played a classic early season game. How the Kings might have exposed a vulnerability with GSW’s closing lineup. Blazers and Jazz fans, we’ve got you next episode.
Nov 5
1 hr 43 min
NBA Cup Debuts!
A fantastic slate marked the inaugural night of games for the NBA Cup. We discuss overall how the event went, and then get into the details on GSW/OKC, CLE/IND, BKN/CHI, MEM/POR, NYK/MIL, and DAL/DEN. Then, we pick our most significant result from the evening as it affects the standings going forward.
Nov 4
1 hr 11 min
What We Learned This Weekend
The Oklahoma City Thunder are our most intriguing team in the early going, as we focus on the role of Chet Holmgren on both ends. Denver’s revamped second unit looks great so far as their juggernaut rolls on early this year. The Detroit Pistons are using a Cade and defense formula to get off to a 2-1 start. Was it possible that nobody would win the Bulls/Raptors game on Friday? Utah managed to beat the Clippers’ 5-out group on Friday, but the Clips have the league’s best net rating and the Jazz one of the worst thru 3 games. Golden State won 2-straight road games. While Houston’s defense looks more competent, we’re still waiting on their young stars.
Oct 30
1 hr 22 min
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