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Duck Cast
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An extremely lazy attempt.
For something labeled as the official podcast of the ducks, it's amateurish at best. I don't think the host could find a worse sounding mic. But then I hear the interviews and they sound even worse. Take 2 seconds in an audio editor to clean them up. Not to mention they are just lifted straight from the radio broadcast, there has yet to be any unique content. This is the laziest attempt at an official podcast that I could imagine. I honestly can't find a reason to which this podcast should exist. It's just a poorly sounding/edited recap of content we've already heard elsewhere. Zero effort is put into this. Seriously, one episode isn't even 5 minutes long.
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Go ducks
Fun the ducks
Ducks man
Great for all Duck fans
I enjoyed all the interviews with the players just wish they would have videos and update it more
Great Insight To Team and Players
I look forward to each podcast to hopefully get some insight on the inner workings of a pro NHL team. The interviews are GREAT...I like when a voice is connected to the name of some of the greatest hockey plyers ever. Would love to hear Bobby Ryan interviewed...he's only a youngster but I would like to hear him. Thanks Ducks!
Finally something for the Anaheim Ducks!!
Its a great podcast, and Steve Carroll (and team) does a great job doing interviews and team coverage of the Ducks. OK, the 2007-08 season has started, and the Ducks need to defend their 07 Stanley Cup Championship Title.... That means more podcast coverage too!
Ducks are awesome!!!!!!!