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Hosted by me, Seamus Evely, Drumeo Gab podcast focuses on the lives of drummers. These are conversations that are carefully prepared and finely executed, while still allowing freedom and a chance for things to develop a life of their own. I also make sure to include a wide variety of artists on the show. We go from the most in-demand drummers in the world to grassroots players with fantastic stories of their own. This show always puts the guest first to create unique listening experiences for people and to create a time capsule for both myself and listeners. Made with love.
Brody Simpson - The Life Of A Recording Engineer
Brody is a highly specialized recording engineer. Considering how many people are now getting into home recordings, Brody is a wealth of information. There are many tips and ideas being presented here that will be incredibly useful for drummers that are making their own recordings and don’t have access to a knowledgeable engineer. It won’t answer all of your questions by any means but the bulk of the conversation relates to drummers who are diving into more studio work and/or are making recordings.
Nov 29
1 hr 25 min
VIP - 11/25/20 - The Beginner's Mind
“If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything, it is open to everything. In the beginner's mind, there are many possibilities, but in the expert's mind, there are few.” - Shunryu Suzuki Do I know a lot about this subject? No. However, I have some tangible thoughts about it and I wanted to explore some ideas that involve this beginner's mind concept.
Nov 25
42 min
Patch Mahoney - Ludwig Is Why I’m Not A Doctor
Patch and I are buddies within the community. He hit me up to hang out virtually and I recommended that we record it. So this episode is basically a chill chat between two friends. Of course, for the sake of the episode, I prepared some stuff. We ended up talking about his personal and professional background, the “fake it until you make it” concept, social media management, and the always challenging balance between perfectionism and productivity in any artistic endeavor.
Nov 22
1 hr 27 min
VIP - 11/18/20 - Music Tells Me What To Practice
Musicians often say, "the music tells me what to play", and I agree with that one hundred percent. But what if music told us what to practice? I have often heard how confusing it is out there with the many lessons online. There is just so much to potentially learn! But if our music tastes dictated to us what we need to improve upon in order to play the music we love, maybe it would cut down the confusion. That is what today's episode is all about.
Nov 18
42 min
Jack Thomas - Inspiring Us Through Example
This episode is heavy and will make you feel a lot of different things. Jack's story is one that we can all learn from and it puts things into perspective. If Jack can do what he does, what is our excuse? I cannot begin to imagine what life must be like for an amputee - and to watch his drumming is so inspiring. This is a good one.
Nov 15
1 hr 14 min
VIP - 11/11/20 - Now Execute!
I have been in many scary situations. The podcast really comes to mind when taking a plunge into something where it boils down to "sink or swim". Listen to the last two VIP's if you haven't already where I explain preparation and risk-taking. Those episodes really set the stage for this final part. In my experience, these tips and thoughts are what got me through successfully to the other side.
Nov 11
32 min
Stanton Moore (Galactic, Stanton Moore Trio) - Up ‘N’ Down Claiborne Avenue
This episode is something you want to hear. The way New Orleans is described during Stanton’s early years as a musician and the religious experience he had hearing Russell Batiste and what it all means to him is heartwarming and awesome listening. The playing examples throughout are a massive treat and educational. The advice from Stanton to help us become groovier drummers is amazing. This episode just rocks!
Nov 8
1 hr 12 min
VIP - 11/04/20 - Are You Ready?
Taking risks and confronting fears of failure is important to look at closely. In the last VIP, I talked about preparation and this episode is somewhat of a continuation on that topic. I think that we can sometimes tell ourselves that we aren't ready enough or talk ourselves out of doing something for other reasons when, in fact, we ARE capable with enough preparation and courage to face our fears.
Nov 4
26 min
Domino Santantonio - The Happiest Drummer On TikTok
Due to Domino's rise to prominence as a female musician on social media, I was curious to learn more about her demographic. This led us to the subject of female drummer objectification and women who use their sexuality to gain views online. This is a reality of the connected world we live in and something that can easily undermine the work and passion, gifted players like Domino put into their craft. This topic is not talked about much but led to an interesting and transparent conversation in this episode.
Nov 1
1 hr 16 min
VIP - 10/28/20 - Always Prepare
Today's episode is regarding preparation. I go over a handful of points as to why preparation is important.
Oct 28
30 min
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