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Yaya Diamond
Yaya Diamonds Dream Chasers Radio is an interview platform hosted by the energetic Yaya Diamond with guests from every profession. Her guests have included top neuro-surgeons, Doctors, Authors, Grammy-nominated and Grammy-winning musicians, Entrepreneurs, Health topics, men and women issues, comedians, and much more. There is something for everyone here on Dream Chasers Radio. Subscribe to the youtube channel to watch here.
Quincin "Que" Williams - Futuristic Hip Hop artist and producer
Planet Q Productions was created in 2006 by music producer Quincin "Que" Williams when at the time only a handful of recording artist have been known to write songs about the future, but no one ever put two and two together like Quincin Williams did and completely merged them together until now. One day Quincin Williams was looking at the cover of a Neptunes album which Featured Pharrell Williams, and Chad Hugo as members of StarTrak, and at the same time listening to a Nas song called "A New World", and a new idea was born called Futuristic Hip Hop.  Hear the Album that blasted Quincin "Que" Williams music career off and quietly made his Album Platinum Status. These are songs he wrote from 2001 till the destruction of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. What made the Album so successful is he used his 18 Wheeler to sell copies of his own CD's at all Truck Stops he visited throughout the United States. The entire Album was written, arranged, and produced by him, Now That's Futuristic!!!  https://www.planetqproductions.com/ ​
Oct 21, 2021
12 min