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Biography and Biology
Highly dangerous to ask and then tell a child sexual abuse survivor that she, as a 3-year old child, somehow brought the sexual abuser into her life. Also stating that the child sexual abuser had “misguided love” is dangerous and wrong. I feel terrible for the caller named Wendy. She was an innocent child who played no part and had no predestined lesson to learn from the sexual abuse inflicted upon her. I hope the caller is able to find a psychiatric professional to help her in the true compassionate way she deserves. Rather than harmful blather peppered with “my dear” and “sweetheart.” I am a male doctor finishing my residency in psychiatry, and society can no longer tolerate the victim blaming of children for sexual abuse perpetrated against them by criminals who can never be rehabilitated. End this now.
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So intriguing
Couldn’t stop listening
Wayne Dyer lectures
Some of us who listen are very ill, we cannot listen toLoud or noisy or constantly changing sounds. Most men have calm or easier listen to voices. The talks are incredibly short and don’t follow one after the other. This is one of the worst podcasts. And I absolutely love Wayne Dyer,Lectures. Thank you
Thank you
Dr Wayne is such a powerful wise man I have read so many of his. Oils this is a real treat!
I am so moved by this man.
I listen to his talks with great frequency and have come to learn so much more about myself and how I wound to show up in the world by doing so. I am with deep gratitude. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You continue to shape me.
So sad
I am sorry about what has happened to Hay House and the great people who taught us so much. I miss the old format and access I used to have when I paid for yearly membership. Reid, your voice is so distracting and it just doesn’t work for interviewing. And the commercials are bad. I so miss the old Hay House and it’s abundance of creative spiritual people who lifted me up. I learned so much, but not anymore. The sound quality is also poor.
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Ms Social
I love Wayne!
Thank you Wayne for all your wisdom!
mo!!!! 2020
Such a great wise man
So sad that we lost him too early. What. A gift that we still have so many recordings oh him to hear. He always makes me feel good. Love Wayne D!❤️❤️❤️👍🏻
Maggie in sc
Quentin Stevens
One of the real,raw,Truth and Light guides
I love this podcast channel
There is consistently good content here and lots of it. Thank you!
shelby icholsom
Dr Dwyer.......
Please bring back Diane the host of the “ Radio show” before Jan 2020....... her voice is amazing & her questions thoughtful! Reid, sorry, your just not a good fit as a interviewer! I am sure your awesome in your CEO position, so stay with that, but hand over the host position to someone else! Sending this with LOVE only! Love Hay House & DESPERATELY miss LIVE Hay House Radio, bring it back, please! In gratitude.......
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Times less wisdom
Dr Dyer has lots to teach us.
teresa ohio
Synchronicities and Love
I discovered Wayne Dyer while in a coffee shop and I found a book of his on ‘free’ shelf. I took the book home and marveled at each and every word. I’ve always experienced synchronicity in my life, and he helped me understand why. His wisdom, his voice, his heart will soothe and open you. Let miracles and love fulfill you as you enjoy the pleasure of Wayne’s heart wisdom 😇♥️
Papa Wayne 🥰
It’s so nice to hear his voice and to take in all this wonderful wisdom he left for us. I love you forever and always.
Your Still The Best
I understand and learn each day with all Dr.Dryer everyday. He made his transition yet left a hearing and written words for ALL OF US TO LEARN AND EVOLVE. LOVE INTO YOUR ENERGY DR DRYER.
Grateful for Dr. Dyer
I Am forever grateful for his Wisdom, Love and Guidance. Many times I receive random messages from Wayne who I call my uncle hehe, these messages come from other people quoting him or quotes others post, and is always exactly what I needed. His loving words live with me. Thank you!
Maye mar
Awesome Podcast!!
Dr. Dyer, host of the Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
All something good to think about...
We disagree on almost everything but I have never heard him speak or read something he wrote when I didn't come away with somethign usedful or something to ponder.
Dennis Mitton
I love you. The spiritual voice of reason that I need to fill my thoughts with every day until it becomes engrained. So thankful to have discovered
More please!
I’ve listened to all, any more coming out of the archive? Thank you!<3
The best
I love Wayne dyer!
Thank you!
Dr. Wayne Dyer, Your legacy is still going strong! Hearing your voice after you left makes me feel comfort a place of rest. Your story telling and your words of encouragement make me a better person when I apply what you are teaching! Always, Andi
andi kreamalmeyer
Dr. Dyer’s work has been extremely helpful to me personal and spiritually. I quote Dr. Dyer often but I do realize and I tell who’s ever listening to me that “you have to focus on the message not the messenger “. Namaste
the Bedrocker
God sent him.
You wake me up in all what you say after listening to you I feel great inside my soul. You are a blessing praise God for what you can do for humanity. Thank you kindly for sharing your gift. God bless you abundantly. 🙏💕
Alaska Philippines
Love his fresh loving perspective
Would be beneficial to all to reflect on Dr Wayne’s studies and thoughts. Really get a lot out of listening to his podcasts. Reframes my day to be better.
To the few idiots who complained
To the few spiritually challenged bozos, Dr. Wayne Dyer died in 2015. Way before Trump got in office . Keep your political garbage out of Hay House . If you think Wayne Dyer was political you clearly have no spiritual understanding of him and have never really listened to anything he has said . And clearly have no spiritual understanding of your Self. Anyone who is defeated by who’s in office which is the majority of the world in general has serious problems ! Good luck in life ! And you can Thank me later because this is probably the most spiritual thing you’ve ever heard .
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Love Dr Wayne Dyer
Soo soothing
Pro Trump?
I believe in manifestation. I believe in peace and gratitude. But when you complement the president for getting the Noble Peace Prize and say he’s for peace, are you kidding me?? Then complain about the past 8 years that we had someone who was a bully?? Again in what planet did that occur? Well, yes you do have the right to your opinion and I do have the right to unsubscribe.
Where did you go?
I miss hearing Wayne’s voice and listening to his sage advice... why are there no more podcasts? I know they were repeats from years ago but the callers often had universal issues to which Wayne offered advice which is still relevant. Please add more episodes.
Thank you I appreciate you
I love that I have and continue to enjoy your loving work of pure love and kindness to all. Blessed to have hugged you and talked personally with You on several occasions. Miss your earthly being thankful for legacy and wealth of love left to be shared by all open to listen and learn from your wisdom that flows from you. Never ending love. Cheri
Cheri Butterfly Wishes
A remarkable soul
Thank you for the priceless things you have taught me and many others
Thank you for this podcast
We miss him. Dr. Dyer has given us all so much and really so has Hay House. Thank you for continuing to bring his words, his inspiration and his magic to the world. Especially now when we need him so much. Wherever you are Wayne 🍷🙏
I love this Man!
I really love Wayne Dyer, but for some reason iTunes won't let me subscribe to this podcast. Can someone tell me why? I am using an older version with Windows 10 because I wanted an iTunes that I could use for my Apps too. Anyway, I am grateful to hear his wonderful voice again.
Completely irresponsible
Today i listened to an episode where a woman was describing her husband’s suicide “due to antidepressant use.” The OPINIONS being offered by these uneducated people are dangerous and completely unhelpful. Do a little more research before you start conflating correlation and causation, or describing the characteristics of a possibly non-existent drug rep, or discussing how common a method of suicide is. I kept hoping the conversation would come back to reality but i became too disgusted by the absolute conjecture being offered as fact by someone who is obviously well respected enough by his followers that they may not look further than these opinions. This kind of drivel endangers the lives and wellbeing of people with mental illness.
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After death Dr you still changing the WORLD
People going through life just to exit After active listening exit through life with passion
Empowering 2
Helped me so much
The books and listening has helped me in my everyday life so much thank you
Brian 2x
Money makes it all happen
I love Wayne Dyer and I'm not trying to be negative, but I want to point out something. People who have become gazillionaires have all the time and money in the world to be "spiritual". Dr Dyer said he never signs contracts now. Big companies will contact him and ask him to sign and he says "I don't sign contracts and you called me". So they make deals with him without contracts. Well, that's because he's rich and famous. The rest of us are forced to sign contracts. He says he spends 90 minutes a day walking in grass for meditation. Well....I could do that to if I wasn't working and had millions. I'm just saying that most of these very spiritual people have it very easy to be spiritual because they have money. Imagine if you had millions, and a gorgeous quiet mansion with rolling green hills outside and could travel to ashrams and beautiful places....very easy to be spiritual. My main point is that money allows for much in this life, including spirituality. Still love Dr. Dyer.
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Thank you Wayne❣️ it's wonderful to continue to bear your voice
3 buoys
Wish the podcast was longer
I love Dr. Dyer's show and hearing his voice and words are incredibly uplifting but the podcasts have become shorter and shorter by the week and don't understand why! If you have hours of radio recordings why not give more than 3 minutes? This stuff is just too good to have a podcast that's 3 minutes. Bl
Sour Sam
Inspirational talks. Dyer is ever present in the world while being on higher ground.
I thank God for sharing Wayne Dyer with us. These pod casts are so helpful now that God has called him home. Gratitude is so warm and loving and Dr. Dyer's voice giving his precious reassurance continues his legacy. Thank you
One of the greats
This podcast is such a beautiful way to honor Dr. Dyer's legacy. The episodes are short and easy to implement. His energy always puts me in the best mood. He helps me tap into my most authentic, loving self. You will be missed Dr. Dyer.
Love Dr. Wayne but hard to listen to full EP
Love Dr. Wayne and all he stands for but cutting off 10 minute episodes to direct people to a sale on a website with no clear call to action or link in the show notes makes it difficult for me to try to consume this amazing content. Would give five stars if full episodes were posted or if a clear link was given in the show notes to find the episode online.
Josh Trent
Having these nuggets of wisdom available on podcast is just wonderful and so convenient! Thanks to everybody who contributes to make Wayne's teachings reachable for anybody! :)
Love Wayne
He listens to attentively and has this inner love and understanding that brings the listener so much peace
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer is a great teacher, and I am amazed at how much I learn from these short podcasts. Whenever I listen to him or read his books, I gain a greater sense of openness—I am better able to appreciate the vast array of experiences life has to offer with less judgment and more freedom. I am so grateful for his work and excited to have this new podcast to listen to!
Amazing soul
Dr. Wayne Dyer has been my light in my darkest moments. He is my inspiration to be a better human being. I am so thankful for this podcast.
The World's Greatest Teacher
I am happy when I see a new format for which others can be exposed to the "Greatest Teacher" I remember Dr. Dyer when I was a youngster watching the Tonite Show (Carson) but he became my Teacher as an adult and introduced many new concepts and other teachers for which I'm eternally grateful. The ripple has continued as I have passed his books & CDs along to others. You won't regret time spent here but you'll have to listen to his PBS specials via YouTube and his weekly HayHouse Radio shows then you'll be reading his books which are life-changing... Namaste
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