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13 years kids, 2 years married
You bet I’m coming up in may! Dear Dr Jeans. My wife recently received a vmm vmm vibrator from her bestie. I’m a 2 minute man max. Our kids sleep in bed with my wife every night. Ages (12/7). I’ve been sleeping in the 7 year olds room by myself for 8+ years. Should I feel bad about pre cumming and only lasting 2 minutes every time we have a chance for sex? Her new toy seems to treat her great! Have I been replaced and should I find/do an open relationship with a different partner??
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Only when desperate
This is a clip show for YMH. You may also catch Drew blabbing on and on and on about Covid. Don’t forget Christina championing “the rational revolution”. It’s the same EVERY week. Loved it, now I’m bored by it. Please switch it up.
enron employee
Fun to listen to
I always learn something knew listening to Dr. Drew and love Christina P. Hungarian accent. Love the show.
What happened?
I love this show and it’s been like a month. I know everyone had Covid but they are all podcasting again so..... c’mon please!!!
Good to pass time
I like listening to this podcast when I’m bored, I enjoy candid dr. Drew. I think the people hysterically laughing in the background might be funnier than what’s actually being discussed 😂
Great show, love your perspective
Love it! But I’m broke and my browns are suffering. Drew keeps talking about a “cheaper” psyllium husk option but never says what it is. Stop waiting for the sponsor and let me have some Relief. I salute the yellow, white and brown flag of common sense. Stan L
Recycled videos on purpose
I guess people don’t realize the point of this podcast is for Dr Drew to give his opinions on videos from YMH. People are so R worded
lindsie annoys me
Dr. Drew is a simp
I know he has done many hard things and pretends therapy has cured him but unfortunately he hates men. Reference the episode named “Dr. Pee” to experience what shame he will go through to please ladies he respects. He could be a powerful force for good but unfortunately fails to help women cope with their issues and fails to help men by honestly approaching their issues. He’s a beautiful but ultimately unhelpful person unfortunately. Take all this with a grain of salt.
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Used to enjoy it. Not so much anymore
This podcast has turned in to a whining session. Drew constantly disrespects millennials. And ask why they don’t respect authority. Look at you drew, someone who is looked at as an medical authority... belittling people for not having the same world view as you.
the actual cam sam
Great podcast
Funny and interesting seeing a fetish being born, there’s probably very little dr big D hasn’t done in his love making conquests,but being a good sport he’s willing to try di di
What happened?
This has turned into a group therapy session and on mic chatting hour for the hosts, and completely gotten away from any type of Love Line vibes. All it’s become is complaining, recycled YMH content, and MAYBE a voicemail or an email or two. Dr. Drew’s experience and knowledge is being wasted on this show by Christina sucking all the air and not letting him be accessible to the listeners. She’s going to ruin his medical reputation.
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Rational Revolution?
I’ve loved the podcast since it came out. I’m having a difficult time coming to terms with Drew and Christina down-playing the Covid-19 pandemic. I understand where they’re coming from, having rational, but their rational is that of millionaire families that literally don’t have to leave their homes to support themselves or their loved ones. I can’t wait until I get a vaccination! But that won’t be until mid 2021, even as a front-line worker. Imagine having to go out and do deliveries every day, then come home to take care of your elderly in-laws hoping you didn’t catch something, or worse, feeling responsible if you transmit it to them.. The depths you’re downplaying as “well yeah, deaths are going to happen” isn’t really genuine at all. I’m thankful some of my favorite entertainers haven’t actually had to leave their homes in this pandemic, or had to suffer the loss of a love one in direct cause because of it. Also it’s completely disingenuous to comment on the pandemics and not address the lack of health care available to Americans. Drew was baffled why the Latinx community was more subject to COVID... it’s literally the availability of healthier care. You’re “rational revolution” is only rational to people like you... people who have the best health care in the world, don’t have to go out to public, then criticize the general public for “being alarmist” ... pay my rent then 🙄
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Great show
If you love keeping you jeans high and tight this podcast is definitely for you. It should be noted that Dr. Drew does indeed have luck with many many a lady.
Same old clips
If you love Your Mom's House don't bother. Same exact clips from their show with some of the same guests listening to the same clips. Love Dr. Drew but they need some original content for this.
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Recycled videos
YMH studios is simple down cycling content from the the most popular shows to the least. It is a truly pathetic money grab by the studio and you lost a listener here. Not to mention that it’s gets less funny every time I see it. Dr. Drew should not attempt to hold any type of comedy podcast b/c he simply doesn’t have a creative brain in that sense and is NOT FUNNY whatsoever
Rational Revolution
I want a T-shirt of Rational Revolution! Please Please Please.. Thanks🤘
Show was better before.
Dr. Drew needs to host alone. Show was way better before, no shade on Christina.. well a bit.
Guys let’s separate the vids
Love the content but I also love all the shows so 7 versions of the same clips gets redundant... beat me.
Dr. Drew and Christina P has kept my Covid anxiety down and my travel less stressful during these times.
Dr Drew Makes Me Want to Puncture My Eardrums
Any time I hear Dr. Dre mention “the rational revolution”, “the male brain”, having Swine Flu I want to stab my self. He tries way too hard to try and force him into a YMH “thing” (see the rational revolution above). I only listen for Christina.
If you’re a hater
You’re a patater. (Potatoes have sex with themselves to reproduce)
Oh dang it
You fr’s got me hooked on tiktok... love the show! When is Adam Carrolla going to be on?
Hard on
We get it, you both have a hard on for one another but we, the listeners, would like to hear INFORMATIVE, INTERESTING or FUNNY material. Not Christina snorting in the mic 20 times and talking about videos on TikTok we can’t see or understand. Please get back on track Dr Drew, before you loose your true long time fans because of Christina 🙄
Through the door
I was born in the early 90s and grew up with two older sisters (4 and 6 years older). My oldest sister had her own room and I remember listening through the closed door of my sister’s room as she blasted Love Line with Adam & Drew. I was so shocked at what I heard but also just had so many questions as I was little and often did not know many of the things brought up during the show. What I did not know though until many years later was that show was cultivating my interest in the curious and weird. I love that you have brought that back with Dr. Drew after dark. You and Christina have great chemistry and I love to hear you squeal with horror at whatever Christina is making you watch. Keep featherin’ it and wear those jeans high and tight! Love you guys! 🤘
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sister blues
Better without Christina.
This podcast is ok if you skip the episodes with Christina P. Dr Drew is always informative and entertaining, but Christina P is insufferable.
I love Dr Drew
I was born in 1991, I started listening to Dr Drew on loveline with cohost Mike Catherwood on KROQ when I was a night shift nurse. Very funny show. It was sad to hear that Loveline has ended with Drew and Mike. I love Dr Drew’s laid back personality. This new show, after dark is just as awesome. I love hearing Dr Drew’s medical insight on all topics in this show and his funny comments. Keep up the good work ! Love the show
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rachel eli
A rapid descent
Two millionaires complaining about having to occasionally wear a mask outside or share a zip code with a homeless person spend an hour-plus each week daydreaming about fleeing to Texas. Christina P. whines about “snowflakes” and “SJWs” yet has a million red flag hang-ups and brags about STILL being in therapy after 10 years.
Rational Revolution aka Whining tid dy babies
Was good until incessant complaining. Now, 75% of an episode, consists of Christine complaining about people who complain and Drew being the co-dependent, enabling qcuck - that he is. Get back to answering questions and videos. No one wants to hear a couple of narcissists, complain about not being able to stand in front of strangers, for approval.
Rocket ranger 77
Gone downhill
Used to be a big fan, lately episodes are nothing but politics and complaining about California, libs, and how “hard” their lives are. Real low and loose.
It’s too much repeated content from YMH and no new guests.
I LOVE this podcast! I love Christina’s laugh. It’s contagious! Dr. Drew is so real & a favorite of mine. The topics are endless and the conversation flows so well between Dr. Drew & Christina. Such a fun podcast! & for some reason I love when Dr. Drew drops a F bomb... it’s hilarious. I hope this is a pod cast that stays around for a long time :)
Drew is great!
Chrissy is a little ticktarderd. 🇺🇸🇺🇸MAGA2020🇺🇸🇺🇸
One star reviews
All of the one star reviews are from one TikTok, where you called a woman very smart, pretty, and agreed with her, but then made fun of her hair
Love Dr. Drew
The early episodes were great before Christina P. Got involved. I love the main mommy, but she made the show way worser. Still, personal opinions aside, it’s great for being free. 5 stars
The show allows me to explore my unwilling unknowing participation in life perverse and happy thoughts.Keeping it high and tight.
ps- barney
I’m With You, Dr. Drew!
The voice of reason!!!
Dr Drew
A wolf in sheep's clothing
Kaiser Soso
Love the new(ish) format!!
I have always loved the podcast, but when the got rid of guests, I loved it even more. There are so many podcasts out there with guests, so if I want that, I’ll listen to something else. I love Christine and Dr. Drew together. They have great chemistry. Love you mommies!
Drew “the body” Pinsky
If his BDE wasn’t enough... the sweet sounds of drew and his long medical expertise is always worth the listen.
Great job
Love the podcast
Love this show!
Silly amd gross with touch of actual science
If you’re a 90s kid and Loved Love Line; this is GOLD
I love this pod. I’ll listen to Dr. Drew anytime, anywhere. I’m missing Carolla because I love the dynamics between the two, but thankfully there’s many pods with the two them on it together. I absolutely love the cohost on this one! She isn’t annoying AT ALL, cheers to that!
The future
Thank you so much for existing dudes. I’m a 22-year-old male from Florida. And I’m deeply in the politics but I can’t find anybody that I agree with till now. Keep fighting the good fight brothers
Black male
Used to be incredible
But between Dr Drew’s stance on covid, no guests besides Christina P, I’ve removed it from my library. The fun and fire has left, and now it’s just blah in my opinion. It’s not what it used to be!
Allen Siekman
Really good podcast!
I really like Dr. Drew and this podcast does not disappoint! He’s so intelligent and so neutral in his opinions which is so rare and refreshing these days! He doesn’t state opinions he’s all about facts and he discusses very interesting topics!
Great Escape
This is what sports used yo be. A great escape from politics and the general mood of society. Fun and informative!
Not as good as it was
I really liked the show before Crystal came on as a cohost. It’s really annoying to hear their bad political takes. The only times I like the show anymore are when Tim or Potter are on. I feel bad because this show was really funny and I really looked forward to listening every week but it’s just not the same.
Ran out of subjects
Christina and Drew have a great report but they talk about the same stuff every time and they need some outside inspiration. Take your calls and let those spur your conversations to avoid these repetitive tendencies.
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