Dope Talk
Dope Talk
Bryceton Bond
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Love this podcast!!
Hilariously entertaining!
These two brothers are exceptional and play well off one another with interesting topics engaged in both sports and popular culture. Glad I found these two! A++!
Must Listen
Y’all killin it! Love this Podcast—one of the BEST AROUND! Thank y’all for sharing your unacceptable behavior—some stuff just has to be addressed! Keep up the GREAT work fellas!
Must subscribe
Love listening to this podcast. Always great to hear raw talk about real situations. Appreciate the honesty these fellas have and I can count on them for a good laugh!
Love this podcast, love the energy, love the guys perspective, but also love how they appreciate the women’s perspective. This podcast is chill and talks about relevant topics! Love it! -Bringthemio Podcast
These brothers are spot on
Man, it’s great to find a podcast that offers some good, straight forward laughter and discussions, especially in these times. I’m subscribed and all ears. Great work fellas.
Real Real Real
real time Backyard bbq conversation with your favorite family members. This a real life conversation amongst black brothers. a must listen!
Super Dope!
I just started listening and so far it has been hilarious and relatable!! I can’t wait to get all caught up! Keep the content and laughs coming!
Bond Brothers !!!
The show is just not for the men. They talk on all topics where the ladies can listen too. They both have different vibes that can click with any audience watching or listening. Its really funny to the point you rewatch, also entertaining where it makes you feel like you know them. Being that they are brothers they dont always agree which is good because you get two points of view. They have a bright future in Entertainment News :)
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Kayla Got The 411
This show is a breath of fresh air! I love the realness and the rawness these two bring to every episode, no matter what the topic is. Great job guys!
Good Vibes
A dope podcast with individuals that speak their minds. They cover current events as well as the latest celeb hot topics. A very easy listen.
The podcast you need to hear
This podcast is hilarious! They are funny and insightful and cover all the topics you want to and need to hear. I would give it ten stars if I could!
Mar Long 765
This podcast has it all!
i have currently been listening to this new podcast and they have some good, funny, serious and hilarious topics from things that have been going on they don’t miss out on anything!
Crackin up 😂
I really enjoyed this podcast!! I like that SNS gives an unfiltered and raw approach to today’s current events and celebrity news. Reminds me of sitting around with my friends. Very funny and entertaining. Awesome job fellas!!
Vibeology 101
This is my one of my favorite new podcasts. Typically I only listen to financial or “traditional” news podcasts. But, S&S provides a relaxed, realistic, and comedic point of view on a variety of real life topics. The personalities make it easy to press play and let it roll.
J Willimmortal
Informative and funny
I listened to “perplexed”....first of all....the Anchor ad was everything 😂😂😂 The hosts have have great and are hilarious. They covered a range of topics, and the episode was engaging.
Tamara tilthebreakof Dawn