Donna & Steve
Donna & Steve
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Donna & Steve
Donna, and Steve are so funny, silly, and sincere. They make me laugh, cry, and introduce me to new music. Love, love, love!
Donna & steve
🤣makes me laugh everyday!🤪
Home away from home!
I’m a Minnesotan that moved to Nashville about a year ago and I still miss everything about MN (besides the cold!). This podcast is my daily dose of home! It immediately brings me home whenever I press play! I often find myself laughing out loud, smiling, and overall this just warms my heart!! I am determined to sneak away from work at 10:30 one day to call in for pop culture knowledge!
My favorite my talk duo
I just love Donna, Steve and Ryan. They are hilarious and balance the show out with their takes on life. If you want a fun podcast to listen to this one is it!
So Fun!
Donna and Steve are the best. You two are my favorite. I listen to your podcast every day. Keep up the good work 👍☺️
Charry of MN
Two funny ladies!
These ladies are so great! Very entertaining and they have all the dirt on everything happening! SAVE GARY!