Domestic Hell
Domestic Hell
Eve Harvey and Cath Murphy
Eve and Cath throw laughter at the crapness of life
Do you think you're secretly a chicken? Eve and Cath enter the world of furries and the Annual Furry Convention, a place where you can dress up as any animal you choose. But if you think they're weird, how about the artists who want to celebrate the Earth by...erm...shagging it? Or the vegans who want vegan underwear. *Edible* vegan underwear? This show is all about the unconventional. And their underwear.
May 17, 2016
35 min
Punched Lasagne
Has anyone NOT slept with Colin Farrell? Kerry Katona claims he propositioned her but she turned him down which makes Eve and Cath very suspicious. We move from discussing the truth of this claim to an Australian comedian who is ripping the piss out of Instagram stars by trying to replicate their improbable yoga poses (and failing). That's the last time we try and brush our teeth with our feet. And lastly, we talk about the woman who says tantric sex left her vagina looking like a punched lasagne. Which makes us wonder just how often she looks at it....
Apr 25, 2016
43 min
Egg Funeral
No that isn't a giant brown bollock in the photo, it's a funeral egg. The idea is that when you die they put your body in the egg and plant a tree on top of it. Eve thinks this is a great way to go, Cath is all the nopes about it and wants to be embalmed in a glass casket like Lenin. We also talk about a mother who had her own child drugged and abducted for wanting to be a hairdresser and women who tell baldfaced lies about their morning routines, though we'd love to try some of the free beauty products they plug in this article. If any cosmetic manufacturers are listening, we'll test your products and be very raucous about the results!
Apr 5, 2016
37 min
Careful With Those Cucumbers
Why do women wear frocks to the Oscars? And why did the whole world have a melt down when Jenny Beavan wore a leather jacket instead? Eve and Cath investigate, then look closely at feminist porn. Very closely. Curiosity satisfied we then round up with a few OMG stories: a Killer Sex Cucumber, a Romanian housewife who pulled off her husband's testicle and a woman who puts leeches up her...well you'll have to listen to find out exactly what she does with them.
Mar 23, 2016
38 min