Doing it For Bartolo
Doing it For Bartolo
Joon Lee
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Love the Insights
I love the people that Joon brings on the show. As a baseball fan I often read articles written by beat writers of my team and other teams and it’s very interesting to hear first hand from the writers the process that goes into their work. I like how we get some background on the writers and how they got started. We often forget that many beat writers started out as fans of the game before it became their job and I think Joon does a great job by bringing us a different view of writers and editors from what we’re used to seeing.
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Great Guests and cool content
I just listened to the Buster Olney interview and have been listening since the HBT tie-in. I really like the content/broad range of topics that end up getting covered and the guest list has been great. Keep up the good work!
Promising New Podcast
I'm giving this podcas five stars because of the promise it has shown with the two episodes I have listened to. The host Joon Lee did repeat "like" and "super" a lot, but hopefully he will critique and improve that with time and experience. However, Joon Lee did seem prepared and well versed on his subject. I wish him future success with the podcast.
Engaging show.
I gave it five stars bc I've really enjoyed it so far and it's in my rotation but I have a critique regarding the secondary host on the Serrano pod. A little too fanboy and he said "like" 4000 times per question. And I'm not trying to be a dick but it's an aural medium and how well the hosts speak matters. Hopefully some improvements if he returns but keeping it to one interviewer is when it's at its best.
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