DogSpeak: Redefining Dog Training
DogSpeak: Redefining Dog Training
Nikki Ivey
Learn about dog training from positive trainer and behavioral consultant, Nikki Ivey. Based in Nashville, TN, Nikki seeks to build relationships between dogs and their humans using non-aversive techniques. Visit for more information. Be sure to join our Patreon Family at
What to Do When Bonding with Your Dog is Hard
DogSpeak's manager, Britteny, is the guest on this week's episode. In this episode, she discusses what it's like to bond with and train a strong-willed dog (her border collie, Isabella).
Nov 16
36 min
Dog Training Myths
What Dog Training Myths Do You Still Believe?
Nov 10
20 min
Resource Guarding
Learn how to avoid and deal with Resource Guarding issues in your dog.
Nov 2
20 min
Different Walks for Different Goals
Understand that different walks will give you different results.
Oct 27
22 min
Top 5 Mistakes by Puppy Owners
Top 5 Mistakes made by Puppy Owners
Oct 20
23 min
Canine Halloween
Keeping your dog safe during Halloween festivities!
Oct 11
11 min
Choosing a Dog Daycare
Knowing the right questions to ask of your dog daycare.
Oct 6
35 min
Working and Miscellaneous Breeds
Working dogs are strong, courageous and athletic. Do you have what it takes to fulfill your working dog's needs?
Sep 29
32 min
Sporting and Non-Sporting Breed Groups
In this episode, Nikki discusses some of the country's favorite breeds in the sporting and non-sporting groups. Learn about the Vizsla, Weimaraner, Bichon Frise, Boston Terrier and French Bulldog. Do these dogs fit into your family?
Sep 15
20 min
Toys and Terriers
In this episode, Nikki explores toy and terrier breeds, and explains what you can typically expect from them from a temperament and training perspective.
Sep 1
23 min
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