Dogs are the Best Friends
Dogs are the Best Friends
Emily O'Neil
We're here to share uplifting and enlightening stories with you! What kind of stories? Why dog stories, of course. Dog lovers share about their best friends. Sometimes, we'll just laugh and enjoy together. Other times, we'll learn more about care (both physical and mental), communication (training), and companionship, so as to create a truly unique human-dog bond. Join us on the journey!
Ep 31- Brian and a homeless dog find their way / Training tip: start this now to take great dog holiday pictures
This episode:Brian Dineen shares about how dogs have always been a part of his life and how his former wild dog, Gigi, has taught him some great lessons.  We learn about why he enjoys his work  - from starting a business with people he’s known and cared...
Nov 1
18 min
Ep 30 - Gail shares important truths about seeing eye dogs
About this episode:Gail Hamilton has a unique take on seeing eye dogs as she is blind and has had 5 in her life so far.  She has been waiting for a 6th one for over 18 months now due to the pandemic.   Gail shares candidly about the difficulties of...
Oct 25
20 min
Ep 29 - Norma’s Nellie and Nancy: 2 characters that bring happiness
About this episode:My dear friend Julie is majorly "crazy for the canines" and she got it from her mom, Norma.  Norma shares about her current dogs, Nellie and Nancy, along with some sweet dogs from her past.  Nellie and Nancy have their unique ways...
Oct 19
16 min
Ep 28 - Krista's Wag Out Loud Pawdcast: important dog health messages
About this episode:Krista has a podcast focused on dog health and wellness.   She has guests that share important and helpful information with the intent of helping us help our pups to be healthier and with us as long as possible. You can win one of...
Oct 12
17 min
Ep 27 - Bailey's family shares great ideas and honest lessons about raising a puppy
About this episode:Andrea shares about Bailey, a now almost 5 month old puppy who has brought joy and laughter along with many lessons!  As Andrea and her family now know well, puppies are a ton of work but they have learned much and she shares some of...
Oct 4
19 min
Ep. 26 - Lisa Van Der Wielen's Life of Dogs and Their Stories
Ep. 26 -  About this episode:Lisa Van Der Wielen is a children’s author but her picture books appeal to all of us dog lovers! She’s an Aussie that is so crazy for the canines that she has a dog as the star in all of her books.  These dogs have sweet...
Sep 27
19 min
Ep 25 - Dogs vs Doors; Coach Alex Ray's life changing decision; Heart & Soul Dogs
Today is Wisdom Wednesday!First up, is a mini-training session with Tiffany Nguyen of Return to Calm (  to change Filly's habit of charging the door and her human Dad when he gets home. In the middle, Coach Alex Ray shares how he...
Sep 24
22 min
Ep. 24 - Coach Alex Ray shares how changing his mindset saved his dog Gideon
About this episode:Coach Alex Ray shares just how close his dog, Gideon, came to being returned to the rescue.  Too close!  From an impossible to live with dog to a joyous friend and teacher, Gideon’s story will inspire you.  This Wednesday’s episode:A...
Sep 20
19 min
Ep 23 - Be the leader, defending your dog & a sweet adoption story
Title:  Ep 23 - Be the leader, defending your dog & a sweet adoption storyAbout this episode:I discuss why it’s so very important to be the leader of your dog.  Bob Wells of Cheap RV Living was our guest on Episode 22 and today I share a clip from...
Sep 16
15 min
Ep 22: Bob Wells and Cody's Nomadic Life of Freedom
Title:   Bob Wells and Cody's Nomadic Life of FreedomAbout this episode:Today we have Bob Wells of Cheap RV Living as our guest. Bob shares about his dog, Cody, who is often seen in his videos and who is a rescue that couldn’t have a better life!...
Sep 13
19 min
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