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Doggie Club
Brandon Fingerman
The dogs you love, and the humans behind them.
Keren & Storm [PT. 1] (@keren_thedodo)
On today's episode of Doggie Club, I'm beyond excited to introduce @keren_thedodo, Managing Video Producer and Editor at The Dodo! Keren and I talk about how she came up in the arts, while unknowingly preparing herself for this amazing career.
May 31
25 min
Marcelo & Mini [PT. 2] (@pawsofoz)
Part 2 of my conversation with Holly from @pawsofoz! Be sure to follow the brand new account @marceloandmini also.   Please be sure to check out these shout-outs from Holly: @rescuepetsofinstagram,, @mrolliepants, @sookieandivy
May 17
32 min
Marcelo & Mini [PT. 1] (@pawsofoz)
What an episode we have on tap today! I am among the many, I assume, that found this amazingly sweet relationship and needed to know more! So, Holly and I dive into the "more" on the first part of our interview about Marcelo, Mini, adoption, patience, and how this duo came to be!  Also be sure to follow @marceloandmini for even more undeniable sweetness!
May 10
28 min
Pea [PT. 2] (@pea.thetinyboston)
Part 2 of my interview with Cassi! Congratulations again to you and @bowie_the_one_eyed_pittie on winning this seasons #train20challenge. Can't wait for the next one!  Big shoutout to: @pawsific_pine, @kahlsdesigns, @twistedcreekcompany
Apr 26
41 min
Pea [PT. 1] (@pea.thetinyboston)
Please welcome @pea.thetinyboston to Doggie Club! Cassi and I dive into being one of the winners of Train 20 Season 4, her life as a Vet Tech, and the story of how she met her husband Kyle (spoiler alert: It's absolutely a Hallmark movie)    Please visit to support the Doggie Club and get exclusive bonus episodes!
Apr 13
26 min
Bowie [PT. 2] (
Here's part two of my interview with Train 20 Season 4 winner Casey about her pup @bowie_the_one_eyed_pittie Please visit to support the Doggie Club and get exclusive bonus episodes!
Mar 30
26 min
Bowie [PT. 1] (@bowie_the_one_eyed_pittie)
Please join me in welcoming Casey and Bowie (@bowie_the_one_eyed_pittie) to Doggie Club as winners of the #Train20Challenge Season 4!  Casey and I jump right into it on part one of this two part episode, discussing how she found this online community, her work with adoption events, and how Bowie became the one-eyed, incredibly handsome pup that he is! Please visit to support the Doggie Club and get exclusive bonus episodes!
Mar 16
39 min
Train 20 Challenge: SZN 4
After wrapping up Season Four of the #train20challenge, Amanda ( is back on Doggie Club to share a bit about our winners @pea.thetinyboston and @bowie_the_one_eyed_pittie ahead of their episodes (coming soon!!!) We also talk about this seasons amazing group of vendors, and thank them for being part of this incredibly special 20-day journey.  @donosews, @whistlelabs, @suziescbdtreats, @groundsandhounds, @superchewer
Mar 9
20 min
Milla Chappell [PT. 2] (@realhappydogs)
It's Part 2 of Milla's interview, and we're talking about some of the amazing dogs and people she's worked with. We also hear from a very special guest, who we can safely assume is appearing on her first podcast segment!  Please check out: @fosterdogs, @mrbonesandco, @timmyopug, @dunknroo, @sarathepibble, @borisandhorton, @apugnamedemoji, @iheartpgracie, @pigpenthepittie, @the.real.lemon.pancake
Feb 24
20 min
Milla Chappell [PT. 1] (@realhappydogs)
Today on Doggie Club I am beyond excited to share part one of my conversation with Milla Chappell of @realhappydogs.  Milla and I discuss how she made the transition from wedding photography over to dog and pet photography, as well as her work with the incredible nonprofit @fosterdogs.   I can also personally guarantee following Milla will get you: REAL stories & HAPPY photos of DOGS
Feb 17
27 min
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