Dog Save The People
Dog Save The People
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How caring for dogs transforms who we are as a person and changes our lives for good. Interview series hosted by John Bartlett, fashion designer and animal activist.
Answering The Call w/ Jake Windell
Jake Windell is an LA county firefighter who has a comfort dog, named Echo, who he brought into his fire station to help make a difference in the ongoing mental health crisis of the fire world. They are often a tough group, where it can be sometimes hard to break down emotional walls. Firefighters go through a lot on the job and one in five actually suffer from post-traumatic stress or cumulative stress injuries (and even that is underreported, as it’s still not common to report this type of injury). However, through the Peer Support Team that Jake is involved with, they are trying to make a change in how mental health is dealt with. One of the most successful ways that’s happened so far is with Echo, where having a dog around allows firefighters to open up more easily about what they’re going through. Echo has also helped to take some of the weight off their shoulders and improves camaraderie, daily mental health, and overall morale. FEATURED LINKS Echo The Fire Dog on Instagram - Patriotic Service Dog Foundation website - Patriotic Service Dog Foundation on Instagram - Patriotic Service Dog Foundation on Facebook -
Nov 17
20 min
Mission Inspired w/ Lizz Whitacre
Lizz Whitacre is the Founder and CEO of Pawlytics, a cloud-based software for animal shelters and rescues who want to save more dogs. Lizz has always been interested in animals and got her first dog at 13, the oldest and most unadoptable one she could find. And while she gave them another chance at life, that dog then inspired her within the short few years they were together. A fuel started within Lizz, then 15, for a mission to help dogs and animals everywhere. By her senior year of high school, she became the co-owner of a Minnesota rescue shelter that she had started volunteering at. After pursuing different self-started companies and endeavors over the years within the industry, she is today running Pawlytics (a culmination of all her experience) with the aim of implementing an innovative and modern software system for the animal welfare industry in order to help have the most efficient process in place everywhere to find homes for every dog that needs one. Pawlytics website - Pawlytics on Facebook - Pawlytics on Instagram - Pawlytics on Twitter -
Nov 10
17 min
Maternally Grateful w/ Isabel Serna
Isabel Serna is the founder of Black Lamb Studio, a Miami-based design studio. She recently published a book, Dog Mom: A Love Story, that she wrote and illustrated. It was based on her experience with her dog, Charlie, a french bulldog who she got when she was 30 and who completely changed her perspective on being a nurturer and caregiver – even preparing her for eventually becoming a loving and caring Aunt to a recently born niece. Black Lamb Studio, Isabel’s studio - Isabel Serna’s Dog Mom: A Love Story book on her website - Shop for Black Lamb Studio, with other dog products from Isabel - Special Offer: Use the code DOGSAVETHEPEOPLE for 15% off anything in the Black Lamb Studio shop Black Lamb Studio on Instagram - Black Lamb Studio on Facebook - Amazon page for Dog Mom: A Love Story book -
Nov 3
20 min
Like My Own Child w/ Hope Dawson
Hope Dawson is a mother of two kids and a wonderful dog, Coco, who all come together to be a family. After going through a domestic violence situation, Hope was able to go to the People and Animals Living Safely (PALS) program in New York City at the Urban Resource Institute (URI), where they were able to stay together. Coco helped Hope, and the kids, during this unsettling time and gave them much-needed support to get through it. FEATURED LINKS Urban Resource Institute (URI) website - Urban Resource Institute (URI) on Instagram - Urban Resource Institute (URI) on Facebook - Urban Resource Institute (URI) on Twitter - People and Animals Living Safely (PALS) - Previous episode with URI CEO, Nathaniel Fields, and PALS Director, Danielle Emery -
Oct 27
24 min
Emotional Constant w/ Chris Blazina
Dr. Chris Blazina is a licensed psychologist, retired professor, and award-winning author. He has been in practice for nearly 25 years, focusing in particular on men and their depression, anxiety, life transitions, grief & loss, relationship problems, and pet bereavement. In his work, Chris has found dogs to be an important companion and part of a male’s life that is not able to be found in the same way as with any human. Dr. Chris Blazina’s website - Dr. Chris Blazina on Twitter - Dr. Chris Blaizna’s book When Man Meets Dog: What a difference a dog makes! on Amazon - Dr. Chris Blaizna’s book Men and Their Dogs: A New Understanding of Man's Best Friend on Amazon - Dr. Chris Blaizna’s book Clinician's Guide to Treating Companion Animal Issues: Addressing Human-Animal Interaction on Amazon - Dr. Chris Blaizna’s book The Psychology of the Human-Animal Bond: A Resource for Clinicians and Researchers on Amazon - Dogs Deserve Better -
Oct 20
16 min
Now and Here w/ Rabbi Gadi Capela
Rabbi Gadi Capela leads the Congregation Tifereth Israel in Greenport on the North Fork of Long Island. He was born and raised in Israel and moved to New York after being in the army. Throughout his life, he has had a strong connection to dogs – from always having them as a kid to having several since in his adult life. During his studies and life experience, he has learned about why dogs have such a strong connection to us as humans – as well as specific ties to Judaism, in particular. Congregation Tifereth Israel website - East End Jewish Community Council - Rabbi Gadi Capela on Facebook -
Oct 13
15 min
By Your Side w/ Nathaniel Fields and Danielle Emery
This is a special episode of Dog Save The People with two guests from the same organization. First up is Nathaniel Fields, the CEO of the Urban Resource Institute (URI). It’s a nonprofit organization that has done crucial work in the New York City community for 40 years now – including the development in the past decade of People and Animals Living Safely (PALS) program under URI. The creation of PALS in 2013 made it the first pet-friendly domestic violence shelter in NYC. Second up in the episode is Danielle Emery, the Director of PALS. Today, it serves as an important and safe place for dog-owners suffering from domestic violence to be able to escape to and stay together with their dogs, who play a crucial and important role as part of their family in the healing process. Urban Resource Institute (URI) website - Urban Resource Institute (URI) on Instagram - Urban Resource Institute (URI) on Facebook - Urban Resource Institute (URI) on Twitter - People and Animals Living Safely (PALS) -
Oct 6
20 min
Elevating Focus w/ Winnie Au
Winnie Au is a photographer based in Brooklyn, NY, who has found a muse in dogs throughout her career. She specializes in creating poignant and playful editorial dog photos. After her own dog, Tartine, received a cancer diagnosis, she pursued a long, traumatic, and expensive treatment plan that ultimately could not save her pet. This experience inspired Winnie to partner with a non-profit for a photo series to raise awareness for those who need financial assistance for medical bills of their dogs. The photo series, Cone of Shame, also flips the negative stigma of dogs wearing cones around their heads and presents them in an artistic, positive, and playful light. The eye-catching photos helped get attention for Animal Haven's Recovery Road Fund, which helps take away the burden of choice based on affordability for your dog’s care. Winnie Au’s website - Winnie Au on Instagram - Winnie Au’s dog, Clementine, on Instagram - Winnie Au on Facebook - “Cone of Shame” photo series - Canine Chronicles book - Animal Haven's Recovery Road Fund -
Sep 29
14 min
Too Lucky w/ Kelcey Otten
As a Real Estate agent, Kelcey Otten had the great idea of bringing dogs up for adoption to her open listings (with her clients permission in advance, of course). Ever since she was young, Kelcey was exposed to the rescue and foster world through her mother and has now taken that torch and initiative on her own. She also has two rescues of her own, Stella and Rosie, and has fostered many others. Kelcey Otten on Instagram - Kelcey Otten’s Real Estate page with Compass - Paws4Survival website - Paws4Survival on Instagram - Paws4Survival on Facebook -
Sep 15
15 min
Heartfelt Change w/ David Toussaint
David Toussaint is a writer, commentator, theatre critic, playwright and author. Since 1997, he has written articles for Brides magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, Gay Financial Network, Outsider Ink, Diversion magazine, and more. He was an editor at Conde Nast and a three-time guest editor for Francis Ford Coppola's online magazine Zoetrope. He has also been a full-time columnist for, HuffPost, and more. He has also written four books, including one about his dog DJ – who had a big impact on his life and helped him get out of a depression in his 40’s. David Toussaint on Twitter - David Toussaint on Facebook - David’s book, DJ: The Dog Who Rescued Me on Amazon -
Sep 1
24 min
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