Dog Nerd Show
Dog Nerd Show
Megan Wargula
Welcome to the Dog Nerd Show where we geek out over our best friends and talk all things dog!
Meet the Patterdale Terrier!
Meet the Patterdale Terrier! This tough, hard-working, and active terrier was developed in Northern England to control vermin. To find out all about what it's like to have a Patterdale Terrier, we spoke to Amy from Liverpool and met her Patterdale, Blake!
Nov 17
34 min
Meet the Boston Terrier
Meet the Boston Terrier dog breed, a native of USA and nicknamed the American Gentleman
Nov 2
48 min
Meet the Golden Retriever
Meet the Golden Retriever, one of America's most popular dog breeds! Theo is a Golden Retriever who was rescued after finding himself homeless due to unfortunate circumstances. Tune in to find out about this loveable dog breed and hear Theo's story.
Oct 19
19 min
Rock City Gardens: A Dog-Friendly Spot!
See Rock City Gardens with the Dog Nerds...and their dogs! This is an awesome dog-friendly spot.
Oct 5
22 min
Meet the Bullmastiff!
Meet the Bullmastiff dog breed!
Sep 21
18 min
Meet the German Shepherd Dog!
Meet the German Shepherd Dog - Find out if the German Shepherd is the right dog for you and your family
Sep 7
25 min
Sugar-Free Gum Almost Killed Our Dog
Sugar-free gum, candy, and foods can kill your dog. Listen to find out what happened when our dog ate chewing gum...
Aug 24
10 min
Author Interview: Priceless Penny by Lauren Kramer-Theuerkauf
Meet the author of Priceless Penny, Lauren Kramer-Theuerkauf
Aug 10
36 min
Meet the Lagotto Romagnolo - Italian Truffle Dog
Meet the Lagotto Romagnolo - Italian Truffle Dog
Jul 27
16 min
Meet Tammy Billups - Author & Animal Healer
Meet Tammy Billups, author and animal healer!
Jul 13
49 min
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