Do You Need A Ride? with Chris Fairbanks and Karen Kilgariff
Do You Need A Ride? with Chris Fairbanks and Karen Kilgariff
Exactly Right Media – the original true crime comedy network
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Love It
Love Karen and Chris and could listen to them all day. They’re both so funny and their friendship is really endearing. Definitely one of my favorite chit chat podcasts.
Funny and wonderful!
I love to listen to you chatting with each other and your guests—always hilarious and a good time! Also, Karen…I love your singing, this opening song is gold (I like it even more than the MFM song but only because it’s longer!)
Oh hai, it's me
Grew on me
I didn’t initially love it but after a few episodes it was one of my favorites!
Stacy Beth
In love with Chris, thank you Karen!
Chris Fairbanks is the perfectly oddest soup of unsafely sweet to strangers, superbly self critical, ingeniously hilarious, Montana cowboy who has only ever ridden a skate-board and I’m on a campaign to get him to New Mexico so I can profess my love to his bodacious face! Karen is the big sister, best friend who doesn’t know she’s related to my sister and I, so of course she introduced me to this wacko comedian who likes tik-tok that makes him cry. Karen, I don’t care how many centuries of therapy have gotten you to this place, you spout generous wisdom we all need to hear while driving and making Chris snort with your humor! Then you two give the gabby gift of introducing us to other comedians who make us laugh-cry! Truly THE BEST. Love Ya
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I hope you two read these reviews! ❤️
Just listened to November 30th, 2015: OMG, Karen, your sweet words to dear Chris (topher!) in this episode are brilliant and the medicine we all need! Even still. 🫤 You guys make people all around the world feel the warmth of human connection with your funny funny. Thank youuuu! You da best.
Fun Banter Between Karen and Chris
But it’s Chris’s adorable sexy voice and silliness that keeps me listening.
I decided to go back and re-listen to old episodes and I literally laugh out so many times. Chris and Karen are hilarious. I just wished they wouldn’t have guests. The ones of just the two of them are the best.
Were you scared or was it fine?
The best pod and intro song, I have it in my head every morning, and I love it. Mouth horn!! Thank you Chris and Karen for lighting up my week on the regular.
A true favorite
I have listen every week, usually as soon as I wake up the day it’s posted, for more than 5 years. It’s a relaxed hang with pleasant people.
Listen, Karen and Georgia crack me up. But Karen and Chris? You guys have me looking like a crazy person at work giggling to myself. Also the intro song literally brings tears to eyes every time. This podcast hits me right where it feels good. Thank you!!
shleby lines
Love this show so much
I’m feel like the fourth car rider, and Chris and I share a birthday.
Karen there is also one in Michigan you are not wrong!
My favorite podcast, maybe ever?
Feels like two good friends. Every guest brings something fun (Brandie Posie and Martha Kelly are all time faves) but Karen and Chris have an unbeatable chemistry.
Came for Karen, but stayed for Chris
I love this podcast and am so thankful that we are getting episodes in the car again!
Wonderful app
This is my favorite podcast of all time for one thousand reasons. Embarrassingly, I know more about Karen and Chris than I do members of my own family. I’m so happy we’re back in the car because the dynamic between everyone in that Tesla is this show’s secret sauce!! Annalise’s rant-ish endorsement of The Nanny was a top five favorite moment. And finally, big shout out to booker Patrick Cotnoir because you’re killing it on every level. Thank you. You’re welcome.
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Yes Yes yes
The whole show is incredible BUT these James Adomian episodes had me dying! Oh my god! Simply perfection. I’m smiling just writing this.
Such a great mood booster
Feelin’ down? Had too much of the news or True Crime? Take a ride with Chris and Karen. Guaranteed to lift your spirits and make you laugh.
Great concept
I’m a fan of Karen Kilgariff since discovering my favorite murder. That led me to this podcast the combo between Karen and Chris Fairbanks works so well. It is one of the podcasts I look forward to every week.
Phantom Blinker
Firstly, Karen I F!$@* adore you, your voice your work. These episodes make me laugh nonstop! And now I have phantom blinker syndrome (much like the phantom cell phone buzz). Self diagnosed. You’ve made me a more attentive driver. Thanks.
Funny and real all the time even when they lie
They have almost ruined me for standup and comedy sketches. Just listening to Karen and Chris talking makes me laugh and the fact that they are driving while podcasting is COMEDIC genius. We can all relate even if not in LA and they have great chemistry. I love that the guest is only part of the show!
Hudy benudy
How are 2 people so funny?
Thank you so much for making James Adomian two parts! Thank you for not letting us miss a thing. He’s amazingly funny and talented and an educator. Karen and Chris alone are hilarious 💕♥️ But that Bernie impression at the end was absolutely priceless 💎
Karen and Chris
I love it when it’s just the two of them talking and riffing. They really make me laugh!!
Best segment: Karen saw a Tik Tok
So glad ya’ll are back in the car. You make LA come alive and are the funniest duo. Also I just love when Karen tells Chris about something she saw on Tik tok it’s the best!
In need of calm
Classic comedy
Love Karen and Chris’ conversations. So relatable but in a really funny way. So happy you guys are back in the car!!!
yhas crime junkie gals!
My Current Go To!
Absolutely love this show and the banter. Karen and Chris play off each other so well. I appreciate their similarities, but I love their differences and the uniqueness each brings to the show even more. I always recommend this as a pick-me-up to friends, family, and randos at the grocery store much to the dismay of staff… The groceries at (rhymes with) Schmole Spoods is overpriced anyway… WORTH IT!
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Great Pod
Great pod! Love the hosts and the guests!
check for dehydration
Is feline aids funny? Of course not. But is Chris bringing it up almost every podcast to Karen’s dismay ridiculously entertaining? Absolutely. 5 stars, love these two. Favorite quote: Karen, “Do you want it (cookie) warmed up?” Zach Noe Towers, “No thank you. I’ll sit on it.”
So Funny and Comforting
It’s one of my favorites and go tos for relistening. I just love listening to Karen and Chris talk about anything. I grew up in S LA county (have been gone for 20 years), and it’s fun to hear them bring it back a little. I can listen to the Amber Richardson episodes any time as well. Just so natural and relatable. I’m gen X also and it’s just fun to listen to their childhood memories.
Love You Guys!
You make me happy every time I listen! You even make me happy to be stuck in traffic, and by happy I mean not screaming or making obscene semaphore through a closed window.
Proffesor Kitty
“Who was punching my grandma, Karen?!!” 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤣
Fav show
I downloaded so many episodes and I am so happy I did. I can listen to DYNAR on repeat. The Nanny is a sexual show. Nick at night primetime.
Adore these guys.
Been listening since 2016; so much hilarity! Have enjoyed both and many guests live in Milwaukee. Shout out to my hometown homies in Appleton, WI an actually cool and freezing town to grow up in except when David Spanbauer follows you home from high school.
Two kind people! That’s all
Love this Show
Update: I’M SO HAPPY THEY ARE BACK IN THE CAR!!! I love this show and these people! Re-listening to the back catalog has helped me get through the pandemic. I think I’ve listened to every episode three times by now. I can’t wait for them to be able to get back in the car - I love the feeling that you’re riding around town with friends chatting about anything and everything - but the zoom podcasts are great in the meantime.
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Me AKA Hollie
Season 4 episode 4
Chris, what the heck are you rambling about?
Genuinely funny!
I knew it would be funny but I wasn’t prepared for how hard it would be to try not to do that burst of bark laughing in public. Beware, it is literally laugh out loud at random moments when you don’t expect it - which really is the best!
Monday pick me up
I look forward to Mondays now just so I can listen to DYNAR & MFM minisode! Now that they’re back in the car, almost makes me miss my home of the past 20 years...ALMOST.
So funny!
This show has me laughing at loud. I listened to the 1st episode of Season 4 when MFM plugged it. And have now gone back to listen from the beginning, 2014. You both are so funny. It’s a great change of pace from listening to MFM exclusively for the past 3 years. Thanks for the laughs guys. Keep it up!
Lippy M
Vermicular……. El Em Aye Oh
More episodes of only Karen and Chris please!!! Best feel good podcast I’m listening to currently
little baby jess
So good to hear them back on the road!
Love DYNAR and am glad to hear they are cruising down the streets in a Tesla!
MGH's Mom
hate guests
love you chris and karen giving you five stars cuz i’m not a hater. i can’t listen to the episodes with guests i’ve tried but they all just annoy me. i love the rhythm of conversation when it’s just the two of you more chris and karen episodes please
I always need a ride with these two.
I love mining through these episodes from way back in the car, in studio, zoom, etc. I know when I’m having a rough day, I can just find a good time with Karen & Chris (as well as their stellar guests). Thank you for helping me defuse my stress bombs.
Good content Bad audio
I can’t handle feeling like I’m on a bad speaker phone connection with someone in traffic 😕
Magic Combo
I’ve been listening to DYNAR for years and Karen and Chris made much of my life weekly humorous and hopeful. I’m physically disabled and seemed to fall from grace in a car wreck. So I delivered pizzas after being a mental health counselor for so long. It’s so exciting M Cho is your driving episode the audio is fantastic and I just feel safe hearing all of you. I’m back on my feet and putting my best foot forward (amputee joke). Okay I’ll leave the jokes to you two. Love you and thank you! MFM and DYNAR is magic. We keep it moving and I love this podcast!
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Clay Jolie
Back in the car!!
What a fabulous couple of first episodes! It warmed my heart to hear Karen and Chris back in the car. Truly the best opening to a season. Thank you🖤
Eee! Back in the car!!
I still listened to and loved every Zoom episode, but holy heck the car is a magical thing. K love you bye.
Love it 🥰
Can’t express how overjoyed I am that season 4 is back in the car! Thanks for hearing your listeners feedback and hopping back in. Sounding better than ever! I need a DYNAR shirt now so I can rep this awesome show everywhere I go!
Best possible premiere episode
I didn’t realize how much I missed Karen and Chris in the car. I’m loving this accidental cliffhanger of an episode. Will they make it to Margaret’s home? Who knows?! I’m just happy we’re all hanging out during L.A. rush hour in our hot girl summer era.
Would be great if we could have more guests with a diversity of backgrounds. Especially since the hosts are so funny and can have such insight. I would love for them to have Angela Johnson or Chris Rock on the program. Thanks for having Margaret Cho. Hope you can do better in future would love to come back - just kinda boring now.
Liv Moore99
So much better in the car!
I love the podcast where Karen and Chris are in the car! I love hearing them talk about what’s going on around them! They are so funny!!
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