DiveFilm Podcast Video
DiveFilm Podcast Video
Showcasing some of the best underwater short films being produced today by filmmakers all over the world. For High Definition versions of these underwater video podcasts, please check out our DiveFilm HD Video Podcast here at iTunes! Featuring footage of all kinds of marine life, short films by divers all over the world, interviews with interesting people, and information on underwater imaging. Check out our new DiveFilm HD Video Podcast here at iTunes for all new video podcast releases!
iPod - "Hope"
Humpback Whales give hope for our ocean's future in this award-winning short film by Simon Spear. Award winner in the Our World Underwater Conservation Video Competition hosted by Wetpixel.com and Divephotoguide.com. More info on filmmaker Simon Spear at Viewfromtheblue.me.uk. For a high definition version of this podcast, please go to DiveFilm HD Video podcast at iTunes!
Feb 20, 2011
2 min
iPod - "Weddell Seals, A Rare Look"
From birth on the Antarctic ice to life underwater, a rare look at the southernmost mammal on Earth. Video Production by Mary Lynn Price. Learn more at http://WeddellSealScience.org . For a high definition version of this podcast, please go to DiveFilm HD Video podcast at iTunes!
Dec 15, 2010
2 min
iPod - "Antarctica Weddell Seals"
Graceful divers, magnificent animals, unforgettable pups! Working in Antarctica with a research team continuing one of the longest running population studies ever of a long-lived mammal, on the most remote continent on earth. Video production by Mary Lynn Price. More information at WeddellSealScience.org . For a high definition version of this podcast, please go to DiveFilm HD Video podcast at iTunes!
Nov 17, 2010
3 min
iPod - "Cocos Island, 2010"
Howard Hall. Cocos Island Submersible. Gorgeous. Howard and Michele Hall explore Cocos Island by deep sea submersible for an unforgettable experience of this famed Pacific island off Costa Rica. More info on Howard Hall Productions at HowardHall.com
Sep 1, 2010
3 min
iPod - "Escape!"
Ocean catfish yearning to be free. Mike Elliott's playful look at a sunken car full of daydreaming critters. More info on Mike at MuckDiver.com
Aug 31, 2010
2 min
iPod - "Scooter Wreck Shoot"
Scooters. Wreck diving. 5D Mark II. The Backscatter folks take us scooter imaging with the Canon 5D Mark II in beautiful blue Caribbean water, and talk about how they got the shots. More info at Backscatter.com. Music by Luce. More info at LuceBand.com.
Aug 15, 2010
4 min
iPod - "Ocean of Life"
Danish seas. Spectacular marine life. Bent J¿rgensen of Chilbal Film presents a glimpse of a new three part Danish television education series on the underwater world beneath the waters of Denmark. More info on Chilbal Film at chilbal.dk
Jul 31, 2010
2 min
iPod - "Fish Rock Cave, Australia"
Cave diving. Big Sharks. Australia. Jon Shaw's fastpaced visual tour of Fish Rock Cave, New South Wales, Australia. More info on Jon at ginclearfilm.com
Jul 19, 2010
4 min
iPod - "The Eastern Fields of Papua New Guinea"
Tony Wu's rare glimpse with Capt. Craig DeWit of extreme remote PNG diving. More info at tonywublog.com
Jul 3, 2010
3 min
iPod - "Circle of Life"
Simon Spear on our deep connection to the ocean world. More info at viewfromtheblue.me.uk
Jun 16, 2010
5 min
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