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The Diva of DOOL discusses Days of our Lives on our weekly show. We have also interviewed many Days actors.
The Diva's 446th Blogtalk Radio Show
Join The Diva of DOOL as we discuss this past week's show. More fall out from the night of Jack of Jen's surprise party. Jack pleads with Jennifer to forgive him. Kate and Jack talk about that night. Jennifer and Kate slap each other over Jack. Jack pours his heart out to Roman. Abby can't forgive herself. Gwen is quite please with herself and pays a visit to Dr Rolf. Dr Rolf tries to guess why Gwen hates Abby so much. Mr Shin's son agrees to keep Chad as CEO and makes Jake VP. Xander and Sarah spy on Philip. Ava wants Philip to handle Xander. Steve and Kayla agrue over Tripp. Tripp learns his mom tried to kill Kayla. Shawn and Belle prepare to get married. Jan has plans to stop the wedding. Claire invites Charlie to the wedding. Shawn and John give Charlie the third degree. Day of Days vitural fan event this Saturday 11/21/20 at www.dayofdays2020.com The site will be up through Tuesday 11/24/20. More spoilers and coming and goings.
Nov 21
52 min
The Diva of  DOOL's 445th Blogtalk Radio Show
Join the Diva of Dool as we discuss this past week's show. Abby exposes Jack and Kate's one night stand. It just happened. Jack tells Jennifer all about how he wound up in Kate's bed. Jake listens as Kate explains what happend with Jack...then he sleeps with her..It just happened! Jake is on to Gwen who basically tells him how she did it. Lani overhears Eli and Abe talking about a secret and goes to Brady to find out what really happened. Xander gives Charlie advice about Claire. Charlie finds Claire kissing Theo. Claire goes to see Charlie who rejects her. Claire pours her heart out to Jan. Belle convinces Philip to plead guilty. Belle proposes to Shawn. Xander and Sarah suspect Philip is up to something and agree to work together to bring him down. Ava returns to Salem and tells Philip to take care of Xander. Ava goes to visit Steve. Trask tells Allie she can't charge Tripp but can send papers to London. More spoilers and returns. Also a special vitural DAY OF DAYS Saturday November 21st.
Nov 14
50 min
The Diva's 444th Blogtalk Radio Show
Join the Diva of DOOL as we discuss this past week's show. Gwen sets up Abby to reveal a shocking surprise at her parents Anniversary party. JJ and Theo return to Salem. Kate invites Jake to the party as her guest. Eli pleads with Brady to keep his secret. Vincent swears he killed Cierra. Shawn arrests Ben but Jake bails him out of jail. The DNA is a match for Tripp. Steve stands by Tripp as the rest of Salem believes he raped Allie. Kate finally tells Roman that Allie was raped. John and Marlena look back on all their years together. Justin forgives Bonnie and tells Jack he really is beginning to like her. More spoilers and coming and goings. Thaao Penghlis celebrates 39 years on Days of Our Lives as the show celebrates its 55th Anniversary on NBC. DAYS is planning a virtual DAY of DAYS on Saturday November 21st.
Nov 7
33 min
The Diva's 443rd Blogtalk Radio Show
Join the Diva of DOOL as we discuss the past few weeks of the show. A Black Out in Salem leads to a prison break with Orpheus, Clyde and Rolf on the loose. Orpheus kidnaps Marlena and Clyde kidnaps Henry. Marlena gets Evan out of Bayview. Rolf shows up at the DiMera Mansion and confronts Chad about Stefano's chip. Chad tells him that he and Tony destroyed Stefano. Chad ties up Rolf but Gwen helps him escape after Rolf threatens to expose her to Chad and Abby. Dr Rolf kidnaps Kayla for his new exiperment. Steve rescues Kayla. Dr Rolf sends for Gwen to get him out of prison. Kate shoots Clyde and rescues baby Henry. Kristen says goodbye to Lani and Rachel. Brady confronts Eli about what he did to Kristen. Claire, Doug and Julie prepare for Cierra's memorial. Ben is out for revenge on Vincent. Jennifer finds a letter from Hope. Xander again finds Sarah and Philip sharing a moment. More spoilers and returns.
Oct 31
53 min
The Diva's 442nd Blogtalk Radio Show
Join The Diva of DOOL as we discuss this past week's show. Can we just say DNA test. Finally Kayla found her brain and suggested Tripp take a DNA test to settle the rape question once and for all. Tripp declined saying she and everyone else should believe him. Steve suggests going ahead with the test and gave Kayla Tripp's toothbrush. But what will the test reveal? Philip goes after Sarah to make Xander jealous. Who is Philip always calling? Charlie and Claire talk about Tripp. Charlie warns Tripp to leave Claire alone. Ben continues to believe Ciera is alive. Lucas and John find out about the rape. Eli tells Kristen about taping their conversation and encourages her to turn herself in. Lani almost convinces Trask to drop the charges just as Kristen arrives and confesses to stabbing Victor. Brady now wants to run away with Kristen. Belle tells Kristen she is being arrested that day. Jake and Kate get cozy together. Gwen offers to help Abby throw a party for Jennifer. Jake is on to Gwen.. DAYS is doing a two week storyline centering around a black out in Salem. Three prisoners escape and cause havoc. More spoilers and rumors.
Oct 17
51 min
Diva of DOOL’s. 441th Blogtalkradio Show
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Oct 10
43 min
The Diva's 440th Blogtalk Radio Show
Join The Diva of DOOL as we discuss the last two weeks of the show. Ally tells Nicole all about how she met Tripp and later accuses him of rape. Tripp finds out from Steve that it was Ally Horton who he met in London. Steve informs him that she had a baby and comes to wonder if Tripp could be the father. Tripp swears he didn't sleep with her. Ally tells Lani that she wants to report a rape. Lani wants to delete the evidenece showing her helping Kristen escape. Eli does talk her out of it. Trask reviews the tapes and tells Eli he could be in trouble too. Abe wants Trask to take herself off Kristen's case because of Haley. Hope and Ben find Vincent but he isnt talking. Lani finally convinces Vincent to talk to Hope and Ben. Kristen wants to run again but Brady convinces her to stay and fight. Shawn arrests Philip for threatening Jan and Sarah figures out Xander was involved. Xander promises to do better...again. Shawn warns Claire about Jan. Claire stills feels sympathy for Jan. Gwen has a conversation with Stefano. Abby wants fo be friends with Gwen. Kate finds Jake right out of the shower! More discussions on just who Gwen and Vicent might be. Also Galen and Camila are back on set. Monday Oct 5th is the last day taped before the March shut down.
Oct 3
35 min
The Diva's 439th Blogtalk Radio Show
Join the Diva of DOOL as we discuss last week's show. Bonnie kissed Justin when he won her case for her. Did he kiss her back and does he have feelings for Bonnie? Jack and Jen try to help Justin and Bonnie figure it out. Eric says his goodbyes and leaves for Africa. Sami agreed to give up custody of the baby when Ally agreed to live with Nicole. Sami and Ally made amends and Ally named her baby Henry Lucas Horton. Lucas was thrilled!  Great Kate and Sami scenes as they discussed Nicole and the baby situation. Steve comes to visit John and encounters John's wrath. Marlena tries to comfort Ben. Claire tells Ben that Hope believes Ciera is alive and Ben leaves to help her find Ciera. Xander wants Jan's help with Philip. Sarah tells Xander who Jan really is. Ally gets defensive when Nicole asks about the baby's father. Tripp tells Kayla he is staying in Salem. Ally bumps into Tripp and is not happy with the encounter. Gwen continues to try and drug Abby. She visits Dr Rolf and asks for a more potent drug to finish Abby. Dr Rolf refuses saying with Gabi gone to take the blame it will raise suspicions and suggests another way.. He also wants to know what Gwen has against Abby. Gwen has her reasons and isn't telling. Who is Gwen and why does she hate Abby so much? Eli and Lani forgive each other. Melinda Trask is back as DA and refuses to accept Brays's confession of stabbing Victor. More spoilers and comings and goings.
Sep 26
45 min
The Diva's 438th Blogtalk Radio Show
Join The Diva of DOOL as we discuss the past two weeks of the show. Sami is awarded custody of the baby just as Ally returns to Salem. Hope discovers there is no trace of Ciera's remains in the car. Ciera comes to Ben in a dream. Eric gets a surprising offer from Africa. John is hostile to Sami durning her visit. Marlena is concerned about John's personality change. Abby meets Gwen and Jake. Gwen is the one who poisoned Abby and is determined to do it again. Why? Is she working for someone in the DiMera family? Justin and Bonnie become closer. Eli promised to keep Lani's secret about Kristen, but than betrays her when he decides to arrest Kristen. Brady goes to Victor for help. Philip and Xander battle it out for the CEO office rights. Jan Spears trys to befriend Claire and Belle warns her that Jan is dangerous. Philip warns Jan to stay away from Claire. Xander meets Jan and they both realize they have a common enemy in Philip. More spoilers and comings and goings.
Sep 19
49 min
The Diva's 437th Blogtalk Radio Show
Join The Diva as we discuss the past two weeks of the show. Ben is hypnotized by Marlena and remembers what happened. Ciera dreams of having Ben's baby and awakens to see Vincent. He tells her of the real reason why he was working with Eve. Nice twist in the story, Sami pulls out her secret weapons in Victor and Jan Spears to try and win the custody battle. Belle finds out and confronts Sami with a well deserved slap! Brady and Kristen return to Salem. Lani convinces Eli to keep quiet. Eddie returns to Salem to warn Rafe and Gabi that they are in danger and must leave town. Gabi asks Will and Sonny to take Arianna with them to Arizona. We had to say goodbye to Chander Massey and Freddy Smith as Will and Sonny said their goodbyes to family and firends. Gabi tells Jake goodbye and that she was only using him. Jake gets drunk and tells Gwen he is through with her Gabi or no Gabi. Kate accuses Chad of being interested in Gwen and Chad reveals that they kissed to make Jake jealous.Interesting encounter with a drunk Jake and Kate...hmm. Gwen goes after Chad with her sob story of Jake leaving her just as Abby returns home and walks in on their embrace. Victor makes Xander and Philip CO-CEOS. Lets see how that goes! Kayla and Steve's intimate moment is interrupted by an intruder. Tripp makes his retun to Salem. Baby daddy anyone? More comings and goings and updates from SOD interview with Corday and Ron Carlevati about the return to filming on September 1st.
Sep 5
45 min
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