Space Trash: Lifestyles of the Rich and Uranus
Space Trash: Lifestyles of the Rich and Uranus
Molly Mulshine & Sara Armour
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Maybe the best
Love these two. They keep me up to date, I love the astrology, I love their friendship, and this podcasts makes me feel like we’re friends too! Just catching up with the girls ya know?
Pop culture explained
Hosts do a great job breaking down pop culture. Very funny and entertaining podcast
Barf. I have a headache.
Two women with consistently bad takes yelling into their microphones. Like, why are we yelling? Take it down a notch and slow down with the trying to speak/yell over each other.
murdered eardrums
Best pod ever!!!!!
If you like pop culture and astrology you are now home!!!!!
Funny and SMART
Wow. Between Molly’s journalistic expertise and Sara’s astrology genius, this is a must-listen and will change the way you think about life!
Great Concept
As an armchair astrologer and pop culture enthusiast, this podcast hits. I’d give it a five, but one of the co-hosts ( the one who doesn’t live in Ireland ) gets very difficult to listen to. It sounds like she’s hopped up on a substance.
Great Pod!
Great Pod!
Liz Barrett
Can’t get enough of your pod, babes - FULL LEG
Wish this podcast was daily I am simply obsessed. Avid listener, here. Only notification allowed on my phone. Molly and Sara are unbelievably sharp I can’t believe they’re not / this podcast is not a household name and after literally 8 years I started watching Bachelor again JUST because of how compelling the bachelor episode were even if I didn’t know the characters at play. Casey, I am a fan!!!! Thanks for reinventing Bachelor Nation for me - Trashelor Nation is far superior. Great work ladies, appreciate you.
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points made
i love the hot takes and points made they’re really relevant. but the dragging of ana de armas was kind of mean. i get where you’re coming from but when coming at things she didn’t have control over like the characters emotional state didn’t feel rigt. this movie was a horrible take on marilyn but i wouldn’t blame ana for not looking “joyful” enough when it’s mainly a director directing the actor’s character. but the other girl who didn’t hate on ana that hard, she doesn’t seem as bitter.
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I looooove this podcast!
Space Trash is always so fun, entertaining, and informative. Love the personal touches (Molly’s wedding sleeves, as of late) and the deep dives into celeb’s charts and gossip. I’ve been hooked for a long time and hope Molly & Sara keep making episodes foreverrrrrrr!
Opinions on amber heard were horrible. I can’t believe you guys literally said, back to back, how scary it is that this case means people will not want to speak out about their abusers because they’ll fear being sued for defamation in retaliation since this case set a precedent for that, and then “amber should’ve just kept her mouth shut and this would’ve never happened”…. The STUPIDITY is ASTOUNDING!!! Never mentioned a single time how she proved in UK court that he abused her in 12 (TWELVE) separate instances, but did remember to call her a liar multiple times… very disappointed. Especially by female hosts that I thought had critical thinking skills. Thanks for proving me wrong!
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fiona pels
Lyft driver of Sara & Desi and now obsessive convert to the space trash podcast
Best Podcast EVER!
Molly and Sara are a magical force to be reckoned with! They compliment each other so well and I love how they mix astrology, current events, celebrity gossip, politics, women’s issues and so much more into a perfectly blended concoction that I’ve been addicted to since I started listening. 10/10 would recommend!
Love Sara & Molly & this podcast!!!
Love Sara & Molly & this podcast!!!
Lindsay Diana
One of my fav podcasts!
I love listening to Molly and Sara’s take on all things pop culture…especially love the royals content. Always looking forward to new episodes!
Love listening to Sara & Molly
I listen to Sara & Molly while I clean and vacuum my apartment. It gives me motivation to actually do it! Good conversations and they give me lots of laughs :-)
A league of their own
These two are going to be America’s next top comedy astrology podcasters, I just know it! Get in on the ground floor!!
I wait every week for a new episode. Space Trash is officaly my favorite. You hear me Elon Musk!?
Everything I Ever Wanted In One Pod
Two insanely intelligent and funny people taking about Astrology and Hollywood Gossip? Who ever thought I could find everything I ever wanted in one pod! Just finished binging and dying for the next episode.
Always insightful, funny and entertaining!!
Love catching all the podcasts - you should definitely tune in. You’ll laugh so hard and learn mora about astrology & yourself.
Liz P. Nyc
Molly and Sara are hysterical. This pod is the perfect way to get your celebrity gossip (and some news stories!) all while being encouraged to take a deeper dive into what the stars have to say about what’s going on in the world. I literally laugh out loud every episode, sometimes in public - they’re that funny. It’s also led me to become more spiritual myself, which was a lovely unexpected result of listening. Highly recommend! ✨💫☄️
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afs 88
These two are gems!
Highly recommend listening and following them.
Pure Magic ✨
Sara and Molly are pure magic. 💫Their dynamic personalities and insights rolled into natural humor that comes with such ease…makes them the most fun to listen to. I never want to listen to any celeb gossip without an astrology spin again. Sara and Molly, you guys are STARS. 🌟💜 Keep rockin’ on!
Hilarious and so unique
I love any of these two Creator’s content. Really interesting and unique perspectives like I’ve never heard, i really love and appreciate their work. Really grateful to have found ya’ll. Much love!!
Love this podcast
Informative and witty. The banter between these 2 hosts keeps me listening. Love it !
Love the astrology!
Sara’s an amazing astrologer! Love listening to her takes on everything!
Trashling Fan
One of the best pods! A weekly must listen! Love hearing Sarah’s astrological break down of all things trashy! ✨✨✨✨
TrashCast STAN
It’s official, I’m a trashling!! Love this pod
So good
Addicted to this pod — funny, sharp, and actually educational, who knew!? Soooo goooood!!! I wait every week for new ep, keep em coming!! Thank you!
just yes
love y’all to the moon & back
Im hooked
These 2 pop culture PhD’s know how to collide the superficial with the supernatural and make it superfunny - new fave podcast!!
Space Trash is my new Fix / Franco Lopez
I stumbled upon space trash and was intrigued by the concept. I listened for 10 minutes and was like this is my new podcast 😊soooooooooooo funny I turned purple !!! Smh no joke 😂
Frank Llllll
New fave podcast
As someone who never listens to podcasts I was immediately hooked after the Bill Gates / Epstein expose. To make a dark subject so funny was truly impressive to me. Highly recommend.
reluctant fan 2
Just saw sara at a comedy show and had to check out this pod I am LOLLLLLLLL fan for life. Must listen!! I’m 💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂
Accents and ish
Came just to listen to Sara. So funny. Accents and brutal honesty 👌🏾.
Royce Wynn
Women are funny!!
I am cracking up right now this show is the delightful surprise of the summer. Molly and Sara you have a new fan!
This is some of the smartest, funniest content on the internet right now, delivered with psychic insight and archetypal wisdom. LOVE IT SO MUCH. Your space trash is my space treasure. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
In the words of Mariah Carey...
“Thank god I found u, I was lost without u”
This is my fav podcast right now! Molly and Sara are hilarious but I’m also find myself thinking about all the deeper issues they bring up through pop culture for DAYS after. I’m obsessed, so smart, SO SO FUNNY!
So Good I wanted to STAY IN THE CAR
I just took a 15 hour road trip from NC to FL, and had stockpiled episodes to listen to for the trip. This podcast is so good that I was rolling up to the rental car drop off and I took a detour just to finish the Jessica Simpson episode.
elle cristo
Voice of an Angel
I love a great podcast... but I’m very picky. Diva Behavior has such fun topics and is always fact driven. Molly’s voice is so calming and beautiful, she sounds like an angel.
Such an entertaining podcast!!
I spend a lot of time driving for work and this podcast makes my long trips fly by. As soon as new episodes come out I’m one of the first to listen because Molly and her guests keep me entertained the whole time. I laugh out loud alone in my car.. I think that says enough about my review right there! Give this podcast a try, you won’t be disappointed!
The best in the biz
Molly’s humor and knowledge come together so nicely on this podcast, like peanut butter and jelly on sourdough (is that a thing?). Not only do I end up with abs from laughing, but I know soooo much more about the superstar women I love! Win win scenario In my book! Thanks Molly!
So much fun
Love this pod from a truly delightful ~jersey girl~
Love this podcast!!
Such a fun podcast. Molly Mulshine is such a smart, witty, insightful host. Her topics are extremely enjoyable! Indulge in Diva Behavior, it’s ear candy!!
Shore Favorite
Molly knows her stuff
No one knows divas and diva behavior like Molly Mulshine. Can’t wait for more eps.
Caro (this nickname is taken)
Legend in the Making
Molly absolutely slays it in her podcast on Diva Behavior, giving her view on Oprah, Courtney Love, and everyone in between. Her take is intelligent, witty, hilarious, and so much fun to listen to. You can’t miss out!
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