Discover Otello
Discover Otello
Jonas Kaufmann, Antonio Pappano, Thomas Voigt
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Podcast insights, Otello’s recording.
A huge thank you for these wonderful and personal insights from each of you for all IV acts! It definitely offers added views and understanding to the story, which in turn, elevates our listening experiences. However, It also evokes more Q’s and doubts about Otello’s weak character and what possible other reasons could have eventually led him to commit these acts. The sad and crude reality is that ‘Honor killing’ which, as Jonas pointed out, could be one other reason that drove Otello to commit his horrific acts, is still very much alive in some known religions in our modern times, and could make this story very relevant. Of course, it does not, by any means, take away from your outstanding performances in this recording, which is indeed, a ‘once in a lifetime experience’ and I’m certainly glad it happened during mine! Greatly appreciate and thank you all so much❤️🌹🌷
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Miri G