Dire Weasels' Podcast : OLD FEED
Dire Weasels' Podcast : OLD FEED
Dire Weasels
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Better than Rush Limbaugh's soft crappy body!
Keeps me highly entertained during my workday on the road!
An exciting punch in the gut
I was so excited to find such an entertaining podcast to listen to on the way to work. I've loved everyone that's been on. I just caught up and found out about josh leaving and ivana and Molly coming back, as the title says an exciting punch in my gut. Love you guys, and can't wit to hear more.
it is very funny, but you guys use to many bombs. I have not heard my real play podcasts though.
So funny!
This is one of the funniest podcasts I listen to and I look forward to every new episode.
Very enjoyable
Funny actual play that actually does their best to stick to the rules. Also Josh is the best DM I hope that never changes.
wow what a bunch of nerds
Between the DBZ references and the terrible jokes, these guys have really good chemistry when they're not trying to kill each other. Whole-heartedly recommend.
Give It A Few Episodes
At first I was underwhelmed but a few episodes in they hit their stride and now I'm hooked! Very funny and surprisingly compelling at times.
Makes me wish I had a branch arm!!!
Consistently funny, but well done storytelling. I'm 24 episodes in and both DM's have done a great job. All the players are great and engaging. I miss the players who have left the game. Keep up the great work. to Cornalon
Just Awesome!
Love D&D? Love alcohol? Love humor? Then you'll love this podcast. Words don't do it justice. Give it a try and you'll be worshiping at the Church of Gerbo before you know it!
An amazing irreverent look at D&D. People die, people love, casual racism is alive and well. I thought possibly the dynamic would shift, but it’s as strong as ever! Also credit for the first/best Lemon Lime, screw those imitators.
D&D and "Cards Against Humanity" had a litter of babies.
When I refer to Cards Against Humanity, I mean the berserkly profane, twisted cards, almost as much as the one that ends "... into a bucket." The Dire Weasels are every bit as funny as the most awful match of challenge and response in Cards. They are even funny when they aren't profane. They enjoy messing with each other and the game. They are definitely not for anyone whose ears are better off sheltered. But if you're really down, and need the paramedics to apply the Paddles of Shocking to your sense of humor, the Weasels are high enough octane. And if you need a little bit of "Awwww cuuute" in with your raunchy comedy, there's Gurbo Namfoodle's gnome mom, and his adopted sentient baby chicken. I've listened through the first 18 episodes, and the Weasels are my go-to source for when I need to fill a void, and no one's coming over to visit. They are a very mixed group: male and female, and I'm pretty sure gay and straight. And though they start every session claiming that they're chugging some beverage, they are never sloppy in their gaming. They've never seriously expressed any prejudices, but they are variously racist in-game, even toward members of their own party. I'm not offended, but I do hope they stop picking on the Drow girl. And if you don't have a clue about Cards Against Humanity, I'll tell you a story, related by the friend to whom it happened. It was poker night, but poker was over. The host brought out cards, which is like Apples to Apples (another card game), or like Mad Libs, only with one sentence at a time. My friend is Jewish, and is used to being the only Jew present. Seven response cards are dealt out to each player, as the starting hand. The first three cards my friend got were, according to him: "Mecha-Hitler," "Auschwitz," and "the true meaning of Christmas." "Well! This is going to be interesting!" he thought. He had such a good time that when he returned home, before going to sleep, he went online and ordered the basic game, all available supplements, and "The Bigger, Blacker Box" in which to put them all. The Dire Weasels aren't really offensive, but they are as profane, if not more so. And I'm happy to keep listening, even though I'll never be able to share these podcasts with my family.
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So much fun. One of my favorite D&D podcasts.
Highly Enjoyable
As long as you don't go into this expecting a serious gameplay podcast, this is great! The Dire Weasels have good chemistry and are quite funny. Unlike some comedic DnD podcasts, they still play, just with humor mixed in as they go. The rotating of DM's seems like it works well - it is not so frequence as to mess with storyline and continuity but still provides some change of pace and opportunity for more dynamic play. I am incredibly sad at the loss of Ivana, though. Look forward to seeing where they go from here!
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Fun fun fun
These guys are funny. They mess some stuff up, but it's all part of the fun.
Funny Sh*t
Totally inappropriate, but super funny! Norville is the best by far in my unbiased opinion.
Very funny! If you like silliness, adventure, and bananas this is the podcast for you!
Such silly and consistent fun!
Not terrible but not great.
Audio quality is pretty good for a bunch of people who seem to be remoting in to play the game together. I don't get offended by profanity but they do drop a lot of it, so be warned if that's something you don't like. Wishing they would have a slightly better grasp on the 5E rules, but we'll see if that comes with time. My main complaints are that even though all seem to be friends, their characters are caustic towards each other and that makes me cringe. They also tend to talk over each other a lot, which is annoying. On the plus side, it's a silly campaign and they seem to be having a lot of fun with it. I'll certainly keep listening in the hopes that good outweigh the bad.
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Can't wait to hear more!
Listening to the dm slowly lose his mind is always fun
The group seems to have itself some tasty chemistry as well.
Positive adjective here
These guys are actually funny. I laughed out loud multiple times. Definitely worth the time put into listening to this.
Definitely not a drunk nor a nerd.
It's good to hear young(and old) hooligans getting drunk at home nowadays. Back in my day these alcoholics would go out into the world and raise a ruckus along with a glass. Now they stay in the comfort of their own home and offend only willing ears. Five stars to these nerds that hide in their dungeons and play with their dragons.
Cornellon be praised
I'm not Elrich. But this podcast is great. DEFINITELY not for the faint of heart as we...I mean, they tend to not hold back or censor themselves whatsoever, but I think we're...they're hilarious.