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Digging Deeper - ForConstructionPros
In "Digging Deeper" we discuss all aspects of the construction industry with a variety of influential construction business owners. Topics include: equipment operation, safety, business management, technology and labor issues across the construction industry, but we also dive deep into niche markets like concrete, rental and asphalt. See more at forconstructionpros.com
How MIPS Technology Can Reduce Brain Injuries Hard Hats Don’t Cover
In this episode of Digging Deeper, Peter Halldin, CSO and co-founder of MIPS, a Swedish helmet safety company, discusses safety risks not currently addressed by construction hard hats and how technology such as the Multi-directional Impact Protection System can help to mitigate those risks and make workers even safer on jobsites.
Nov 30, 2020
16 min
Miller Formless Celebrates 50 Years Plus Concrete Paver Product Acquisitions
In this episode of Digging Deeper, Darick Franzen, vice president of business development – North America at Miller Formless, talks about the company’s 50-year history in the concrete paving industry, recent acquisitions that are broadening the company’s concrete slipform paver product line and growth opportunities that lie ahead for the company, its customers and the paving industry.
Nov 16, 2020
29 min
Improving Work Zone Safety Through Innovation
In this episode of Digging Deeper, Asphalt Contractor editor Jessica Lombardo speaks to Dave McKee, VP of sales & Marketing at PSS International about work zone safety. PSS International manufactures devices with the intention of getting every person who travels home safely at the end of the day. Listen to how their company is intentional about safety in everything they do.
Nov 9, 2020
18 min
Kato-CES Founder Mike Smith Looks to the Past and Future of Compact Excavator Sales
In this sponsored episode of Digging Deeper, Kato-CES owner and founder Mike Smith shares how the company got its start, its progress over its 25+ years in operation and how its longstanding relationship with IHI and now Kato has enabled it to continue to expand its product line and offerings to customers. Smith also touches on future plans, and possibilities, for his family-owned business.
Nov 2, 2020
16 min
Pandemic Impact: InEight Measures 30% Jumps in Construction Collaborating in the Cloud
Here’s how 250,000 users across 2,100 construction projects are overcoming COVID-19 with dramatic increases in uploading documents and photos, downloading forms, submittals, RFI and more.
Oct 26, 2020
27 min
Sunbelt Rentals Expert Shares the Truths Behind Common Jobsite Safety Myths
Jeff Stachowiak, national safety director for Sunbelt Rentals, sheds light on some of the common safety myths and misconceptions related to both fall protection and equipment used to work at heights; the steps that can be taken to promote them; and the role the new ANSI standards may play in facilitating a safer jobsite.
Oct 19, 2020
38 min
DE Storage's Chris Teetor Describes How the Company Saved Thousands of Dollars Using the Soil Connect Platform
Chris Teetor, director of operations, DE Storage, talks about the company’s use of the Soil Connect digital platform to find a specific soil required for a mini-storage expansion project in Pennsylvania, and how it saved them thousands of dollars on purchasing and trucking in the soil.
Oct 12, 2020
16 min
Caterpillar's Scott Thomas Discusses Advancements in Articulated Dump Truck Design
Listen to this Digging Deeper podcast where Caterpillar's Scott Thomas talks about Cat's latest advancements in articulated dump trucks (ADT) Typically, ADT drivers are among the last positions filled on a jobsite and they may not be the most experienced employees. The latest advancements make ADTs easier to operate.
Oct 5, 2020
27 min
Chaney Enterprises Uses Zello Push-to-Talk Service to Improve Driver Communication and Safety
Listen to this Digging Deeper podcast as Erica Magdelinskas, marketing manager at Chaney Enterprises, talks about how the building materials supplier upgraded from a private closed-loop communication system to the Zello platform. Chaney chose Zello because it was user friendly, had an app, was paperless and had a bluetooth connection for communication. "It had everything we needed," Magdelinskas says.
Sep 28, 2020
16 min
Hy-Brid Lift Revamps Product Line Adding 19-ft. Scissors Lift
Listen to this Digging Deeper podcast as Hy-Brid Lift CEO Terry Dolan discusses how the company revamped its product line and introduced its new 19-ft. scissors lift in 2020.
Sep 21, 2020
23 min
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