Dialogs With A Dad
Dialogs With A Dad
Josh Axelson
Josh Axelson, the dad, talks to people with interesting stories to tell about parenthood, family and life in general. He also shares humorous observations from a dad's perspective!
12 Josh Axelson: Dad of 3 girls
Episode 12, The tables are turned when guest host, Chad Fisher interviews the creator and main host of Dialogs With a Dad, Josh Axelson. He shares something that most others don't know from his younger years! His perspective on the difference between being a father and a dad. Enjoy and give us a 5 star review on Itunes! Also if you have feedback or suggestions, please contact the show: dialogswithadad@gmail.com Amp Up Your Dadhood!
Jun 15, 2016
40 min
11_Bente Cluff: Mom Living With MS
Bente Cluff is the wife of Leroy and the mom of Isaac, Keaton and Lola. She grew up in Texas, met and married Leroy in Arizona and moved to the Dallas area 4 years ago. Soon after, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It has been tough over the last few years, but she inspires us all with her smile and sense of humor! I hope her story will inspire you too!
Jun 1, 2016
57 min
10 Chad Fisher: 4 Teens and Avid Scouter
Live Traffic Reports by Chad. Meet my great friend Chad Fisher. He's a dad of 4 teenagers, father, supervisor for a doctors office, and an avid volunteer of The Boy Scouts of America. Listen as we talk at our neighborhood pool, and enjoy! Subscribe/Rate/Review
May 20, 2016
33 min
09 Tim Harvey: Retired Military Dad of 7
Meet my father-in-law, Tim Harvey. He just retired last week after 27 years active in the Navy then 19 years as a manager at a plastics manufacturing company in Lake City, SC. Listen as he and I talk about this new stage of life and about his family of 7 children, 18 grandchildren. Subscribe/rate/review
May 13, 2016
31 min
07 Abby: Cupcakes for Cartwheels
Listen in as I talk to by oldest daughter Abby about her fundraising/business venture to support her gymnastics addiction. She wants to be on the gymnastics team so my wife and I challenged her to find a way to make some money so that she has some vested interest in her passion for gymnastics. Making money seems to have struck a chord with our amazing 10 yr old. Subscribe/rate/review
May 5, 2016
6 min
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