dHarmic Evolution
dHarmic Evolution
James Kevin O'Connor
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Absolutely Enjoyable Podcast!
James is a gracious host with a knack for asking deep questions that really get to the heart of his guests. The show exudes positive energy and has such a welcoming feel That is refreshing. Always looking to the next episode!
Chris Nola Bassist
James is deep!
I really love how genuine James gets in his interviews. The flow is really great too.
Katie Knipp
Great mix of culture, music, and fascinating guests
James brings a variety of people, music, and stories to his show. If you’re looking to enlighten, inspire, or simply change the mood of your day this is your podcast.
Great show!
Dharmic Evolution is a great experience - deep questions, great conversations, connections made. ◡̈
Great Podcast
One of the greatest experiences (if not the greatest) I've had being interviewed as an artist. James truly has a gift at this--thanks for having me on as a guest. - J
Great fun with James O’Connor!
In over 14 years with my sibling band, The Iveys, I’ve partaken in many interviews - none more enjoy than with James O’Connor for his dHarmic Evolution podcast. James is knowledgeable, dedicated, polite, caring, and FUN! The siblings and I enjoyed every minute of our time with him. We are true fans of the show, and enjoy keeping up with James and his thoughtful interviews with talented, hardworking musicians. - Arlen Ivey
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The Iveys
Dharmic Evolution is wonderful! James is a great person and a great interviewer. The content is always interesting and James just has "That" voice. Big praises for interviewing and bringing some light to unknown artists.
James uses conversation and his knowledge of music since he is a singer/songwriter himself, to engage his guests on the show. I really enjoy the dialogue and the music and talent he brings on. The talent is up and coming, very fresh!
Jacked up Jimmy
Dialogue style interview with music! 👍
James’ style is a fresh, authentic and genuine, giving his guests an abundance of airtime to share what they would like to. Rather than having a preplanned list of questions, he will let the interview unfold naturally, giving his audience the conversation that they would likely have with the guest. His guests are often up and coming singers/songwriters with crackin’ kickass music, which have led me to follow them on Insta. The authors, speakers and thought leaders he’s had on have also been very insightful and interesting. I look forward to the DE episode each week!
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Great show
Dharmic Evolution presents a wonderful selection of insightful guests and topics in an informative and enjoyable format. James is a thoughtful and personable host who is engaged with his guests and engaging with the audience. I look forward to many more episodes!
five strings
Great show, concept, and host!
Each week Dharmic Evolution finds amazing people who not only enter into great conversations with James, but they each have great pieces of wisdom that can help us in our everyday lives. I love the range of guests and topics. Very well done!
Dharmic Evolution
Dharmic Evolution brings such interesting content and guests on this podcast. The host, O'Connor, brings a strong, lively voice that inspires a great conversation with his guests. For anyone who is a creative, it's a must to have in the podcast library especially if they are a singer, songwriter, artist, writer. TJH
teresa aka tjoy
Inspiration For The Rising Star In All Of Us!
I’ve had the unique experience of both listening to Dharmic Evolution shows and being a guest! The host, James Kevin O’Conner, is a Master Interviewer, Inspirational Guide, and Generous Spirit! With skill, kindness, wit and humor, Mr. O’Conner takes both his guest and his audience on a journey of discovery and evolution. Get to know the stars of tomorrow, while at the same time reconnecting to your own passions and purpose!
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Inspiring and Incredible!
James is not only incredibly talented with a captivating voice, but he brings on incredible guests that help inspire your journey! Thanks James I really enjoy tuning in!
A service to the world
Dharmic Evolution is not your average interview series-really digs deeper into emotions and more which really pulls the listener in and engages them-love the variety of artists and all the great music too!
Bohemian Path
thank you.
Super inspiring I really enjoy listening to this.Thanks
Jessue Ray
Best show
This is the best show
What an amazing and inspiring interview with the beautiful and talented Faith... she is full of life and passion! I can hear the love and energy in here voice. Big dreams and more for this young singer/songwriter. Your name says it all FAITH... believe and all things are possible! 😃🔥🙏🏼
This is a GREAT Show...Worth Watching for Sure
I like this show a wholoe lot. It is a great avenue for getting deserving artists a little facetime and exposure. This format is excellent for that. If you are looking for new artists this show does an excellent job highlighting up-and-coming artists that deserve the attention. Well done folks!
Fantastic way to discover great Artists!
James does a fantastic job interviewing outstanding recording artists and giving them an opportunity to be heard by music fans around the world. The interviews are candid, in-depth and very well done. Add in tons of great music and you have an A-list Podcast. Dharmic Evolution is awesome for Artists and the fans!
Heart & Soul
Kevin does a great job at interviewing with heart and soul. This is a very refreshing podcast for those with want some creative inspiration. :-)
Awesome Podcast
James has an awesome podcast here, filled with wonderful music by a variety of talented artists. I really enjoyed listening to their individual stories as well, learning about how they go about their creative process. James not only has a wonderful show here, but he also writes and sings beautiful music himself. He is a super talented guy all around!
K.E. Marks
Stuart Interview
Kevin, is a very skilled interviewer, I felt immediately relaxed and comfortable. Kevin was able to drive the interview through the dynamics of conversation with great ease. Kevin you are a natural and I am so grateful to have been selected. It was a true honor and a great pleasure. Stuart
Kevin is a great interviewer. His questions not only made me think about aspects of my personal career, but brought out insight that’s applicable to anyone pursuing a career in the arts.
Owen Kortz
Awesome Podcast!
James Kevin O’Connor really dives into the lives of the musicians he interviews! You can tell he really cares and is a musician himself. Love this show!
Kimberly Otte
Fantastic show!
I recently did an interview with James Kevin O’Connor and I truly enjoyed our conversation. Fantastic host and great show! I highly recommend it. So, have a listen!
Master Storyteller - Talented
I enjoy this podcast with James Kevin, he is so talented, dynamic and a true artist. He brings out the best in people on his interviews. If you need an uplift today listen in..James Kevin will take you there.
great show and great music!
Thank you so much James! Keep up the great work!!
Great experince
I have been on all sides of a lot of Podcasts and Kevin's was my best experiences. He just has a zen way of bringing the story out of us and I would be happy to do it again with him. I recommend listening to many of these Podcasts. Chris Lipper
Chris Lipper
The best!
Really amazing podcast ! great Interviews !
Sales Rep
Great material, content and quality! Keep up the great work.
Love it!!
Insightful, entertaining and downright wonderful! Loving listening to this show!!!! Thanks for the great content and approach!! I first got interviewed, now I’m a fan!
Jodi Fedor
Dharmic Evolution
Many of the interviews are really deep and insightful, but also James Kevin O'Connor interviews with a light-hearted and humorous style that makes it interesting. The comedy bits are a riot! Comic genius!
Great Shows
Shows are both informative as well as entertaining. Keep them coming!!!
Great Job
Kevin is a great personality and very skilled interviewer and host. The show is very informative and entertaining.
Heroes Journey CrossFit
Kevin is incredibly inspiring and positive! Every time I hear his voice, I'm instantly uplifted and put into a better state of mind and being. His authenticity is contagious!
Katie Leiher
Love Kevin's energy!
I'm a big believer in the leader of any platform being open to good energy and positivity. Kevin O'Connor sets the stage for a really honest, truthful conversation that I look forward to hearing every time I listen in. The added twist of music and soul that Kevin integrates into the interviews really make it special to listen in to if you enjoy those things. Can't recommend Kevin enough!
Christopher Stepien
Gabriel Messuti
Great Podcast if you are interested in the world and minds of those who make up the “creative community”. Kevin really dig’s into the heart and soul of those being interviewed, while simultaneously sharing about himself. Again, refreshing to hear such sincerity and authenticity come through my speakers.
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