Developer Tea
Developer Tea
Jonathan Cutrell
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Really useful
I’m a college student and I’ve only listened to two episodes so far but it’s already useful. I am also learning more about the tech community and trying to be a bigger part of it so this podcast seems like it would very good for that.
Awesome podcast
Great range of topics + interviews. Also host, Jonathan Cutrell, has a nice voice :) Thanks for the great podcast!
Very insightful
Excellent podcast with relevant information delivered in a very effective manner
Feels like your friend is talking to you
Great podcast. It’s like an experienced developer siting right next to you , who understands human behavior giving you great advice.
Highly recommended.
I learn a lot from this podcast. Highly recommended.
Deliver most value by minute
This podcast consistently delivers high quality information in a very efficient manner.
Always contains concepts worth journaling
This podcast never fails to share ideas that I have to stop my dog walk and capture via dictation because they apply to my life as a developer-entrepreneur. I deeply appreciate how different this is from nearly all other podcast of any genre- in that it has no riffing/live radio types of filler- it’s as concise as it is relevant. Would like to get his thoughts in some episode on when conceptually one has pushed too hard debugging and needs to move on, vs when it’s best to stay disciplined and keep pushing oneself at a big they aren’t figuring out.
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Nice chunks of wisdom and thoughtfulness
This podcast is like one of those books that you go back and reread bits and pieces from time to time, because those bits and pieces remain valuable at various points in life. I recommend.
Best Developer Podcast BY FAR
I really appreciate the wide range of topics that revolve around being a developer that happen outside of your editor. When I listen to this, it helps focus on goals, life balance, getting better etc. This podcast has help me stay away from a lot of entertainment that just feels like fast food for my brain. It is the only podcast I am subscribed to.
Good episode on burnout. Thanks.
nice show
Gives me food for work related thought every time. The host has a soothing voice to boot. nice!
Technology meets mindfulness or psychology
I love the nodes of wisdom the host offers his suggestions make you look at coding/ building in a human relatable way that any background can follow
Great podcast for all developers
I started listening to the podcast about 2 months ago and look forward to listening every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The podcast really helps me frame my mindset and gives me new ways to think about problems and overcome challenges. I highly recommend to programmers of all skill levels
Much better than
Hi Jonathan, I’ve owed you a 5-star review for awhile now. When I first listened to your podcast a couple of years ago, my first reaction was that it was some guy saying a bunch of obvious stuff, while acting like it was profound. Fast-forwarding to today, I am still here listening. In most episodes I am finding nuggets of real wisdom which have helped me in keeping the right perspectives or have helped me to look at things from another direction. Anyone who is a developer or considering being one — even a seasoned developer — can benefit by subscribing and listening to Developer Tea. Thank you for the podcast and please keep up the excellent work! Best wishes!
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A Good Compliment to Other Tech Podcasts
Jonathan talks about interesting ideas, ranging from technology and communication to human psychology and the workings of organizations. In addition, he occasionally interviews interesting people. I started off listening to a few shows and then started listening to every show. Then I started working my way through all the episodes that I had missed. I strongly recommend listening. The episodes are usually fairly short (10-20 minutes) and are usually thought-provoking
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Helped me get my first dev job
This show was fundamental to helping me get into the tech industry and land my first dev job. The advice and lessons learned in this show are invaluable. I highly recommend it.
It’s about so much more
This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts, and it’s about so much more than coding. It’s about learning, and philosophy, and productivity. In fact, if you aren’t even a coder at all I’m sure you’ll still get a ton out of this podcast. They’re brief, with a lot of insight packed into each episode. Worth subscribing, most definitely.
Wonderful podcast
Really an awesome podcast. Great content and I like how the speaker’s voice sounds meditational.
Over the top advertising
And on and on and on about .tech domain names. Who cares! Stop trying to convince me I need a .tech name just so you can sell something. Brief shoutouts are fine, but this was over the top. It also feels manipulative when you don’t start out your endorsement by disclosing your personal interest in it. If you want your name to mean something, knock it off. Thanks!
The best non-technical podcast for developers
I found it recently. So motivating and inspirational! It supports me a lot on my developer way.
Full Stack Mobile Developer
This is the podcast I look forward to ever day on the way to work 👌🏼
Mucho más que un Podcast para desarrolladores
No solamente aprenderás cosas para desarrolladores si no que también aprenderás a desarrollar tu mente y ser más eficiente con todo lo que hagas. Es en inglés pero el locutor tiene una dicción perfecta y te será muy fácil entenderlo. Lo más que me gusta es como trae temas diferentes de auto mejoramiento como persona que te ayudarán en la vida para ser un profesional. The Best Podcast!
Great for developers but applicable to non-developers
Developer Tea is by far my favorite podcast and most listened to. The subject matter is primarily targeted towards developers and aspiring devs like myself, but some of the advice and topics are applicable to life in general which makes it valuable and worthwhile even for non-developer types.
Curb Alert
Not just for software developers
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few months now. As a former developer and now manager of devs, this podcast is helpful for more than just devs. Quite a few episodes deal with other aspects of ‘work’, life, and balance that have nothing to do with the industry. Now, the context is about improving the life and focus of a developer, so if you aren’t in the industry, you’ll need to take a step back and listen with the bigger picture in mind. It do give a listen.
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Helpful show
Good content for all developers.
Unique and essential for coders
If you write code for a living - or aspire to - this podcast will give you career-building advice not easily found elsewhere. As coders we are accustomed to focusing on the trees, but Jonathan will make you pull back and appreciate the forest.
Great podcast
I really appreciate developer tea because although it’s not talking about technical details of software, it teaches about useful practices needed in a developer workplace.
Very well done.
I realize that the way you put/present simple ideas and simplify big problems makes huge difference! Love this podcast
Great podcast
Really great podcast. I really like that episodes are short, and full of usefull information. Great work Jonathan.
Professional. Interesting. Concise.
Developer tea is one of the first podcast I listened to, however I still enjoy like the first day. This show not only encompass a wide variety of development topics, but inspire me to continue learning and researching as a junior programmer. Keep up the great work.
Developer Tea accomplishes what few other things in existence do or even try to do; it effectively communicates a transcendental message solely for the purpose of good, and carefully chooses to do so in the context of a platform that has more potential than any other known. Restated- it packages the message of love and humility and explains precisely how to integrate that with technology as a means to spread that completely simple, and beautiful message. Something I feel very lucky to have the privilege of finding outside of myself. A must listen!
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Avant Gourd
The Name Speaks Volumes
I enjoy drinking tea. I enjoy developing. I now do both with more enjoyment thanks to this podcast. When I need a break from programming, I get the kettle screaming and pop on the next episode of this fantastic podcast. While I'm new to programming, this podcast has already helped me develop new habits in ways that I never thought I was capable of!
Lovely Perspective and Eye Opening for what's New
I'm still back in the 2015 archives, but developing for the past ~5 years (PHP + frontend haha), I find this refreshing and interesting conversation on what was then new, from many perspectives and types of programming. I am sure this will continue in newer episodes. The production is great, never bored, great sound and good about being digestibly on topic with a little bend. :) I've only held one job at one company so far in this industry so I appreciate hearing about what it is like elsewhere and what our world is buzzed about.
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Ashley Andersen
Fun and Short Form
Developer Tea is pretty interesting, and most of the guests have worthwhile things to say. The short format is different from most podcasts I'm used to, but is balanced out by a frequent release schedule.
Nikola Kantar
One of my favorite podcasts
I absolutely love this podcast. I have learned an incredible amount about web development from the host and his guests.
Great Value Per Minute
Even though this podcast is ususally only 15 minutes - 25 minutes long INCLUDING sponsor messages, I still feel like the amount of value I get out of each individual is sometimes equal to if not greater than other podcasts of greater length.
A must if you want to grow as a developer
I absolutely love this show. Jonathan always brings great insight on coding, career development, and the soft skills necessary to navigate the waters of the workplace. The short ep run time is great for those of us with short attention spans, but don't let that fool you; there's always a dearth of information or thought provoking idea to dig into. I highly recommend this show to developers, aspiring developers, and those who work with developers.
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continually impressed
I am always impressed by Jonathan's topics, input and speaking style. He was made for podcasting/teaching. I highly recommend for developers and wanna be developers (me).
Well Done
I don't write podcast reviews often (ever), but I just started listening to Developer Tea and I'm already looking forward to going back to older episodes. They are the perfect length of time for my ADHD brain, but they incorporate a very real and human side to the world of development in addition to the technical talk, which a lot of other podcasts do not accomplish well. Positive, encouraging, and not douchey. Cheers!
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Short & Sweet and walk away learning something new
I loved Jonathan's show and I learn alot from and perfect for when I need a break from work and trying to just learn something new or hear what is happening on the Spec network
Very good. Short and sweet episodes.
Concise and relevant.
Perfectly digestible
Great balance of stuff for absolute beginners and glimpses into more advanced topics.
The best podcast I have ever listened to!
I feel extremely appreciative and grateful for having found this podcast. Precise, inspirational, just down right great!! Clear voice , clear examples, very in depth even with short episodic listenings.
Great Podcast
Captivating podcast with interesting and helpful nuggets of knowledge!
Not a developer, but I LOVE this podcast!
I work closely with a dev team and I have benefited so much from listening to this show! Not only does it help my communication with developers, but a lot of times I get important information and recommendations about managing teams and work ethic in general. Don't think this podcast isn't for you if you don't write code -- there's something here that any working professional can benefit from! And I love the short and sweet format -- I really can listen to a quick episode on a tea or coffee break. Keep up the amazing work! :)
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Content has gotten really bad...
I used to really enjoy this podcast... and I would reccomend the earlier episodes to everyone, they were fantastic. However, lately it has gotten so bad I cannot stand to listen to it. All it is anymore is the host spewing recycled garbage people already know. "To be more productive make a list and prioritize it" or "Your applications should run fast, if they don't it's a bad experience for your users". Perhaps I just outgrew the show, his earlier episodes had been very helpful to me getting through school and getting an internship and a really nice company. There is a very little chance that I would be sitting where I am today if it wasn't for Jon. I suppose it's just time to part ways...
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Sir Picasso
Good stuff
Great content ideas and tips
One of my top 3 podcasts!
I absolutely love Developer Tea. I listen on my way to work. I have used what I've learned from Jonathan not only in my professional life but also in my personal life. A great podcast not just for developers but professionals in general! Keep up the good work!
Angela Blabey
Developer Tea Flattens the Soft Skills Learning Curve for Developers
I will make this review short, sweet, and to the point just like Developer Tea: This podcast delivers what developers want and need. Quality resources on the technical, hard skills of software development are common. Quality resources on the more eleusive, easy aspects of software development are uncommon. What makes Developer Tea stand out is that it fills a gap in information about soft skills, personal development, and personal branding. This is not to say that technical aspects are ignored. They are not. When Jonathan Cutrell is not sharing his own wise words about his own software development career, he invites in all sorts of interesting people to interview. This balanced and interesting podcast will only cost you 10 to 20 minutes of time to listen. The return on investment is well worth it.
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