Destination Healthcare
Destination Healthcare
Jake Goodman
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Amazing podcast!
Thank you, Jake, for sharing your wisdom and bringing together such inspired, incredible professionals. Every pre-health student should listen in…I’ll be sharing!!
Well done!
Loved episode 1! Jake and Tommy really vibed and I left the podcast feeling motivated and inspired! Can’t wait for Episode 2!
Med Student Jake
This is an amazing new podcast! Jake is a great podcast host and asks all the right questions that we all want to know the answers to. Look forward to hearing more episodes in the future!
Great Host
Jake is a great host! He’s insightful and a great help for anyone who hopes to get into the healthcare field.
Rox N.
Great content!
As someone who is interested in healthcare, this was extremely informative. I really like the way Jake Goodman is so passionate about what he does.
TING Ting 23
Motivational and realistic advice
I really appreciate how this episode and pretty much all of Jake’s content centers around real people their stories of success without embellishment or fluff. Highly recommend this podcast and checking out his other content for a realistic roadmap to get into medical school!
Southern Belle J.
Excited for this podcast series!
I loved this first episode. It was well structured, interesting, and inspiring. I enjoyed learning about Dr. Martin’ journey and I’m looking forward to hearing about other healthcare professionals’ unique experiences as well.
premedkid (Jessica)
5 Stars
Very insightful, and well researched. I enjoyed this!
Great for premed or any young healthcare student
Jake is a great host and this is a fun source to hear from interesting healthcare workers! As a med student I enjoyed the convo with the Ironman athlete doc, I want to do an Ironman during intern year too!
Great content!
Very insightful!! Looking forward to subsequent episodes.
Great podcast. Great guy.
Always love hearing what Jake has to say. He is helping increase access to information for pre-health professionals. Bravo!
Hannie G.
Destination Med
Jake’s instagram and podcast pages are fantastic for anyone who is interested in the healthcare field-especially for pre-med students!
Destination Healthcare does not disappoint!
Great first episode and can’t wait to hear more from this podcast!
I’d pay attention
Jake is a phenomenal dude that is bringing together a variety of perspectives from the healthcare field. The first episode with Dr. Martin is one for the books. I will continue to listen to the upcoming episodes.
Awesome and inspiring
This was a phenomenal listen. So interesting to hear about Dr. Martin’s journey - from his upbringing to the roadblocks, successes, and joy along the way. Thank you for sharing!