Desire to Inspire
Desire to Inspire
Melissa Martin
The desire of host Melissa Martin is to inspire you into living your best life. Pursue your hobbies, passions, and dreams and make them into your new reality. Hear inspiring stories and experiences from successful people who have done just that. New episodes come out every other Wednesday. Enjoy!
Yoga Studio Takes a Turn feat. Amanda Audibert
What first started as a side hustle turned into a full time gig and then took a turn and went completely virtual. From discussing the struggles of COVID, to knowing in your heart what is right and what is meant to be, this episode is not one you want to...
Mar 23
58 min
Step Aside White Claw feat. Galen Hand
Imagine having a spiked seltzer, but with no carbonation...? Well, Melissa digs deep in finding out how NOCA was created, and how NOCA's are now sold on shelves all across New England. Between talking about the importance of having a solid network of...
Mar 9
1 hr 10 min
Charcuterie Galore feat. Elena Pace
In this episode, we talk passions, how important it is to follow your true calling, and how you should never settle. Charcuterie boards, Italian meals, and different cuisines are discussed as we talk about the come up of Eating with E, a local CT...
Feb 23
38 min
Get Your Glow On feat. Kara Mac
This episode is all about spray tanning celebrities, the struggles of the beauty industry and COVID, and business talk with Kara Mac, Owner of Kara Macs A Place to Glow. Leave this episode with the glow up you didn't know you needed.Instagram:...
Feb 9
59 min
The Pallet Side Hustle feat. Brian and Victoria Kaye
Pallets, babies, side hustles, OH MY! Melissa breaks down how The Pallet People got started, the grind it really takes to run a successful side hustle, and The Pallet People's future plans with the business. If you don't have a side hustle currently,...
Jan 26
47 min
Layoffs, Clay Earrings, & Etsy feat. Mackenzie Campbell
Ever wonder how to run an Etsy shop or how to make beautiful jewelry? Mackenzie Campbell, Owner of Sunburst Clay discusses why she started making clay earrings, what it was like to be laid off during a pandemic, and the functionality of having an Etsy...
Jan 12
1 hr 7 min
Wholesaling and Wholesome feat. Tyler Smith
Wholesaling real estate...If you've heard of it, it sounds too good to be true but truth be told, it is this good and it is real! Tyler Smith, owner of Alpha Investments LLC  tells us what wholesaling real estate is, how he got into it, and how he built...
Dec 29, 2020
54 min
Three Books & 29 Years Old feat. Vaneeta Kaur
Ever wonder what it's like to publish a book? So many people have said that they want to write a book "some day" but why not start now? Vaneeta Kaur, Author of Broken Branches tells us about how she published two books and is in the middle of completing...
Dec 15, 2020
59 min
Are you CTFoodGirly?! feat. Alex Acquarulo
How does an Instagram page turn into a business you ask? Alex Acquarulo, Owner and Operator of CT FoodGirly, LLC tells us how she started her business that first started off as a simple Instagram page. Tune in and you will hear Alex talk about how she...
Dec 1, 2020
1 hr 4 min
Getting Real Raw with Raw and Rebellious feat. Sarah Smyth
What first started as a jewelry business out of her college dorm room is now so much more than that! From jewelry, to prints, to accessories, to collage books, Raw and Rebellious has so much to offer. Sarah Smyth, Owner and CEO of Raw and Rebellious...
Nov 3, 2020
1 hr 5 min
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