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Dermatology Weekly
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Short, Concise, & Cutting Edge
So cutting edge, I truly enjoy these topics and thought provoking analysis each episode unleashes. Keep this coming, it’s improving how we all practice medicine. Thank you.
Dr Mike
Needs a different host
He cannot pronounce basic medical words correctly which is highly distracting as I try to figure out what he meant to say. No personal knock against the host, he had a great podcast voice and carries the episode well, but I think strong consideration of a new host with medical and dermatological experience would be a huge improvement. I do wonder if the editors/producers preview the eps before release? The mispronunciations are quite glaring.
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Brachioradial Pruritus (BRP) and Hyperhidrosis
Yo! Glycopyrrolate and oxybutynin for hyperhidrosis may aggravate Brachioradial Puritus. And, yes, BRP and HH can coexist in patients.
Bottom Line Up Front
Who is the presenter?
The presenter in the first part of the podcast mispronounces common dermatologic/medical terms so often that it greatly distracts from the content of the podcast. Erythematous, genitourinary, purpuric, acral, and vesicular are just a few examples of mispronounced words and there are too many more. It’s a shame that it makes the podcast too painful for me to listen to. This would be a great volunteer position for medical students or even premed students who would do a better job.
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Decent basic overview of medical derm lit
Fairly repetitive material being shared, would be great to add some surgical (cutaneous onc) dermatology and even dermatopathology papers clinically relevant to a derm practice. Also, the vocal fry in a guest (telephone?) presenter this past episode made it absolutely impossible to listen to.
Erez M.
A trusted source
As a Medical professional I love this podcast as a trusted source for info and derm news - great for the ride to/from work.