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Don’t overlook the genitals during a total-body skin examination
22 minutes Posted Mar 25, 2021 at 1:00 am.
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Recent surveys show that dermatologic examinations tend to neglect the genital area. In this resident takeover, Sophie A. Greenberg, MD (@sophiegreenberg), talks to Margaret Maria Cocks, MD, PhD (@Margaret_Cocks), about the lack of focus on the genital area in the total-body skin examination (TBSE), especially in female patients, and the paucity of training on genital examinations in residency. “While [melanoma] is rare, a lot of the time when genital melanomas are identified, they’re often found later and more aggressive stages ... partially that might be because this area is not routinely examined by any care provider,” Dr. Cocks notes. They also discuss practical tips for including the genital area in the TBSE while focusing on patient comfort as well as diseases that may be overlooked by omitting the genitals in a TBSE.


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Host: Sophie A. Greenberg, MD (department of dermatology, Columbia University Medical Center, New York)

Guests: Margaret Maria Cocks, MD, PhD (department of dermatology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City)

Disclosures: Dr. Greenberg and Dr. Cocks report no conflict of interest.

Show notes by: Allegra Sparta, Melissa Sears

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