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Looking back on retinoid discovery and development with Dr. James Leyden
47 minutes Posted Oct 15, 2020 at 1:00 am.
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In this week’s podcast, Dermatology News columnist Leslie S. Baumann, MD, interviews James J. Leyden, MD, emeritus professor of dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, about his significant ​research contributions in the field of dermatology, including finding the cure for diaper rash and the development of retinoids for acne and photoaging. Dr. Leyden also recounts his experience working with Albert Kligman, MD, at the University of Pennsylvania and how they changed the way the world treats acne with lots of contemplation, observation, perseverance, and a little luck.

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1. The interesting history of dermatologist-developed skin care  (

2. More on the history of dermatologists and skin care (

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Hosts: Nick Andrews; Leslie S. Baumann, MD (Skin Type Solutions, Miami)

Guest: James J. Leyden, MD (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)

Disclosures: Dr. Baumann is CEO of Skin Type Solutions. Dr. Leyden did not report any conflicts of interest.

Show notes: Elizabeth Mechcatie

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