Demon Slayer Podcast
Demon Slayer Podcast
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Could use some work
Audio quality could work… otherwise pretty nice.
robloxien guy
I started it it, expecting it to be like other podcasts I’ve listened to, but no, it actually has some interesting content on it. Unlike others. I got hooked! Definitely recommend for people who like demon slayer!
I love thissss
You guy rock in this I love demon slayer
This is my favorite podcast
The demon slayer podcast is a very interesting one to listen to I love it so much and thank you for giving me encouragement to get motivated
Babay twenty
I am hooked up on this!!!!!!!!!😍
Anime weeb😋
I just started & I thought this would b reading the manga after the show ended also I think u 4 ur theme u could do the demon slayer theme idk were the comments r so I’m using the “write a review” so I’ll just do 5 stars bc I’m not rating it & I don’t want to give u a bad review.
It was slow
For me it was really slow and the first episode it felt like they took a long time int eh intro.
kiyah beans
Icup slayers 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Music I great I watch lots of demon slayer my favorite is tanjiro ne ne nezuko
Episode 47 and all episode review
These guys are pretty knowledgeable but especially episode 47 wasn’t that great I would’ve given a 4 or five star review but Allison is terrible she doesn’t seem like she’s even into the show honestly she sounds a little slow and she complains to much. Also guys I am American I like dubs but the dub was not able to match the sub at all tengen and Gyutaro are going to be impossible to match up
Vpuram 21
Its cool
I got hooked first 5 minutes
fan of Demon slayer
Love this
Short demon slayer meme
Demon slayers :you can only kill a demon by hit it’s weak spots and cutting off its head :shonbo :triggers
heyying guy
The imposter is mega rare sus. This is the best is the best ever (sus) tanjiro sus Nesuko sus shenobu sus SUS
f ghdhgfyh
Great job
I love the podcast. You guys are great but geez is Allison autistic. If not get her off the podcast. All she does is complain the ENTIRE time about pace and everything else. It’s weird, are y’all forcing her to be there?
slayer jamal