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Two grown men passionately discussing a thing most people grow out of by age 25.
Track 59: Gatekeeping Ska
You can probably just skip this one. We wish we had.Send music to Become a patron at Call and leave a brief message at (260)222-8341.Queue: Daufødt, Shackles, Kommand, Soul Glo, Hetze, Endorphins Lost, Offhand, Louisiana Lot Lizards, Violent Christians, Corrupt Vision
Oct 14
1 hr 41 min
Track 58: The Heels of Hardcore
You wanna step to us? You don't have what it takes, bitch boy. Submit music to Become a patron at Call and talk shit, if you dare, at (260)222-8341.Queue: Primal Brain, DIE., Madhouse, Ozhog, Unreal City, Permission, Shadowman, Neck Deep In Depth, Biruss, Histamine
Oct 4
1 hr 50 min
Track 57: Wearing the Faces of Rescued Pit Bulls
Nate says animal abuse is cooler than caring about human rights. I cape up for nazi musicians. So just another typical day at Demolisten HQ!Order a shirt at Send music to Become a patron at Leave a message at (260)222-8341.Queue: Loud Night, Biruss, Ozhog, Cadenaxo, Roundhouse, Caustic Wound, Clown Core, Accursed Share, False Negative, Bastard Priest
Sep 27
1 hr 30 min
Track 56: The Shittiest Episode Yet
Look, with over a year under our belts, we're bound to have a bad one here and there. As promised, here's the link to order shirts. They'll be up for a week. To submit music, email us at Become a patron at Leave a short message at (260)222-8341.Queue (As I write this, I realize we had 11 bands this week. I was so fried.): Offhand, Zulu, Skeleton, Permission, Heavy Discipline, Phedre, Jenny Diver, Real Trouble, Militarie Gun, Jenny Diver, Blind Idol
Sep 20
1 hr 45 min
Track 55: To Silence Them in Horror and Awe
Been a while since we've gotten a good "Nate wishes for a cataclysmic event" rant. Happy to announce that we get a good 20 minute one this week! Queue: Dead Hour Noise, Real Trouble, Dry Socket, Fatties, Reaching Out, Omega Point, Haircut, Excide, Supercrush, Power Face
Sep 13
2 hr 20 min
Track 54: The Official CrimethInc. Podcast
Nate and I are dumpster diving anarchist Crass fans. To submit music, email us at To become a patron, check out Call and leave a short message at (260)222-8341.Queue: Phèdre, D!pT, Deseos Primitivos, G*U*N*N, Vanguard, Rigorous Institution, Pestilent Planet, Soothing, TXTBOOK, Highway Sniper
Sep 6
1 hr 39 min
Track 53: Deglove the Baby's Skeleton
I'm sorry about the length on this one, but we had to get through the ungodly amount of calls. Actually, I'm not sorry. This is our fucking show. To submit music, email us at To become a patron, go to Call and leave a BRIEF message at (260)222-8341. Queue: Holy Water, Supercrush, Crow Killer, Your Disease, Heavy Discipline, Nightwire, Choke Chain, Torture Tomb, Bitter Branches, Emboscadahttps://emboscadazc.bandcamp.comhttps://bitterbranches.bandcamp.com
Aug 30
2 hr 21 min
Track 52: Not the Dignity They Deserve
We're just not sure using Holocaust victims on your album art is the best way to remember them, ya know? Submit music to Become a patron (please) at Call and leave a message at (260)222-8341.Queue: Infiltrate, PM, Late Bloomer, Herbwurm, P22, Crush the Demoniac, Internal Rot, Execution Hour, Optimal Crime
Aug 23
2 hr 4 min
Track 51: Super Duper Anniversary Spectacular!
Osama bin Laden's greatest crime was the popularity of Creed. Submit music to Become a Patron at Call and leave a message at (260)222-8341.Queue: Taking Meds, Cartridge, Chat Pile, Unit, Spaceships, Terminal Nation, Krigshoder, Modern Color, Hevrat Ha'hashmal, Ixias
Aug 16
1 hr 51 min
Track 50: All Movies Suck
Lots of good shit on this week's episode. We must be doing something right. Keep the good submissions coming. Send music to Beome a patron at Give us a call at (260)222-8341.Queue: Wet Specimens, Alvin Row, Spinebuster, Taking Meds, Gulch, Bait, Livid, Poison Ruin, Sick Wish, Malware
Aug 9
1 hr 34 min
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