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Delete Your Account Podcast
Delete Your Account
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Great podcast
Every episode is great- but the ones with Brett
Excellent, Informative
I’m proud to be a subscriber since the beginning. I always learn something when I listen to DYA and its amazing guests.
Never throws the baby out with the bathwater
So refreshing to hear a podcast that is both critical and generous, and highlights the anti capitalist work of often dismissed or marginalized movements by actually talking to organizers. There are so many demoralizing anti woke podcasts out there, it gets old fast. If you actually want to learn something constructive about what left movements are doing, and do it with good humor, this is a podcast for you!
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Live! From their parents basement!
Just a couple whiny ass white kids who haven’t done anything in their lives.
Thorough, informed, and fun
Kumars and Roqayah host an excellent podcast built around their fun personalities and meaningful, thorough interviews with real leftist organizers. Always informative, and always fun — Delete Your Account is worth your time (and your $5/month on Patreon).
Aaron Weiss
I have really been enjoying this pod, but the nuanced discussion of Sanders’ foreign policy took this over the edge for me. I’m all in for Bernie but concerned about his foreign policy past, present and future, so it was a really grounding experience to hear leftists that I respect discuss these issues without giving up on the movement Bernie represents or letting him off the hook. I’ve appreciated so much that I’ve listened to on this pod but really wanted to thank you guys for that bit of analysis.
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Very lit
If you’ve got dirtbag left podcast brain, Delete Your Account is perfect for taking your righteous indignation into real world analysis and preventing cynical inaction. They have on great organizers, explicitly include racial and gender justice issues in their socialist politics, and seem like nice people.
Koala rescuers down under
‘Barefoot should be safe, legal and rare’
This nickname is taken. Try a
Great show
Funny, educational and super interesting. Your number 1 fan from Montana here. Possibly your only fan from Montana I suppose. Surrounded by trumpers out here.
tristen ludlow
Fox News Brain
Finally, a relatable episode worth listening to. I’ve subscribed and skipped about 20 episodes just to listen to this as soon as it came out.
One of my favorites
Always informative and engaging. Great guests and topics. One of my favorites and I always look forward to the next.
spencer snave
The best podcast.
This is the best podcast. Subscribe to it.
Liz Ham
the best podcast with the best guests
for a podcast that discusses such depressing issues and problems in society, y'all keep it full of humor (kumars puns) and and positivity to keep it flowing.
Wasting time at work
I usually don’t write reviews but I still have an hour or so left on my shift and I’m bored. Also, it’s 5pm and 90+ degrees outside so I’m in the shade trying not to move much. Anyway, great show. I’ve been binge listening at work and every show has been entertaining and educational. Definitely can’t afford to subscribe to your patreon but hopefully my listening and rating helps. If y’all are still making these when/if I do get a job that allows me discretionary income, I’ll be happy to subscribe. Cheers.
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why must i include a nickname?
love this podcast
So glad I found u two! I love this podcast, its one of my favorites of all time :) to Ms. Roqayah and Mr. Kumars, thanks for making things! Wishing u the best :D
much needed leftist perspectives
love this podcast! please do an episode about the fight against amazon hq2 in nyc (saying this selfishly bc i was involved in the organizing but itd be a good episode)
Every minute is great
The podcast embodies the word quality. The banter is quality, the interviews are quality, the jokes are quality. Subscribe because this is what you need.
Consistently amazing
I’ve listened to Delete Your Account for almost three years, it’s the only one I’ve listened to this long- every episode is funny and informative and tbh half of my news
E-clare de lune
The Best
Roqayah and Kumars offer the best, most sincere leftist commentary while interviewing writers and organizers across the spectrum. Also, I think Kumars imitated a parrot in cockney-voice and that’s awesome!
Jason, a bean
My favorite leftist podcast
Accessible language and critical in depth conversations. Love finding out about global work being done by organizers and activists. Thank you for the work you all do!
Wonderful podcast, amazing interviews
I love this podcast. Perfect! Listen to this- don't even worry about missing NPR and other news sources for the most part. It's very good on Delete Your Account!
Informative yet approachable
My favorite political podcast by far. DYA has challenged my perspective and taught me a lot. I was new to leftist politics when I started listening and I feel like I’ve gained so much listening to these discussions but never felt too out of my depth. I really enjoy Kumars and Roqayah’s banter too.
Negative review
Anna Khachiyan GANG!!!!!!!!!!!
Xanela Nagle
Smart and Funny
I found this through one of the co-host's appearance on an episode of Chapo Trap House (which they seem to deeply hate now). Strong bay area vibe (for good and bad). Little bit of cool-kids hateration, coupled with solid political insight and analysis. Mariame Kaba f4ever!
Anonymous #92746
My favorite podcast
This is my favorite podcast right now! I’m a trans abolitionist based on the Bay and feel like I’m learning a tremendous about about Left organizing across the country (and a little globally), helping me connect the struggles. Thank you for super smart commentary and the breadth of the issues you cover. I’d love to see more radical trans folks represented!
Love Roqayah and Kumars
Really love hearing from 2 voices that I rarely hear from in my very-Caucasian world. Keep it up!
Required Listening
Absolutely wonderful interviews. Love their takes. Hosts are totally adorable and funny (don't listen to the naysayers)!
uniqely necessary, also enjoyable
DYA isn't just good analysis, it's rigorous and expanding analysis. Sure, it's funny, and laugter is a prerequisite to sanity. What you don't find in DYA, though, are an addicts to laugter who need to be the center of attention (quite the opposite, in fact), or more importantly a willingness to suborn political integrity and coherence to jokes. If you want solid and responsible left analysis that isn't afraid of criticism, and you want to be inspired by conversation to increase your own accountability and improve your own politics, DYA. Also, Kumars and Roquayah have the sexiest voices on the internet.
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Great podcast, terrible thoughts on GoT!
I love this podcast so much, but I am a true GoT apologist in my heart. I came here for the politics and great perspectives, but your belief that GoT is problematic is simply put, wrong. GoT is great, and I love it, and I absolutely refuse to acknowledge its problematic nature in any way. So thank you for the great podcast even if y’all insist on being Thrones Haters.
Pretend radicals
There’s nothing radical here. It’s just as cynical, fear-based and obstinate as any neoliberal or conservative punditry. They just give you different grievances, different boogy men under the bed, and more complicated and unreasonable ways of dealing with issues. Offer no peace of mind; spend most of the podcast complaining about how nobody wants to hear their perspective. Maybe it’s because it’s just more of the same old same old?
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There are other good left podcast but DYA really focuses on organizing. What’s happening on the ground, what you can do, what it’s like to do the work. Great interviews with organizers with a variety of perspectives and focuses. Kumars and Roqayah make it approachable and they’re both hilarious, if you’re looking for a left podcast that isn’t only comedy but isn’t boring this is great.
Always incisive, never insufferable
Two leftists who genuinely like each other, book dope guests, remind me to be humble, and are earnest enough to inspire us all to be real about our beliefs, our principles, and our ambitions to remake the world.
I feel my brain getting bigger
I just love these guys. They go on these great deep dives into underserved topics like German politics. They are sassy without being mean about it. They also introduced to me to the glorious podcast Street Fight!
Love it
I’m glad I found this podcast. I was just scrolling through Twitter and retweeting progressive tweets and decided to give this a try. Well worth it
Excellent added perspective
As a middle aged white guy in the U.S., Roqayah and Kumars give me a different perspective than I would otherwise get, and I especially appreciate being connected to young people who are very knowledgeable in politics and democratic socialism.
One of my favorite listens
It’s great to have real left news
Great podcast
Listening to this show while doing boring lab work is the best. The hosts are informed, informative and funny and the guests they pick are awesome to listen to. This podcast has been a great way for me to find an in into leftism after a couple years of complacency.
sören df
much love
I love your podcast so much! you guys have been instrumental in my radicalization and thanks to your encouragement I have joined organizations involved in working class struggle and fighting for social justice. keep it up!
Not leftists
These folks are communists, the same type that destroyed Russia & China. They should say so upfront, instead of masquerading as some other viewpoint. They are The Big Brother.
Soooo Good.
I look forward to Delete Your Account every week because of their fantastic interviews with great people. Love the hosts as well!
Mona Wimmer
Overall average left leaning podcast
Listen to many podcasts (left, right, psychological, etc) to form my own opinions based in the politicized landscape we live in today. Most analysis I feel lacks deep analytical fact checking and comes from a place of deep emotion. While yes, emotion is great - it can be quite a hinderance in policy making versus an objective factual driven solution, hence 4 vs 5 stars.
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The good stuff baby
Awesome to hear from organizers, the people who lead grassroots movements
Perfect antidote to feelings of futility & despair
I did not know there were people out there producing actual relevant content that is so good and exactly speaks to what I'm thinking about at this very moment. I tried listening to chapo but could not get past the bro-ey nature of the opening banter and just stopped. A friend recommended this to me last week and I have been working my way backward through the episodes. I feel like the show, through the guests, helps make sense of the international political landscape in a way that is making me more optimistic and hopeful. Over the last year the left has in fact been getting organized, this show helps makes sense of all the various threads and movements out there in the world.
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LOVE LOVE LOVE Delete Your Account
Such a great podcast! Fantastic guests and fascinating discussions.
Matt Osborn
Informative and unfunny
I enjoy this podcast, they're terribly unfunny but have good discussions and are informative
Leftist Gold
The hosts lead their guests in thoughtful, pointed interviews with leftist thinkers, activists, and journalists, usually mixing in some hilarious pop culture banter before beginning each interview. If you're keen on listening to a podcast that uses leftist critical thought to make sense of rather than talk down to activists and community organizers, then Delete Your Account is for you.
Delaney Rohan
Mark Calaway (The Undertaker)
Learning a lot!
Discovered this podcast because of Miriame Kaba, and I've learned a lot in the few episodes I've listened to so far. I listened to a couple of the more recent episodes and now am starting at the beginning to hopefully work through them all. Thank you to the hosts and guests, keep up the good work!
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