Deep Questions with Cal Newport
Deep Questions with Cal Newport
Cal Newport
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Cal's depth and insight is incredibly refreshing
I've been following Cal's work for years, beginning with Deep Work - a book which helped me write three of my own book in under 6 month using the techniques from his. I even quote him in one, because he's that awesome. He brings deeply insightful questions (and holds the space for great answers from his guests) in every episode. No matter which topic comes up, he has a unique perspective that always gets me thinking a little differently from the norm - which is very refreshing. Highly recommended!
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Camille Virginia
Perfect booster shot to reinforce lessons learned
If I woke up tomorrow with photographic memory, I'd re-read all of Cal's books. In the meantime, I'll rely on the podcast to remind and reinforce all the lessons I've picked up over the years from Mr. Newport. It's also been the perfect artifical WFH-era commute podcast to help my brain shift from work-mode to home mode.
Digestible advice for a deeper life
As a big fan of his bigs and a wannabe “Newportian” when it comes to my own attempts at a deep life, I was thrilled when I found out about the podcast. The twice weekly episodes of digestible advice, born out of listener questions, continues to give me the tools I need to persistently mold my own deep life habits. It’s like reading “Deep Work”, “Digital Minimalism”, and “So good they can’t ignore you” over and over again each week!
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All Academics, All the Time
I recommend reading Cal Newport’s books (or listening to his audiobooks) over listening to this podcast, unless you happen to work at an institution of higher education. It just seems like most of the audience members asking the questions (or perhaps most of the ones Cal selects) happen to be either academics or students. Sure, some of Cal’s responses are generalizable, but many are targeted and as such are of limited use to those of us working the corporate grind. And for the academics reading this… I worked at more than one university before deciding to switch to the corporate sector, and I will be frank; if you are having so many productivity issues in academe, count your blessings that you’ve found an employer, because any corporation worth its salt would likely pulverize you to dust at your current output levels.
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El Kabong 17
Conversation with John Mark Comer
Hi Cal, got introduced to you through the BiggerPockets podcast. Really appreciate your work. I would really love to hear a conversation between you and Christian author John Mark Comer. You both have a lot of commonalities in your thinking, and I feel a conversation between the two of you would be fascinating. Best, Ian.
Very Effective
The pandemic was difficult as a professional musician. This podcast kept me going. I credit it for helping to make me an order of magnitude more productive (in a healthy and sustainable way) and helping me live a more balanced life on the whole. The highest compliment I can pay is that I am now quite a few episodes behind (too busy GTD now). Thanks, Cal! Mike L. Ashburn, VA
M. Langlois
I wish this podcast was shorter
Thank you so much for this podcast. It is a huge help. Cal Newport podcasts and opinions have helped me a lot in my life. I just wish this was shorter. Sometimes questions are repetitive consequently answers are the same. If this was 40 minutes per episode it would have been better. I just have one other suggestion. I wish Cal Newport didn’t limit everything to US and UK demographics. Conditions are not the same every where and some of the advices are only relevant to these two countries. If you are from a relatively poor county some these ideas don’t even apply. Again Cal Newport books and ideas has been amazing and saved me from a shallow life. Thank you so much.
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Stay Deep
Listening to Cal is like eating your vegetables. It’s not always the most exciting part of your meal but you know they’re good for you. So, you stick with them and over time you learn to enjoy them more and more. It’s the same with Cal. Sticking with the deep life and it’s principals isn’t always easy but having Cal there consistently talking about these principals is so helpful. Thanks Cal!
Guests are bad
I don’t find the guests to be any interesting at all - generally most of them are bad and talk on uninteresting topics. Cal should stick to the qna format, maybe bring in some academics we can relate to.
I could listen to 1,000 hours of Cal
Found podcast after reading Digital Minimalism. Love how Cal’s brain works. Interesting ideas presented with a logical and engaging style. What’s not to love?
Female guests?
As of episode 116, there still hasn’t been any female voices featured on the podcast. I’d love to hear from a female guest soon and more discussion of female intellectuals, and to hear a bit less of somewhat repetitive discussions of time block planning.
Claire mt
This podcast is a perfect follow up to all of his books (which I also highly, highly recommend) where he addresses the nuances of his philosophy that occurs real life. I don’t usually listen to podcasts, but this is one that I listen to regularly.
Top of my list
Powerful strategies for school, work, and living a better life. Worth your time 10X.
Kamado Kaptain
Very helpful but some issues
Cal Newport has been around some time and written very influential books. He also had done this while being a successful professor at Georgetown. Both of these underline his credibility in helping people better their lives. Oh yeah, he is also married with three younger children ! Since he has written a number of books and articles many questions arise from readers which can particularly help their own lives. When Cal answers questions I find he genuinely cares and wants to help. Plus his answers are very enlightening. So why do I have issues I ask ? It may be hard for me to explain but it his stance on market capitalism vs public service. Here are some examples . One, he has said that the money you make is a good standard on measuring your worth in society but then he defends teachers of schools who as we know are paid very low. Two, he discusses many apps or products but never mentions the value. So to say if something is worthwhile as economists know we have to look at their marginal value per dollar, but that does not enter his choice decision. Three, tied to above he jokes in. funny way about his study and has an ongoing debate with someone on who has the better office but many of us again dont have that choice. Finally, the ads just cheapen the show, it sounds like he makes enough money so why does he need to ads . He has to completely say its a great product but who knows what he really thinks. He could maybe not have a beautiful office and use those savings to provide credible ad free content. Plenty of other podcasts dont have ads. o So it is very helpful but if it bothers you that he rails against facebook etc. but at the same time he himself uses ads to make more money this podcast will bother you. You will always wonder does Cal really have a public service, caring feeling or is he chasing $$.
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Accessible, life affirming, nerdy goodness
Cal Newport’s guidance and work method gives “permission” to the many of us who want to pursue a deeper life. It gave me the tools I didn’t know I needed to structure my work day. This podcast encourages strategic tech use in order to rebuild meaningful personal connections. All of his books are brilliant as well. If you want to step away from all the noise on social media, give this a listen. Or many.
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Pragmatic with a deep philosophical undercurrent. Reconceptualizing “productivity”
A podcast that has presented a very clear trajectory for improving one self through reflection and organization, establishing much needed clarity. Pragmatic yet with a deep philosophical undercurrent. It feels like exactly what our culture needs at this moment. I am so impressed by the wisdom and utility Cal provides that I share his insights often in my movement classes; when I bring up “my spiritual guru, Cal”, the students know exactly of whom I speak. I say that only partially tongue in cheek - the practices of resonance sampling, contemplation, etc, have profoundly influenced spheres that may seem far removed from “productivity” (a word I’m not even sure I understand anymore).
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Absolutely essential and entertaining
In 2 weeks I’ve listened to 25 episodes. Cannot get enough. I’ve started to adopt a few of Cal’s practices which has greatly helped my work day and my general feeling of “am I doing everything I’m supposed to be doing? And how do I figure out what I even should be doing?”. I’ve read a few of his books so I know what he’s all about but only recently have I actually started implementing his suggestions. But more importantly I am absorbing the Deep Life way of life and thinking! That is the key. It’s so energizing and also so relatable. The viewer questions are thoughtful and difficult and Cal’s insight as he provides his responses is creative, honest and, most importantly, adoptable. He’s really doing a service to our work, life and mindset. Thank you, Cal!
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JP 0926
New to the Podcast
Thank you for sharing the Deep Work and the Deep Life as well. Your work has been instrumental in my work with exhilarating and unpredictable 5th graders.Thank you
Big Cal Newport Fan
I’ve been a huge cal Newport fan for 2 years since having one of his books recommended to me. I’ve been obsessed with this podcast for the last year!
One of the most useful
I have taken more notes and made changes to my life from this podcast than any other I've listened to.
An integral part of my deep life routine
This is one of the few podcasts that I’ve listened to every single episode. Cal is full of insights as to how to maintain focus and energy, avoid burnout, and to generally live a happier, more fulfilled life.
Cal Newport is brilliant, and frankly so are his listeners. This podcast makes you smarter!
Life Changing
Cal’s work on this podcast has literally changed my life. Capture, configure, and control concepts eliminated the anxiety that woke me up every night. Email guidance changed me profoundly. I’m so much more efficient with my time. More deep work, less shallow task management really moves the needle now.
Christopher Wood (Audio Abrasion)
Start them Young!
I have long been a Cal Newport fan and love this podcast as a more personal extension into the ideas from his books. As an elementary teacher I have used mini-versions of his big ideas with my students to great success. My students have time block planners and do daily deep dives into work that is important.. and homework is often to take a productive meditative walk and capture ideas for future writing. Start them young! Thanks Cal for a practical look into Deep Work! A+!
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EP#50 is very insightful
Cal: Ep#50 is the best. The Woodlands, TX. is with you. You are courage the the testing point. Brother
My continuing connection to all things Deep
I discovered Cal Newport last year as a guest on an episode of Superhuman Academy. I remember the day and time clearly because I was driving, and the content was so astonishing I had to pull over to the side of the road to take notes. Amid a hail of truth bombs, the thing Cal said that made me actually stop my car was “focus is a trainable skill”. I was diagnosed with ADD at about 8 years old, and for the next three decades I thought of focus as a either a biochemical process or a personality trait, so this was a staggering suggestion. As soon as I got home, I bought Deep Work, and I really can’t quantify the difference it has made in my life. Since finishing the book, I have found this podcast to be a wonderful companion that keeps me connected to the wisdom and practical application of its deeply life-enhancing ideas. Thanks, Cal.
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Great podcast
Deep work and this podcast have helped me overcome so many internal struggles with productivity, social media induced anxiety, and scheduling roadblocks as a working mom of 2. Highly recommend!
Really helpful
I really benefit from listening to this podcast. It helps me work through stuff
Worth the time
I’m not a big listener of podcasts, but this one is worth it. As a firm supporter of the Deep Life, I appreciate Cal’s continued encouragement in it. Well worth my time.
Very useful
Cal reviews some of the same concepts over-and-over, which is a good thing. This podcast goes over lots of productivity topics, but Cal has constant “big picture” theory that cuts though all the subjects. BTW, I love how the topics are bookmarked in the show notes - - that way you can skip over any subjects you know will not apply to you personally.
junior chomsky
Life changing information. Thank you, Cal!
Great podcast
Informative and helpful!
Inspires to find your passion and love deeply!
Always enjoyed reading and watching Cal but this Q & A style is especially helpful, configures it and controls it into digestible and edible pieces. Also love the various topics with work, technology, etc. Thanks for thinking deeply for our questions and quests to live life passionately and deeply!
Improved my life in countless ways
Cal has helped improved my life in a number of different ways. I first found out about Cal when his book Deep Work was recommended by Craig Groeschel. At the time I was a department head in a fast growing construction company with a wife and 1 year old daughter. I was working a ton of hours in one of the most hectic crazy industries there is. I was able to work less hours than all of the other department heads as well as improve my team. I also improved my home life by helping organize how I serve my wife and daughter. After reading Cal’s book So Good They Can’t Ignore You I started to try and change the hectic culture at my workplace. After two years of struggling with the hectic workflow of construction I decided to change my place after I couldn’t change the place. Taking Cal’s advice about career capital and making a life I enjoy now, I was able to land a great job in accounting. I have a degrees in both construction and finance so it made sense. I now have a job that allows me to focus, work 40 hours a week, and grow within the organization. People have already started asking me about my Deep Work Planner that Cal developed and Trello that he recommended! I did take a pay cut but my wife and myself have structured our lives so that we were already living well below our means. Within a few years of working in my new department I will be back to my old salary. I can now spend more time with my growing family (baby #2 is on the way) and have less stress. I can never thank Cal enough for wanting to help people improve their lives in countless ways. Keep up the good work and stay deep.
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Accounting Alex
Where are the women?
I like the podcast and the mission of intentional living. However, it would be great if you could interview some women!
One of best podcasts out there
I love this podcast. Cal does an excellent job of clarifying issues and providing concrete advice on increasing productivity. Everybody should listen to this podcast. It is amazing, entertaining and very helpful!
Like College But Better
I’m new to Cal Newport’s work. A post on Facebook ironically led me to Cal’s TED Talk, which led me to Digital Minimalism, and then I landed at the podcast hoping to learn more. I basically came here for help getting my life together through productivity and deep work, and that’s definitely in the podcast, but I’m delighted that there’s more. Cal is like the professor who mentored you, and his class was always one you looked forward to. You learn tons and enjoy thoughtful, far-ranging rants. I value his even-handed, and for lack of a better word “deep,” way of looking at things. I’ve learned more than I came here for, and I really enjoy hearing about and using Cal’s unique lens for understanding and changing yourself, and the world, for the better.
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Kayla Parrish
Cal is one of the 5 people you should spend time with...
Current favorite podcast. And the fact that a new episode is posted every few days ensures I’ve always got something for my run. This podcast is helping me move the needle at work and be more present at home when I log off. He says he reads each review so - here’s to you Cal - Thanks! You’re a good force in this crazy world.
This is my can’t-miss, daily Deep Work vitamin
Cal Newport’s books are my favorites, and the ones I’m *constantly* recommending and gifting to others. I read Deep Work each year, but inevitably, a few weeks after reading, I find myself drifting from the daily habits I so desperately want to make part of my life. Deep Questions is the PERFECT solution- it’s become my daily vitamin for ensuring the practices Cal advocates stay top of mind, and that the impact of said practices are at the forefront of my brain as I begin each workday. As someone who works in an industry that values in-the-moment relevance, Deep Questions helps me remember that my commitment to the deep life is worth the tradeoff of eschewing the fast-changing, highly-nuanced world of social media trends.
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Abby the Grace
Like the Q&A
Great podcast. I purchased and read Deep Work a few years ago. Also watched a few of your videos on U Tube. Thank You.
Makes you better everyday
Motivation, organization, and productivity are really hard to manage right now. Listening to Cal answer questions on these topics has helped me get back on track in my personal life and career. I can’t recommend this podcast enough.
Nick Glow
Thank you
Thank you Cal for all of your hard work and for sharing it with us. I preordered your new book. Digital Minimalism was the first book I ever I ever preordered, and I’ve never read a book so fast as I read that one. For those reviews which say the content of the podcast is repetitive, I say bring it on, I still learn something new every time, and it is advice I desperately still need to hear. The podcast probably helps me even more than the books because it’s more personal.
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Expanding the Audience
I love all of Cal’s books, advice, and podcasts. However, in recent weeks, we’ve started to see a flow of questions simply being repeated. The pod started out great, but I feel like I haven’t learned many new things recently. I wish he spent more time answering more specific questions that his long-time listeners put forth instead of answering repeated, but differently-worded, questions in an attempt to grow an audience instead of staying true to his loyal audience.
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Look no further!!
I’ve spent years studying “productivity” systems and have tried so many. I’m still recovering from the app trap, thinking I needed more software features and horsepower to get things done. I’ve even tried variants of all of your suggestions; variants of time blocking, variants of habit tracking. But when I do them in the manner you suggests, from quarterly planning to contemplative walks to the precise style of time blocking, your methods work best for me. The podcast is excellent, the books are excellent, your efforts are downright Herculean!
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Cal is truly insightful
There is not an author or thinker who has changed both my big picture mindset and my daily life as significantly as Cal has. Every single episode has an insight that has changed the way I think or a habit I’ve applied to my own life.
Love this podcast!!
I read a recent review that said this content should not be free and I couldn’t agree more. I started from the beginning and am now on episode 6 and have found each episode to be super valuable. I now want to read some of Cal’s books (yep, he sold me). I highly recommend this podcast, especially for those seeking to get the most out of their time.
Advice that Actually Works if you Commit
I first discovered Newport as a 3rd year engineering college student. I was a struggling, “passion-thinking mired,” C student, who couldn’t find a summer internship; implementing Newport’s advice managed to transform me into a straight A student for my final 3 semesters, someone who blew the curve in several classes, and ended up finding high impact work at a well-known Internet company (not Facebook - :) ). After a year in the industry, I rediscovered Newport through his Podcast this September, and once again I have been able to use his advice to transform myself, this time from a perpetually stressed out, Netflix binge watching problem maker for my company, into the goto guy for my boss, promotion-track rising employee, who actually gets things done in just 40 hrs a week and does interesting things on the side. The only annoyance may be the ads — but his advice provides so much value to me that I couldn’t really care that much.
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Repetitive content
I am a big fan of Cal and have consumed his work for years. The podcast started in a good footing but now it is full of ads some of which act in direct contradiction to his philosophy of deep work and avoiding distractions. I get it ads generate revenue. I also pointed out that he needs to bring more guests so as to bounce more ideas and discuss more contents. At this point cal is just sounding like a broken record and preachy ! I would guide followers to listen to his initial podcasts and body of work on his blog.
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This shouldn’t be free..
This shouldn’t be free. I feel like I stumbled across the most content value I can get from a podcast that has to do with productivity/general career advice. Literally every episode has so much value that I have to re-listen to episodes every once in a while to really take in the information he gives for free. He is the REAL DEAL!
By far my favorite podcast
Cal tackles such an array of topics with practical and intellectual expertise. I love that it all stems from listener questions with the occasional deep dive into current topics. We all strive to work more deeply and efficiently and Cal has a way of explaining things so you have immediate takeaways. Thank you so much and keep on keeping on!
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