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Spectacular podcast
I love this podcast series. Such great stories and insights about Amazon. For the record, I’m a big fan and happy customer of Amazon. I also am a fan of Jeff Bezos. We may not like some of his approach but he and the Amazon team literally invented cloud computing, and I don’t think they get as much credit on that fact as they should. Anyway, I refer this podcast to my friends. It’s riveting.
Aspects of the Story Missing
While the Amazon season provides interesting insight into Jeff Bezos’s hand in Amazon’s rise to extreme market domination at all costs, it lacks in several aspects. I was quite surprised the podcast makes no mention of the antitrust litigation (previous and pending) against Amazon’s marketplace. The allegations are quite credible and serious. Additionally, there’s no mention of Amazon’s controversial state sales tax practices with regard to the marketplace. These, to me, are proof that Amazon does not have people’s best interest at heart and also get at the issue of Bezos’s personal wealth. Instead, we get a whole episode about Bezos’s affair and the weird conspiracy theory pushed by Bezos himself, likely as a media distraction. Quite disappointed about that. I would’ve rather heard more about Mackenzie Scott and her experience at Amazon in the early days and being married to Bezos.
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Balanced and thorough
I’ve listened to Tik Tok and Amazon and I’ve been impressed with both seasons and their hosts. It feels as unbiased as it gets by expounding on the achievements without dismissing the controversies.
Started Strong, Ended Weak
The compelling initial revelations of the extent of Amazon’s ruthless attitude towards the people whose unacknowledged phenomenal hard work made it all succeed just trickles off into trite, repetitive cliches about what a selfish guy Bezos is. Should have carried that initial compelling approach through the end; the last several episodes communicate nothing we haven’t heard a thousand times already via every major news outlet’s hastily assembled evening news soundbites.
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Sky Clad Guru
Stormy Daniels lied
The narrator of the Amazon season seems to have forgotten everything stormy Daniels said was found to be made up
Mail Carrier
Awesome show, I hope a lot of people listen. I’ve been a mail carrier for 15 years and Amazon has ruined the post office.
s chapstick
Each season is better than the last
Love this show! I don’t miss an episode.
So smart and funny
One of the best shows out there. Great writing, great hosts, great music.
Why the hate
Listening to season one and I don’t understand why she hates Adam so much. I don’t know the guy maybe I should hate him too but she never gives me reasons. She just talks about what a jerk he is… but not obvious things. “Oh he said the right things but didn’t mean it” how does she know? Seems like she has an axe to grind.
This Amazon story is very impressive
I listened to episodes 1 and 2 and the story is very impressive. Amazon is the company that has the greatest impact on our lives today. I want to know how this company is run, the story behind the scenes, especially the working environment of the employees, and how they feel. I will definitely continue to follow the story to the end.
Yingrid Apple
So that’s what happened
Yeah, I definitely want to listen to other stories about this sort of thing. Update: The TikTok season was great. Also, way better than WeWork.
rosa manzo
Interesting but very pro tiktok
Interesting topic but very slanted towards tiktok. Has a school girl crush feel to it. Some moderate criticism of privacy and child abuse issues but more glowing reviews of the founders than I would expect from real journalism.
Interesting, but half propaganda.
Mostly child exploitation apologist, Trump hating, and China loyalist to the communist party.
Too political
Not everything has to be about President Trump...
Fascinating and insightful!
A fascinating look at one of the most transformative companies of our generation. Shelly knocks it out of the park. Amazing look at the history and insightful view on what might come next!
Finally someone is talking about this.
I feel like TikTok’s dark side is something everyone knows about, but no one acknowledges, and it bothers me. Such an amazing series, I love the direction that Shelly and the team are going. Keep exposing what needs to be exposed. No one better to team up with than Dawn!
This Podcast is amazing!
Perfect balance of excellent reporting and great story telling. Shelly Banjo clearly knows what she is talking about, and the presentation is so artful and well-edited. I’m now waiting in suspense for episode 4 to come out!
Dorit PL
Stellar insight into the world of TikTok!
Host Shelly Banjo provides incredible insight into the story behind TikTok. The storytelling hooks you and develops beautifully. Shelly had a way of weaving together the characters masterfully. The sound editing is fantastic, as well. I can’t wait for the next episode!
Ashley Ultican
An Exciting and Sensational Ride
Foundering has been a truly eye-opening podcast. I thought I knew a bit about TikTok. I get sent videos every so often or I’ll hear about it in a celebrity story. But, I barely knew any of what I heard in these first two tantalizing episodes. There is so much behind this worldwide phenomenon that we didn’t hear about in the U.S. and Shelly Banjo’s capable, lighthearted and informative narration helps us understand this fascinating tale. I can’t wait for more!
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super interesting
it’s crazy to hear about the work going into apps like tiktok and musically. it truly did feel like a random, one hit wonder app, but i guess it wasn’t at all! especially crazy to hear about the tiktok stars who have become insanely famous
satan satan 666 420
This is a Wild story!
I love this style of storytelling. i didn’t know anything about TikTok beyond the headlines and this was awesome. Can’t wait to hear the rest
Former WW Employee
I worked for this ridiculous company for 3 years, she nails the reporting, but it was actually even crazier than she got into. The amount of money wasted was spectacular, they rented MSG for 3 days & flew the entire company to NY so that the narcissistic execs could feed their egos. Also Rebecca should have been highlighted more, she was a lot more responsible for some evil things that went on. Also, working at this company during the #metoo era was insane. While I absolutely believe there was legit harassment, amidst all the chaos for Adam’s attention, there were several cases of sociopathic women throwing wrongful accusations at men who were later proven to be innocent.
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Don’t drink the Kool-Aid!
For what little I knew about the Fall of the WeWork IPO, I wasn’t sure what to expect of the Foundering podcast. Having binged all of the episodes in less than 2 days, I was pleasantly surprised. A. By the amount of quality content involving people who experienced and suffered for dealing with Adam Neumann and B. By how easily we can be misled purely because of another person’s charisma. Very good reporting on a somewhat tragic tale of our times: so long as the surface looks good, we don’t worry so much about the due diligence.
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Great stuff
Ellen, bravissima. Congratulations on your podcast. It’s really good.
You will be hooked!
There is so much good, juicy stuff about this company that I never knew! You can’t make this stuff up! Phenomenal story.
This legit could be a movie!
Somebody has to make a movie about this! I mean, this company exemplifies all of what’s wrong with the new era of entrepreneurship and business. Somewhere in there between the Monday tequila and printer getting thrown across the room, I was hooked!
Great series
I rapidly consumed the WeWork Foundering season. Great insight, thoroughness, and reporting. Would highly recommend!
Middle of the Road Storytelling
The storytelling is okay, but dead set at telling the history of WeWork from a certain perspective. I get it, this isn’t actually a podcast about WeWork—it’s about Adam, the founder, on a podcast called “Founder-ing”. For me, the “taking-sides” perspective is always a letdown. Coupled with the naive interviews of ex-employees that don’t understand that being on salary means you don’t get paid overtime… there’s just a lot of disappointment and frustration as the series goes on. Worth a listen. Maybe. Are there too many episodes. Definitely.
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Well done
Really enjoyed this podcast. I think they did a good job of looking at the situation from various perspectives and weaving a clear narrative. The reviews that call the employees whining are missing the point. This podcast is called foundering because it is about the founder, and showing the stark difference between that founder and his employees is an important piece of the story. Overall a good listen.
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Listen with an open mind and enjoy
The sound quality and story telling in this podcast is second to none. Many rate the employees as “whining” when they complain about excessively low pay/odd job requirements. The point this podcast makes is comparing these requirements—some very serious with the CEO admitting to underpaying employees—with the overarching goal of WeWork to the outside world and within the company’s own culture. To say that the story of these young employees takes away from the podcast is a gross misunderstanding of a pivotal moment in technology and a failure to see the forest from the trees.
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Wework serials are fantastic
Really enjoyed the show about wework. Can’t wait for the next one.
Fascinating story made annoying
The story of Adam and Wework is fascinating, but in addition to describing the egregious bad behavior, there is a lot of naive whining about things that are just normal business by entitled children. Its worth a listen but I recommend judicious fast forwarding.
Well done!
I’ve been following the WeWork saga for a while, especially after my former employer was inspired by the WeWork mantra. This podcast did an excellent job discussing the rise and fall of WeWork - why it became so big, what was at stake, and who really benefited from the unicorn dream - and it was done with sensitivity to the people who invested time, money, and their future in this dream. I was actually sad when the podcast came to an end. I’ll look forward to the next season.
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Great research and storytelling
Brilliantly told. Like listening to a friend tell a fascinating story
Really well done, fascinating story
Herbie and Maeve
Great listen!
I enjoyed and learned a lot from the WeWork season even though I’m not in the startup world. Has both funny and serious parts and is really interesting!
Well done!
Really well-reported and entertaining
This is a terrific podcast. It’s well-reported and the interviews from people who were there for the rise and fall of WeWork are a nice addition. But it’s also a lot of fun. The podcast tells a lot of great stories.
Well reported
This is a great look at some Silicon Valley ridiculousness from the inside with lots of good original sources and audio from internal company meetings. Way better than Wondery’s WeWork podcast.
The Rise and Fall of WeWork
I was always curious about how this company became so overvalued and this definitely broke it down. You probably already have this on your list but Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes would be a great season 2 topic.
New insight!
I had previously listened to a podcast about we work but as always, Bloomberg does a great job. This was very compelling and well done!! Learned some new things. Great reporting and insight!! Thank you. Highly recommend.
Great Coverage
Great coverage of admirable workers who changed the narrative around this scam company. I can only imagine the people decrying them as whiners are part of the Silicon Valley Bro Club. How Adam Neuman got away with this speaks volumes about this country. Bail out and print began with They definitely changed things in America. Increased income disparity and corruption. Good job guys.
Bias and weak
I think this was a well produced podcast but completely void of real substance. The basis of employees complaints could be leveled at any company in any place. They were salaried employees which is common. The tactics to let an employee go were legal. They stole documents and emails and you are sitting here salaciously reporting on and profiting from it. You get a big fat NOPE from me.
Quite interesting
Well documented and clearly written. Easy to understand.
Weak Immature Employees
While WE WORK was FOS, the investors and employees were adults and got what they deserved. I must say, the employees come across as weak immature complainers. No one forced them to be there.
Hell rip
A riveting and well-told story.
Such a gripping and well-told story that comes to life with incredible production Bloomberg’s in-depth reporting. I’m hooked!
A compelling story artfully told and produced. Timely for this moment of great reckoning. I look forward to the new episode releases each week. Keep them coming!
Interesting and entertaining
Very well done and host is great
Great unconventional podcast
Rare gem with journalist quality narrative combined with amazing, heartfelt, just-the-right-tone reporting
Foundering is sooo goood!!
Wow!!! Ellen Huet is amazing! Her style reminds me of sarah koenig and I couldn’t be happier about it! I‘be been sharing this show with all of my friends! Thank you Ellen, and thank you to everyone on the team that put this show together 🙏
Depaul student
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