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deborah's Podcast
Deborah Klée
Castaway Books Author Deborah Klée interviews her favourite authors about the books that have shaped their lives and influenced their writing.
Castaway Books with guest Marian Thorpe
In this episode Marian Thorpe, author of the Empire Legacy chats with me about landscape archeology, connection to the land, and the poser of story telling through the generations.
Sep 9
42 min
Castaway Books with guest Beth Miller
Beth Miller is the author of five novels, including Starstruck, and two non-fiction books. She is also a book coach.As well as sharing her wisdom on writing, Beth chats with me about the BBC radio drama, The Archers – one of her non-fiction books is For the love of the Archers, and a real life drama that she experienced at a young age. And then there was that conversation about a naked man on a motor cycle. I loved meeting Beth and hope you will enjoy our chat as much as I did.
Aug 26
51 min
Castaway Books with guest Winnifred Tataw
I loved chatting to Winnifred Tataw this week about her early years living in Germany, and how this experience along with a love of fairy tales and mythology has helped her to create imaginary worlds. Winnifred Tataw writes Young Adult fantasy and is author of the Gods' Scion series.
Aug 26
43 min
Castaway Books with guest Karen Heenan
This week I chat with Karen Heenan, author of Songbird, about our misspent youth, character development in novel writing, canning tomatoes, and recording audio-books, among other things. I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I did.
Aug 19
53 min
Castaway Books with guest Rebecca L. Marsh
In this week's episode I chat with Rebecca L. Marsh author of When the Storm Ends and other books about adopting a child from overseas, multicultural families, and the benefits of joining a writing group.
Aug 12
36 min
Castaway Books with guest C. D'Angelo
I loved chatting to C.D'Angelo, author of The Difference, about her Italian heritage, travel and the writer's journey.
Aug 5
38 min
Castaway Books with guest Chris Towndrow
In this episode self-confessed geek Chris Towndrow, author of Tow Away Zone and other books, chats with me about his writing journey and how a science degree led him to his current career making videos. 
Jul 15
48 min
Castaway Books with guest Zelah Roberts
In this week's episode I chat to Zelah Roberts, author of Midsummer Man, about how an illustrated children's book helped five year old Zelah settle into school, the Romantic poets, and being a huge Harry Potter fan.
Jul 8
40 min
Castaway Books with guest Pamela Holmes
In this episode I chat with Pamela Holmes author of The Huntingfield Paintress about her experiences, emigrating to England from the USA,  a strict boarding school education, life on a commune, and the lead singer in a rock band. 
Jul 1
42 min
Castaway Books with guest Gerald Hornsby
This week I chat to Gerald Hornsby, who also writes as Jack Warwick, about his life growing up in Birmingham, one of three boys - all engineers, and how Stephen King's book On Writing, inspired him to give up a high powered job to pursue his dream of becoming an author.
Jun 24
42 min
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