Dear Sugars
Dear Sugars
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In 2021, we need this show!
Please come back! I’ve listened to every episode more than once! We need wisdom now more than ever.
My Guides through the hardest times
I take something very meaningful from every episode with me that I can apply to my life. This podcast saved me in my darkest moments when every therapist was booked for weeks and friends couldn't give me the honest advice I needed. I think Cheryl and Steve work so well together and appreciate hearing different their opinions. I don't always agree with everything, but Cheryl and Steve love hearing from listeners and I like when they reflect on prior episodes by going through the feedback they receive. How to get the most out of our lives and relationshipships a joint learning process for all of us and I truly feel that with this podcast
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Such a comfort
I always turn to this podcast when I need to hear words of comfort and honesty.
Really like it so far!
I do wish they were more aware of their use of binary language (which excludes non-binary trans people— I’ve heard “men and women” instead of simply “people”, “his or her” instead of “their”. Not everyone uses “he” or “she”. Some of use use they/them singular pronouns) and more aware of how they’re describing trans people (in the episode about the two trans guys). The trans woman spoken about in the beginning wasn’t “a woman who used to be a man”. Trans people have always been the gender we say we are— what you meant to say was, she was a trans woman. A lot of us don’t have the language to explain how we see ourselves, until later on in life (our twenties or later). If you’re talking about us before we came out as trans, you would say “She’s a trans woman” or “She was assigned male at birth”. We commonly use AFAB & AMAB for short, instead of “assigned female/male at birth”. We’re all assigned a binary s*x at birth and the problem lies with the fact that society still conflates s*x with gender. Gender isn’t determined by anatomy, and both s*x and gender are spectrums! Most things in life are, including orientation. Just thought this might be helpful for the future! I mean all the best— I try to educate whenever I possibly can. I’m a non-binary trans & trans masculine person, who uses mainly they/them/their pronouns. For anyone who wants to learn more about trans identities, there’s a huge amount of information available online! It sounds obvious, but Google whatever you want to know and you’ll find answers. Keep in mind that every trans person is unique. Some of us socially transition, but not medically. Some of us can’t medically transition due to financial restrictions or health issues. That’s just a starting point: gender is a spectrum, not determined by the body you were born in to, and for some people, their sense of gender changes. “Non-binary trans” is a term that encompasses a lot of trans identities: gender fluid, genderqueer, trans masculine, trans feminine, agender, and so many more. Binary trans refers to binary trans women and binary trans men. Lastly, gender oppression isn’t only experienced by cisgender women. It’s also experienced by trans people of all genders. We’re discriminated against for being trans, have a huge lack of representation in media and in subjects like s*x ed & history (in schools), have a long way to go in order to have equal rights under the law, and for AFAB trans people, many of us still have to worry about a lack of access to birth control, abortions, period products, etc. Some of us want to get pregnant and give birth to our kids, too. The average cis person doesn’t know about most of this, but I wish it were common knowledge! I hope that information helps in some way, if this podcast addresses issues that affect trans people again
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Masen Everson S.
I want this back!
I wish this podcast were still going on.
Bama Five
I recently discovered this podcast and I’ve been binging it. I wish it would come back!
Highly highly recommend
Cannot say enough good things about this podcast. It is tender, deeply empathetic and very insightful. One of my favorites.
DropDrop “the both of us” in the intro, won’t you please?”
OMG I cannot stand one more minute of that “...send some sugar my way...” The other day I listened and I didn’t realize the speed was 1.5x and I thought oh great, they fixed the song! It sounds great! But no. On “Two Truths and Many Lies”, I have a suggestion. This woman should leave this man immediately and stop all communication. They don’t have kids together and she’s only 30. She should ask herself what things will be like in 5 years, when he still has not “changed”.
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Advocates for selfishness
I really enjoyed this podcast until I realized that over and over, Steve and Cheryl advocate for people to reinvent their family life, divorce, and leave the children to figure it out. ‘Whatever makes you happy will be best for your life and spouse’ is incredibly selfish and, frankly, sad.
any episode
dear sugars is one of my favs and i highly recommend. soothing and empathetic. relatable and easy to put into action. please come back !!!
I’m struggling to hear Steve
Love the podcast but Steve talks way too low/quiet. I’m constantly trying to turn the volume up when it’s his turn to talk. No need to whisper! Lol
Loving it
Great storytelling, great podcast. I highly recommend it.
Brilliant and heart warming
The podcast that made me fall in love with podcasts. Cheryl and Steve are incredible humans and the letters and advice will rip your heart out and mend it together with wholesome and loving advice. This podcast is like listening to hugs.
Awesome Podcast!!!
The host of the Dear Sugars podcast, highlight all good aspects and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Love love love
Out of all the podcasts I listen to, this is one of my top 3 favorites (and I listen to a lotta podcasts).. Thank you Cheryl and Steve for all of your advice for those in every stage of life. You will be dearly missed!
Don’t Gooooooooooooo
This podcast will be so missed!!! 😢
Damaged Parents
This episode could have been meaningful to your listeners whose lives have been injured by damaged parents. Honesty, it sounded like you were just winging it. That first letter read by Cheryl was way too long. You should have chosen an excerpt of it. The one good thing was the expertise of Steve’s dad, who should have been allowed to speak more and not interrupted. Because of the lack of focus in your podcast, the lifelong consequences of flawed parents was trivialized.
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Come Back to Us 🙏🏼 Dear Sugars are sorely missed.
Missing Dear Sugars!! I can’t begin to express how much I miss the honest, raw, vulnerable advice, interviews and relatable content of this podcast. Please consider bringing it back! Steve and Cheryl strike the perfect balance of moral compass, fire in the belly & sage wisdom. Please, oh please, come back to us! 💗
Good for any adult who seeks personal growth
As a female in my 20’s this podcast meant so much to me. Cheryl is so wise and Steve has such a soothing voice and compassionate personality. Treat yourself to some Sugar Therapy and plug into this podcast!
Absolutely nuts do not waste your time.
Listened to an episode about advice on how to deal with a drunk, irresponsible boyfriend. The guest host brought in Trump ! Advice about a drunk driver and making in anti Trump is the wacky world we live in.
working rich
Just Say It Episode
Such a powerful episode and it resonated with me so much. The feedback provided to those that wrote it was so caring and honest at the same time. I will continue to listen💜.
Moody Therapist
Loving your abuser
My heart goes out to that young woman because I was once in her shoes and it's not easy but I have something to share that might help her. I too left my ex three times the third being the final. He offered to get martial therapy the first time which meant to him it was my fault too. The second he went to specific abusive counseling and again I was in therapy but this time we were not together. I was learning why I picked him he was resolving the issues that caused him to become violent physically. emotionally, and verbally. In those sessions the counselor suggested prozac for him. It worked. it wasn't perfect but it was a workable relationship and we had many good days. Then he decided that he didn't want to take the medication. Without him telling me, I saw the change in his behavior. I told him and he got back on it. He did that again and I ended the relationship. I loved him when I walked away. I loved him for many years after, but I was broken. All the love in the world could not remove the pain I was living with as a former abusive partner. After 20 years being gone, I still have nightmares regading the abuse. I do not love him anymore because he is not even alive to me but the nightmares still come. I am still getting therapy, probably for the rest of my life to cope with my PTSD. The thing is, I could forgive but I could never trust him. Becuase in my dreams he's always sorry and I've gone back to him knowing it will happen again. Though it's a dream it is my inner self telling me that you have to be able to trust him and he cannot be trusted. Maybe he found someone else and I hope for his sake he is happy or sought help but regardless if he changed I could never be faithful to myself and trust him. He destroyed trust and trust is vital to a relationship. Those dangerous secrets to protect their crime is a bottomless pit. I hope you move on and learn from your experience and share as I have because you are your only protection. Bonnie J. Smith
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thankfully bonnie
These people who are giving advice are clueless. Perhaps they should consult a therapist before dispensing advice.
“If you ‘re heart broken you are doing it right”
Somehow I subscribed to this podcast, several weeks ago, and finally dove into it. I really appreciate the hosts diving into these meaningful topics frankly and compassionately. Carry on.
Love this
I love this podcast. It’s so real and I Fendick and helpful. I wish you were still on the air.
Was a joy to listen to, too bad it’s been cancelled
This podcast gave great insight to a lot of topics. Though I didn’t always agree with the hosts opinions, I enjoyed hearing their perspectives and they always did their best to give genuinely good advice to the best of their capability. I was really disappointed when they announced they would be going their separate ways as I found this podcast as a sort of “safe space”. I wish the hosts the best. PS I know this has been cancelled for quite some time now but I just never wrote a review!
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My favorite podcast
Dear Sugars brings truth, courage, and honesty to my life. Listening to you two and your guests deepens my connection to myself, people in my life, and all those I have never met. Thank you for speaking from and to the stuff that makes us human; you do so with grace, humor, curiosity, and compassion. May your voices carry on!
I hope Dear Sugars can continue
Why all the posts recently are old ones! We need Dear Sugars
Palm Nickle
Cancelled? Nooooooooo!
Amazing human insights
I love this podcast. I listened to each one avidly. I was crushed when it got cancelled. I am a huge fan! 💜
Incredible all around!
I absolutely adore this podcast. A combination of self help and a dive into understanding all types of people, I’ve found myself indulging into stories with the sugars for about 2 years now. I love the relationship between Steve and Cheryl. Wether they agree on a subject or have different views on the matter at hand the respect between them is great. Love this podcast, I’ve recommended it to all my sisters!
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My favorite podcast
This podcast not only delves into relationships, but so much mindfulness of the self. Cheryl and Steve exercise compassionate words of expression and are open to a diverse perspective. I’m sad this podcast ended. I hope they’ll decide to reunite on an anniversary episode one day. Thanks for spreading your words of wisdom with us!
This podcast is like a breath of fresh air it’s romantic, soft articulate and so beautifully done. Love their cadence, voices tones and timing. The song choices coming into the program is absolutely perfect.
I miss this!!!
Steve and Cheryl were the best advice and write-in show I’ve ever listened to. I don’t like any of the rest :( Please keep us posted on coming ventures!! PS- the criticism in reviews is grossly inaccurate (especially about Steve—I actually hope he comes out with another advice column because he is a very good perspective)! The mass majority of us are so grateful. It was a lot of work and epic service in the scope of advice (obviously hard to do without getting jumped on)!
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Will Miss Them
So sorry the show ended, but I’m enjoying listening to the archives. Thank you for keeping them available and highlighting past episodes as well. And big thanks to the Sugars for their compassionate advice over the years.
So compassionate and empowering
Just when I discover this wonderful podcast, I learn that it’s ended! I’m happily catching up on the archives but see that episodes from the first year or so are unavailable. Can you put them back so I can be enlightened?? But seriously, Cheryl and Steve offer kind, compassionate insights into their listeners’ dilemmas. They are so good at providing an alternative perspective or pointing out potential blind spots in such a caring way. Even if it’s not an issue that I encounter, their emotional intelligence techniques have taught me a lot in navigating my own dilemmas. Thank you!
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Potato & Wine
Life is made up of stories
We connect through the conversations of our lives. Beyond the facades we project to the world are the puzzles pieces that make us who we are.... and most of us are missing a few of those pieces. This show helps you look for those missing pieces, under the couch, in the toy box, and at the bottom of junk drawers. Listen, find your missing pieces, and connect your stories with these stories so you can work to complete your puzzle with the help of this digital community.
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Thoughtful, real and kind
I LOVE their thoughtful, real and kind perspective on everything. I also appreciate their personal transparency. The sugars feel like friends and family all in one.
Whatever !
Amazing podcast guys, thank you !
Personal advice for the professional
These two adorable and lovely people are straightforward, kind, thoughtful, and really present with their thoughts and emotions. As a family law attorney, I learn quite a bit about various forms of relationships and communication styles. It helps me to find the right way to communicate concepts to my clients. Personally, the Sugars make me feel understood. I spend so much time being stand offish, professional and aloof, so that I can only minimally suffer through secondary trauma. The sugars are cathartic for me.
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Great podcast!
I really enjoy how illuminating this podcast is! Really brings light to a lot of situations you may not encounter in your every day life, from a diverse set of backgrounds. And I love Steve! I think it’s really refreshing to hear some intensely introspective and empathetic input from a male perspective. I really admire and respect Cheryl also! I do think though that she can really reach to relate to writers- which takes the attention away from them and instead focuses on her life. I think some of these episodes would be more powerful if there was more focus on the writers, and less on the hosts personal lives.
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learn a lot!
Love Steve and Cheryl!!!!
For everyone
This podcast is the best podcast for anyone living or breathing or going through anything of any measure of intensity or sadness.
So fun and insightful
I really like this show because it deals with heavy topics but also infuses humor and personal experiences. It has done a lot to reduce stigma around certain sensitive topics. Also, I am very impressed by the open minded attitudes of the hosts! Their willingness to hear all sides of a story and understand even the most extreme viewpoints inspired me.
The Power of No, episodes 1 and 2
I have listened to other episodes of your podcast and really enjoyed them. However, after listening to The Power of No, I listened to episode 2 first, I felt it was akin to divine intervention! I consider myself fairly educated, in pretty good health, and live a decent life. I guess I should say I’m a 60 year old African American male born and raised in the inner city. Some around me see me as more successful than I really am. I consider my self a good listener....In my “old age” I’ve had to separate myself from people- family, friends- where I’m not my best self when around them. I’ve had these fantasies about what’s going to happen when I’m really successful- writing the best seller, hitting the lottery, whatever- and have to deal with others “assuming” what I should be doing for them and/or what they should be entitled to because of my “success”. Presto chango your podcast on saying no. My fantasy has been to ask someone like Oprah about how to handle these relationships; because of course she knows. These podcast gave me answers and reaffirmed that I was at least moving in the right direction. I shared it with other people. Thanks! Feeling stronger.
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I cannot say enough good things
Cheryl and Steve are the most compassionate people I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from. They are so understanding and intelligent in their responses to listener woes. I listened to every episode and each one made me a better person. Thank you so much, Cheryl and Steve.
Drop Steve
Steve Almond gives bad advice and takes up way too much space on this podcast. Why is he on this show? What is he contributing? His presence seems to be a living example of sexism: he adds little, he says sexist things, he mansplains and think his perspective is super valuable tho it’s very unremarkable - and yet he continues to be celebrated and rewarded by his role on this show. Get a different cohost! Take it to the next level! This show could be so good!
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Honest & Loving
I love this podcast! I love how they say what people need to hear and don’t make excuses for people. But mostly, I live how they really do this out of love and care for the people that are being wronged in any way.
My favorite podcast
This is my favorite podcast! Every episode is relatable, and Cheryl and Steve provide such compassionate, truthful, and wise advice, I find myself evaluating my life after every listen.
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